Means for lice with permethrin – ranking of the best, reviews and prices

Lice are carriers of many infectious diseases, therefore
It is necessary to treat pediculosis. Today at the pharmaceutical
The market is represented by many effective tools to combat lice.
and nits. One of them is Permethrin. At the heart of this
drug perperidov group of synthetic origin.
Means eliminates not only lice in humans, but also well
copes with pet fleas and is also used to
room treatments for bedbugs and fleas. Permethrin

Permethrin lice – what it is, how it acts on parasites and
what means is used

The content of the article:

  • Permethrin lice – what it is, how it acts on parasites and
    what means is used
  • Reviews
  • Prices
  • Rating of the best products with permethrin
  • Hygienic
  • Medyfox
  • Nittifor
  • Mirrolla
  • Handicap plus
  • Malathion
  • Alternative means against lice and nits
  • Folk remedies

Permethrin is a yellow-brown liquid that
implemented in the following forms:

  • shampoo;
  • cream;
  • spray;
  • solution.


Reference! The drug has only external
action, it is safe and can be used to treat pediculosis

In addition to the pyrethroids in the composition of the drug are
following auxiliary components:

  • ethyl and isopropyl alcohol;
  • macroglycerol hydroxystearate;
  • purified water.

The drug is used in the presence of parasites on
scalp, detecting itch mites. Active
substances affect not only mature individuals, but also
eggs and larvae of parasites. The effect of the drug is to
damage to the nervous system of the insect that after a while
leads to his death.







Rating of the best products with permethrin

Permethrin is found in many products that are used.
To combat lice and other parasites, consider the ranking of the most
popular and effective tools which include

Reference! Permethrin action persists for
3-6 weeks after treatment.


The composition of the drug:

  • 1% permethrin;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • polysorbate;
  • cocamide extract;
  • sodium alkyl ethoxy;
  • glycerol;
  • sodium chloride;
  • betaine;
  • disodium edetate;
  • lemon acid;
  • purified water;
  • apricot and mint flavors.

The drug comes in the form of pearlescent liquid
yellow color. Hygienic

The active ingredient enters the body of the parasite and
paralyzes his nervous system. This is contact nerve poison,
which deactivates cell membranes, resulting in processes
repolarizations are inhibited, blockages of sodium passages occur.
These processes lead to the death of the parasite.

The active substance of the drug Hygienic is not dangerous for humans and
other warm-blooded animals entering the body in extremely minor
quantities, it is under the influence of metabolic processes quickly
goes into the form of a non-toxic compound. Cost of
drug does not exceed 250 rubles per bottle.


Medifox is produced in the form of a gel and concentrates of different

  • gel – 50 grams;
  • 5 and 20% concentrate – in ampoules, bottles and

MedifoxThe concentrate includes:

  • permethrin – 5 g;
  • Castor oil;
  • ethanol;
  • butyl acetate.

The composition of the gel includes:

  • permethrin – 1 g;
  • gelling agent;
  • supplements.


The composition of the concentrate Medifox super includes:

  • permethrin – 20 g;
  • kerosene;
  • Surfactant;
  • perfume.

The agent is indicated for the treatment of:

  • pediculosis of the scalp;
  • pediculosis of the pubic zone;
  • scabies.

The active substance has a negative effect.
solely not the body of insects. Breaking conductivity
sodium channels, it inhibits the nervous activity of the parasites that
leads to their death.

The price of the drug ranges from 80 to 140
rubles, depending on the concentration of the current
substances and release forms.


This tool is available in the form of a 1% cream and 0.5% solution.

As part of the cream has:

  • permethrin;
  • gelling agent;
  • functional supplements.


The composition of the lotion has:

  • permethrin;
  • alcohol;
  • distilled water;
  • sterogenol – antiseptic;
  • Castor oil.


The active substance paralyzes the nervous system of parasites and
causes their doom. Castor oil, part of
lotion, impedes the movement and nutrition of parasites.

The price of the drug – 93 rubles.


The drug is available in the form of a solution and shampoo.

The drug contains:

  • permethrin;
  • alcohol;
  • glycerol;
  • polysorbate;
  • purified water;
  • odorants.


As with all previous agents, the active substance of the drug
Mirroll permethrin, therefore, the mechanism of drug action
is to defeat the insect’s nervous system, as a result
what happens is his death.

Mirroll solution can be bought for 175 rubles, shampoo
costs about 125 rubles.

Handicap plus

Shampoo – 100 ml. In the composition of the medicinal
drug available:

  • permethrin – 1%;
  • functional supplements;
  • odorants.

Fora plus

It has a detrimental effect on the nervous system of parasites,
destroys their eggs and larvae.

Price -130 rubles.


Malathion is a substance that causes parasites
similar to permethrin effect. Substance penetrates
the chitinous shell of the insect accumulates in high
concentrations, irreversibly paralyzes the nervous system and causes
death of the parasite. Malathion

Malathion is a brown liquid with a characteristic odor.
On average, Malathion-based products can be purchased for 150

Alternative means against lice and nits

Despite the fact that pediculence preparations are non-toxic for
people, in some cases they can cause side effects in
form of allergic reactions. In addition, the funds listed
have contraindications, one of which is age.
It is important to understand that treating pediculosis in children of early
age aggressive means may be unsafe. AT
In such cases, it is recommended to get rid of pediculosis.
alternative ways that are safer, but no less

  • Scallop The comb must be special – with
    frequent teeth. Lice comb should be combed over the bath – so
    reduced risk of spreading parasites throughout the apartment.
    It is necessary to take small strands of hair and stretch them from the root to
    tip across the comb. Lice and nits from the surface of the comb should
    remove under running water or use wet wipes.
    It is necessary to carry out the procedure of combing several times a day.
    within 7-10 days. Scallop parasites can be
    metal, plastic or wood. Exists
    electric comb to get rid of lice
    as fast as possible. Crest
  • Ointment. For the treatment of lice now
    there is a large number of ointments, here are the most popular: sulfuric
    (struggling with lice and microbial diseases), surort
    (effective remedy, it is necessary to rub into the scalp), mercury
    (requires repeated use), turpentine (renders
    mild effect, has antiseptic effect), benzyl benzoate
    cream (destroys parasites and their larvae in 5 hours), boric
    (has anti-pediculosis and fungicidal action), Permethrin
    cream (destroys eggs, larvae and adults), Lauri
    (recommended for dealing with pubic lice), Knicks (allowed
    apply to children after 6 months). Knicks
  • Sprays Bars, Nyuda, Pedikulen, Full Marks – this is
    sprays that kill lice and nits. Algorithm of use
    the sprays are the same – the product is applied along the entire length of the hair (from the roots
    to the tips), then lightly rubbed into the scalp. Followed by
    wait some time (according to the instructions) and wash off the product
    water, and then wash your hair with regular shampoo. Thereafter
    it is necessary to comb the dead insects with a frequent comb. Pedikulen Ultra
  • Pills. Pediculosis can also be treated with
    tablet form preparations. The principle of their operation is
    saturating the patient’s blood with substances that are poisons for
    parasites. Although lice pills are fatal
    for insects, and man is absolutely not harmed, must appoint them
    only doctor The most effective means are: Albendol,
    Levamisole, Ivermectin, Butadion. Trimethoprim has a weaker
    action. Lice pills are taken at intervals of 7 days, and in
    As an additional impact, you can treat infected
    plots 0.5% lotion malathion. butadion
  • Shampoo Knicks, Paranit, D 95, Hygia, Neath fries,
    Veda-2 is the most popular shampoo for lice and nits. These drugs
    very effective and completely safe. But in some cases
    may cause allergic reactions, in addition, should be avoided
    contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth.
    The active ingredients in lice shampoos can
    to be different is permethrin and malathion and mineral oils and
    others. But their action is directed in one direction – the destruction
    parasites, their eggs and larvae. Use shampoos is not difficult – you need
    apply shampoo to hair, wait half an hour, then rinse with water and
    comb out dead insects with a comb.

Folk remedies

As a folk remedy for lice control, it is recommended

  1. Vodka or medical alcohol. First you need
    good to comb your hair, then process them along the entire length, not
    skipping strands. Put on a rubber cap and wait for 30
    minutes Then rinse the vodka with water, and then rinse the hair with the usual
    shampoo After the procedure, comb your hair with a comb with frequent
    prongs to collect dead insects. pharmaceutical alcohol
  2. Tar soap. Soap should be grated
    and soak in warm water. When the mass will look like a thick
    shampoo lather her hair and leave it under the rubber cap on
    half an hour. Then rinse with water. Two treatments are enough to
    get rid of pediculosis.
  3. Kerosene. Kerosene enters the respiratory tract
    insects and they can not breathe. For the treatment of lice better
    choose a clarified or technical product. Aviation or
    autotractor kerosene cannot be used. Pure kerosene
    divorced with vegetable oil and shampoo. The mixture is applied to dry
    hair, and left under a rubber cap for 2 hours. Thereafter
    hair should be washed and combed with a frequent comb. kerosene
  4. Cranberry. Squeeze juice from the berries. Wash hair
    shampoo and apply cranberry juice over their entire length. Put on
    rubber or plastic cap, after 20 minutes, rinse hair
    under running water without shampoo. Comb with a frequent comb.
    cranberry juice
  5. Vinegar. You can use wine, table,
    apple or alcohol vinegar, but the concentration of vinegar essence
    must be no more than 9%. Otherwise, you can burn the scalp. Vinegar can
    mix with mustard, vegetable oil, tea tree oil, with
    egg, with alcohol and salt and so on, but the principle of use
    product one It is necessary to apply vinegar or a mixture based on it.
    hair, put on a rubber or plastic cap, stand 2-3
    hours, and if you use a mixture with oils – 7-8 hours, then
    rinse hair and carefully comb it with a frequent comb. Vinegar treatment

Do you trust folk remedies for pediculosis treatment? Yes

Despite such a variety of methods and drugs for the treatment
pediculosis, it is necessary to understand that each of them has its own
advantages and disadvantages, contraindications and side effects,
age restrictions. Therefore, to approach
Elimination of lice should be taken seriously and competently.

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