Median peeling: what you need to know?

The peeling procedure using various acids allows
smoothly improve the skin of the face and body, improving its appearance in
short time. There are three kinds, the so-called transfiguration,
each of which is aimed at solving a particular problem.
Superficial peeling helps to eliminate problems specific to
young skin, deep – struggling with age changes, and
median peeling eliminates cosmetic defects of the skin (scars,
acne scars and stretch marks), and serves as a wonderful tool
extending her youth and beauty.


  • Features and types of median peeling
  • What is the procedure of median peeling?
  • The rehabilitation period after the middle peeling
  • We carry out the procedure at home
  • Contraindications to median peeling

Features and types of median peeling

The high efficiency of the median peeling is noted during the treatment
pigment spots on the skin of the face, removal of shallow wrinkles,
correction of age-related skin changes on the hands and in
neckline. This result is achieved through the use of
trichloroacetic acid, which, penetrating into the topmost layer
skin, removes its dead cells and promotes the growth of new ones.

Today, skin renewal by
trichloroacetic acid, or TCA peeling along with jessner peeling
have gained widespread popularity and are rightly considered the best method
complete cleansing and restoration of the skin. Depth
effects of TCA, determined by the beautician, is individual for
each patient. It is caused by skin features and type.
existing problems.

One of the most popular types of median peeling is
Jessner Peel It is also based on
the use of acids, but carefully acts on the skin of the face. Counting
Jessner peeling combined, many cosmetologists use it
often both superficial and deeper –
median. The only difference is in the number of layers of peeling mass,
which is applied to the work area.

peeling Jessner

Jessner Peel is a gentle peeling
combined chemical peeling.

The mild effect of jessner peeling is associated with active
components comprising an equal percentage (14%) in its
composition: resorcinol, lactic acid and salicylic acid. It happens,
that the proportion of lactic acid in the mixture intended for peeling
jessner is almost 20% since this substance has
pronounced anti-inflammatory and exfoliating action.

What is the procedure of median peeling?

Due to the fact that the median peeling is a bit tougher than superficial,
skin requires pre-peeling preparation. By the procedure begin
prepare for two or two and a half weeks before it. TO
Her skin is ready after the following steps:

  • application on the skin for two weeks with a rich cream
    fruit acid content and sunscreen effect;
  • conducting several sessions of glycolic peeling in order to
    improving the efficiency of the main procedure;
  • prescribing a herpes virus treatment for patients prone to
    this disease.

The peeling of the TCA, as well as the peeling of Jessner, is recommended to be carried out in
outpatient, not at home. The operation lasts 15-60
minutes, depending on the volume of areas of the skin. During
the first 2-5 minutes after applying the cosmetic can
there is a short but unpleasant burning sensation,
which passes quickly. Peeling composition forms on the skin of the face
after a certain amount of time, the frost effect is white
consisting of denatured protein which serves as a protective
a barrier that prevents acid from penetrating deeper layers

The time of the frost effect during the operation depends
directly from the patient’s skin type. Dry and thin skin is covered
after 1-2 minutes after contact with the acid used
in a procedure like median peeling. Normal skin reacts
after 4-5 minutes. And fat – forms a protective film only through
8-10 minutes. After the frost effect appears on the face
the peeling mass is removed using special cotton pads.

The rehabilitation period after the middle peeling

The intense effects of acids on the skin require it for a long time.
recovery. For four days after the procedure
the treated area is covered with a thin crust, which
gradually begins to peel off and after 7-9 days at all
disappears. In addition, there may be swelling on the face.

When the crust is completely off the face, the skin acquires
pink-red color and a feeling of tightness. To complete
recovery after a mid peel takes several weeks.
The result – elastic and taut skin, a beautiful even complexion.
The result of the corrective procedure is also an aligned
skin relief, no wrinkles, narrowed pores.

Median Peeling

Unlike superficial peels, medium peeling
produce using more concentrated acids. More often
Trichloroacetic acid is used for this purpose.

The rehabilitation period is characterized by regular use.
special creams with moisturizing properties. In some cases,
post peeling products are developed by cosmetologists themselves
individually for each patient. To achieve the best
result of median peeling is recommended to be repeated later
one to two months.

We carry out the procedure at home

There are several ways to do it yourself.
median peeling. This is usually the most accessible and simplified.
options for the procedure. One of them is wiping the face with a cotton
disc soaked in salicylic acid solution. Do it need
just once a week. It is worth noting that this method is more
suitable for oily skin, but is contraindicated for skin prone to dryness
and irritation.

At home, the median peeling is performed using
5% calcium chloride. Pre-cleansed face
cosmetics treated with a solution using a cotton swab. With
This work surface is covered with several layers.

4-8 coats of calcium chloride are applied to the skin.
the formation of a certain film mask that must be kept on
face 10-15 minutes. Then all this should be washed clean of chlorine.
water When removing funds it is allowed to resort to help.
baby soap. However, you should not smear the soap itself on the skin
and just lather it in your hands to use the resulting

Experts recommend application of peeling after peeling.
order antiseptic ointments, in order to prevent inflammatory
processes triggered by infection. In addition, cleansed skin
essential fat creams that nourish and protect it. Can also
apply cosmetics at home
intended for the implementation of chemical peels.

The first 4 days after completing the procedure at home
should not leave the house, due to the presence on the skin of the face red
spots and peels. It is forbidden to touch the face after peeling.
can lead to infection and negatively affect the process
regeneration of damaged tissues. For full recovery
skin, you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, take walks
in the fresh air and also remember to apply the cream with SPF-30 when
exit to the street.

Contraindications to median peeling

Despite the amazing result, the middle peeling
contraindicated in some cases. Performing the procedure do
temporarily impossible or undesirable factors such as:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • the presence on the face or body of open and fresh wounds
  • chronic skin diseases (psoriasis, fungal
  • the presence of acute herpes virus or acute respiratory infections;
  • menstruation or the manifestation of pronounced signs of menopause;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system.

There are also age restrictions. For example,
girls under the age of eighteen years, chemical peels,
especially peeling jessner, do not do it. Procedure in this
age can only be prescribed by a dermatologist, if for
There really are serious indications.

It is best to do the middle peeling in the autumn-winter period,
when solar activity is slightly lower. Experts advise
conduct similar rejuvenation procedures in medical centers,
since such operations can only be trusted by experienced and
professional cosmetologists and dermatologists. Otherwise unpleasant
consequences are inevitable – instead of elastic, smooth and fresh skin you can
get a red scarred face. Watch out for
appearance, be always beautiful and healthy!

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