Means against oily hair – the best pharmacy drugs and store brands

Increased oily hair – quite common
a problem that arises for various reasons and necessarily
requiring the use of special means to eliminate this
Problems. Remedies for greasy hair

Causes of oily hair

The content of the article:

  • Causes of oily hair
  • Professional products for oily hair
  • Drugstore oily hair
  • Treatments for oily hair
  • Folk remedies
  • Basic rules for oily hair care

The main reason for increased hair greasiness is
excess production of subcutaneous fat which is and
leads to fast salting and contamination of the hair. Violation
production of subcutaneous fat, in turn, often occurs by
the following reasons:

  • problems with the endocrine system;
  • hormonal disorders; hormonal disorders in women
  • problems with the digestive tract;
  • seborrhea; seborrhea
  • malnutrition and the abuse of junk food;
  • improper lifestyle – the use of large quantities
    alcohol smoking; alcohol and smoking
  • wrong or untimely hair care;
  • lack of vitamins; wrong hair care
  • wearing synthetic hats in which the skin begins
    to breathe and not breathe;
  • use unsuitable headwash products.

Besides that, sometimes greasy hair is just
individual feature inherited. AT
In this case, the main task in the fight and elimination of fat
is picking the right hair care products and
their regular use. Read more about the causes of oily hair in
of women

Professional products for oily hair

One of the most effective methods to eliminate excessive
greasiness of hair and scalp is the application of professional
remedies that relieve the problem while maintaining freshness and purity
hair for long. Professional funds also sent
on adjusting the production of sebum by fighting such
not only with manifestations, but also with the main cause of rapid

Professional Fat Care Products

    1. Nairan Hair serum against hair fat
      regulates the production of sebaceous secretion, slowing down the work of sebaceous
      glands. Natural extracts of pomegranate and sea buckthorn as part of this
      means saturate the skin with beneficial
      substances. Nairan Hair Serum
    2. Apieu Oily Hair Dry Powder is applied on
      roots, along the partings, absorbing excess fat. Composition
      as close to natural as possible – cotton extracts,
      roses and other natural ingredients nourish, soothe and
      refresh the skin of the head; A'pieu Oily Hair Dry Powder
    3. Spray Organity gives hair freshness and
      healthy appearance, protecting from the negative impact of the external environment and
      saturating the hair with vitamins and minerals. It is applied after
      head wash can be used as a means to
      styling. Organity
    4. Natura Siberica Balm without sulfates,
      Paraben and weighting agents contain raspberry juice, amino acids and
      proteins, strengthening, nourishing and nourishing hair and skin.
      Perfect for problems with high
      greasiness, moisturizing strands without weighting; Balsam Natura Siberica
    5. Air conditioning Lavanda Levrana helps to keep
      freshness and feeling just washed up for a long time. Besides
      of this, this remedy fights hair tangle,
      improving combing. Air Conditioning Lavanda Levrana
    6. Mask for greasy hair DNC Latvian
      production reduces sebum production by cleansing hair and skin
      heads. At the heart of – vegetable components and clay.
      Apply to damp hair and skin for 15 minutes, after which
      washed with a mild shampoo. Apply 3-4 times a
      week throughout the crescent. Mask for greasy hair DNC
    7. Lotion for oily hair Concept, imparting
      shine and freshness. Available in ampoules to be applied.
      head for 1-2 minutes and then rinse
      shampoo Lotion for Oily Hair ConceptUse of these tools
      professional hair care cosmetics will help get rid
      from increased greasiness due to normalization of sebaceous
      glands and saturation of hair with useful natural ingredients.

      Drugstore oily hair

      For successful elimination of problems with excessive greasiness and
      rapid contamination, it is important to apply means that affect
      excretion of subcutaneous fat is not only externally, in the form of shampoos,
      balsams and sprays, but also tablet form, including not
      forgetting about vitamins.

      The list of pharmaceutical preparations for eliminating oily hair:

      1. Pills. If the cause of sebaceous hyperactivity
        glands is hormonal disorders, can be assigned
        hormone therapy in the form of hormonal drugs,
        which will need to be taken for several months. Behind
        this time the production of subcutaneous fat should stabilize, which
        It will have a positive effect on the condition of hair, skin and nails.
      2. Aspirin. Preformed aspirin tablet
        powdered, added to soft, sulphate-free shampoos
        during shampooing or used in hair masks with
        burdock or olive oil, henna or decoction of citrus.
      3. Vitamins. Omega 3 and vitamins of group B and E
        used to treat increased hair greasiness.
        Treatment is carried out strictly courses, under control
        the doctor to prevent any excess of any vitamin
        in the body. Vitamins
      4. Ampoules Ampoules for rubbing in the hair roots and
        the scalp is very well established in the fight against
        fat content. Some ampoules, for example Urtinol contain many
        natural ingredients in the composition, acting on the skin
        cover, quickly absorbed. Hair becomes strong,
        voluminous, and the skin ceases to shine. Ampoules

      Expert Opinion Ester Hairdresser-makeup artist from
      JerusalemIs important. Pharmaceuticals, especially
      taken internally must be assigned
      a specialist.

    8. |

      Treatments for oily hair

      In addition to professional cleansing and pharmacy tools, for
      removal of greasiness often resort to salon procedures,
      who in a fairly short period of time are capable of effectively
      rid the skin of oily skin, giving the hair healthy and radiant

      Main salon procedures:

      1. Mesotherapy. Hair recuperation by
        injecting directly into the scalp.
        The composition of the injection is calculated individually. As a result,
        decreases sebum production, increases
        hair volume, elimination of dullness, fragility, seborrhea and fat content.
      2. Ozone therapy. An effective way to deal with
        many problems of the scalp and hair, including fat,
        loss and itching. Antibacterial and regenerating
        Effect. Is carried out by injection or
        saturation of the scalp and recovery of hair follicles through the pores
        through the use of the so-called “cap”, which
        worn on the head. Ozone therapy
      3. Cryomassage. Head massage with liquid
        nitrogen. Improves lipid metabolism and blood circulation,
        increases hair growth and heals them. Cryomassage
      4. Keratinization Keratin hair treatment,
        which makes hair smoother, docile and soft.
        Thanks to this procedure, an invisible is created around the hair.
        protective layer that will mitigate the negative impact of external
        environment, maintaining the cleanliness of the hair for a long time. Keratinizing

      Important. Salon procedures must be carried out
      exclusively in trustworthy medical centers after
      preliminary consultation with a trichologist.

      Folk remedies

      In the fight against excessive greyness well cope
      folk remedies that can be prepared at home
      conditions using a variety of natural ingredients.
      This method attracts not only high efficiency and
      composition free from harmful chemical inclusions, but also its

      List of traditional folk remedies to preserve freshness
      hair and eliminate greasiness:

      1. Medicinal herbs. Broths, rinses and
        herbal infusions are capable of not only beneficially affecting
        on the level of excretion of subcutaneous fat, but also give the hair
        healthy shine, silkiness and softness. Most often
        The following herbs are used: chamomile, sage, linden,
        yarrow, hop, coltsfoot, mint, calendula, St. John’s wort,
        plantain. A few spoons of dry herb boiled in
        1 liter of water for about 5 minutes, then cooled and
        insist for about half an hour. Strain the infusion,
        rinse their hair after washing. Medicinal herbs
      2. Essential oils. With increased fat and
        propensity for rapid salinization and contamination, oils should
        choose very carefully, as many of them are capable
        aggravate the problem. Essential oils suitable for oily hair:
        lemon, bergamot, rosemary, tea tree oil,
        lavender and mint. These oils perfectly disinfect, clean
        and gently dry the skin, nourishing and saturating the curls. Often
        such a tool as essential oils are added when preparing masks:
        in clay or base oils. Essential oils
      3. Care products containing tar. Shampoo
        and tar-based soap are considered among the most effective
        means for cleansing and combating the increased production of sebum.
        Tar has a strong antiseptic effect,
        therefore, it can be found in many headwashing products,
        designed for oily hair type. Tar shampoos, soaps and
        even balms perfectly clean the skin, giving a feeling
        freshness. tar for hair

      Folk recipes can be used regularly,
      from time to time changing the main operating components to
      avoid addiction. What remedies against fat content choose
      you? folkProfessional

      Basic rules for oily hair care

      To make the problem of rapid pollution and increased
      oily hair in the past, you must try to follow
      the following rules to keep the scalp lipid balance
      in balance. hair care

      Fundamental rules:

      • shampooing should be done regularly
        as it gets dirty, however, it is not recommended to wash your hair more often than 2
        times in 5-6 days;
      • it is undesirable to use very hot water
        during washing;
      • hairstyles should not be too tight, but
        hairpins, headbands and gum is better to choose without metal
      • combs must be periodically washed with water
      • do not forget to comb hair to remove
        greasy fat from the roots;
      • use soft shampoos, balms and
      • periodically make masks and rinse
        curls after washing infusion of herbs;
      • include vegetables, fruits and fish, as well as more
        move in fresh air.

      You can get rid of excessive oily hair for a very short
      time with the help of properly selected modern tools and
      procedures, as well as using traditional folk recipes for
      maintaining fresh hair and scalp.

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