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hair lamination at home

For centuries, healthy, lush hair has been an ornament
women. True, the true lady, there are many others
merits However, well-groomed and healthy curls are the subject
the pride of every lady. Poor ecology, poor nutrition and
the stresses characteristic of a modern lifestyle violate
structure of healthy hair, deprive them of their natural shine.

There are many wellness, restorative procedures,
designed to restore the natural beauty of the strands. One of them –
hair lamination, how is this fashionable and useful procedure done
we will tell in this article.

What is hair lamination

lamination hair at homeSurely everyone is well
mark the paper lamination process. As a result his sheet of paper
It turns out to be in a protective protective shell that protects it from
damage, rupture, disintegration. Here is something similar happens and
with hair.

Hair lamination is the use of a special cosmetic.
of the composition, after the application of which the thinnest
film layer.

It easily passes air and at the same time contains a set
moisturizing and nutrients. Hair lamination procedure
allows you to give them a smooth look, silky shine, hairstyle
increases in volume by 10-12 percent.

Improving effect of lamination procedure

effect from lamination of hairTo understand the benefits
which brings lamination procedure, you should remember
hair device, its structure. Essentially – this is a trunk covered
special scales. In a completely healthy hair all scales
fit closely to each other and to the trunk. However, over time, due to
various harmful effects, they begin to gradually exfoliate.
As a result, the natural shine of the hair disappears, the tips split,
natural pomp disappears.

The composition for lamination of hair restores
damaged areas and creates a new hair surface, returning
him elasticity and freshness. Excellent wellness effect
gives keratin lamination of hair – use of the composition,
additionally saturated with keratin, i.e. a combination of amino acids
forming an extremely strong protein compound. Therapeutic
effects on keratin strands significantly improve
their condition.

Hair lamination products

The basis of quality tools, with which help
the lamination procedure, is bleached dye for
hair created using only natural
ingredients, without the addition of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Today
hair lamination preparations are produced by many firms, and
to understand their wide range is not easy.

Many interesting products are created by German and Italian.
manufacturers, Lebel Cosmetics, L’oreal and Matrix. But the most
recognized quality cosmetics for hair lamination
American brand Paul Mitchell. The basis of this product is
Wheat protein is an excellent antioxidant that has a beneficial effect.
on the hair, penetrating deep into its structure, moisturizing and
firming him.

In addition, in the materials for hair lamination manufacturers
include soy proteins, extracts of medicinal plants (chamomile,
hops, yarrow). Thanks to their hormonal
elements, on the curls is additional therapeutic
impact, contributing to their active growth. Anyway,
quality hair lamination is viscous
a colorless, odorless, preservative-free liquid and

Hair lamination technology

How to lamination hair? Although it is
rather simple procedure, most professionals
recommends the first lamination of hair in the salon. it
helps you understand and remember the entire sequence of actions,
to further manipulate at home.
Of course, the question arises – how much does hair lamination cost? On
The price of a service in a salon is influenced by several factors:
the length of your curls, the brand of the drug used, the status of the salon.
As a rule, the price today ranges from 1800 to 4000

If you carry out lamination of hair at home
conditions, then your costs are determined only by the cost
purchased drugs. The whole procedure of lamination in the cabin
takes about an hour. On the strands evenly applied composition (possibly
drawing in 2-3 doses) and incubated up to half an hour. For more
deep penetration of the composition into his hair is sometimes heated in
for 10-15 minutes. This is followed by rinsing with cold water and

If, having visited the salon, you were convinced that you can produce all
procedure yourself, and it suits your hair, understand
technology and decided on the choice of brand composition, then in the future
You can easily lamination hair at home.

Lamination of hair at home

hair lamination kitFirst you need to purchase
complete set for hair lamination, which includes:

  • cleansing and restoring shampoo;
  • cold and hot non-generating formulations
  • paint tint;
  • restoring mask.

There are drugs that already contain paint for
lamination of hair, in that case additional toning
no hair required. At home you can spend
hair lamination, learning this procedure will take several minutes
– just carefully read how to use on the packaging.
all purchased funds.

The lamination process begins with a thorough shampooing.
cleansing shampoo. After this, the strands are wiped slightly with a towel and
if necessary, apply a tint or coloring
shampoo. To obtain the desired shade, the pigment is kept on
hair for 30 minutes, after which the repair is applied
mask and leave for 10 minutes.

Then the strands are dried again with a towel and applied
regenerating composition for the hot stage. Do it the same way
like regular hair dye with a brush and gloves
(preferably stepping back 2 centimeters from the roots of the hair). After that, in
for 10-20 minutes produce hot lamination hair –
heat the hair dryer on average mode. Then wash off well
warm water, hair squeeze out a towel.

On wet hair apply a regenerating composition for
the final, cold phase and incubated for five minutes (this phase
called cold lamination of hair). Then again carefully
rinse hair with warm water and soak it in a towel.

The final stage is the application of a restoring mask. Through
five to ten minutes, the hair is washed without using shampoo and

Hair biolamination

Biolamination of hairSet
for home lamination hair allows for such
procedure like biolamination. This term refers to the process in
the result of which hairs are covered with particularly resistant cellulose
substance, resembling in its consistency the juice of the stems
dandelions or young zucchini, reached the milky-wax stage
ripening. The resulting cellulosic film has high
protective properties, it protects the hair from damage.

In addition, it is characterized by a small water-repellent
effect that contributes to the preservation of the shape of the hair in a wet
the weather. Biolamination of hair involves the use of a special
procedures, it is also sometimes called “Japanese hair lamination”.
The fact is that for this process formulations are applied,
invented and produced by the Japanese company Lebel Cosmetics,
or created under its license by other firms.

Specialists from Japan are ahead of the rest of the countries in their
developments that they started over 20 years ago. “Highlight” of this
technologies – absence of lamination composition among the components
silicone. The cost of Lebel Cosmetics products, as well as quality
licensed by their technology, much higher than other products
manufacturers. However, according to numerous reviews, the final
the result is worth it.

The paint for lamination of hair which is a part of a preparation
reliably covers every hair due to ionization effect. Particles
pigment have a negative charge and, accordingly,
attracted to positively charged hair. Catalyst
This process is served by a lower PH level provided by
special composition formula. In addition, in products for
Laminating technology created by Lebel Cosmetics includes
variety of plant vitamins and a unique element – PPT
(compound protein). This ingredient, which is extracted from pearls,
It has a positive effect on the hair structure, gives it particular flexibility and

Is hair lamination harmful?

hair after laminationOften there are questions: whether any
strands can be subjected to this procedure, whether lamination has hair
minuses? Scientific studies have shown that both lamination and
Biolamination do not cause any harm to the hair. Moreover, on
dry, damaged, dull and often colored hair
lamination has a beneficial effect, returning them
lost shine and silkiness. Of course, lamination is not
panacea. Particularly problematic hair must first be treated.
special solutions, to achieve compaction of their structure, to hold
auxiliary ionization strands. And after the complex
health procedures to produce lamination or

Of course, the hair lamination mask is also very effective,
it additionally nourishes the strands with vitamins, improving their condition.
It should be noted that the external effect of lamination on
strong, elastic, healthy hair will be faint. In such
the case of the procedure allows only longer to keep the color painted
hair. Recall that it is possible and color lamination of hair, it
gives them trendy shades.

Now on sale there are more than twenty pigmented
compositions of various tones for lamination and biolamination. AT
anyway, the hair becomes more docile, well preserved
form, and surely no one can say that lamination
hair is harmful.

The frequency of the procedure

The durability of the laminated coating depends on the total
condition of hair, on climatic conditions, on frequency of washing
heads. On average, one lamination is enough for one –
one and a half month. And you can do the following even earlier, because
curls are not physically able to absorb the laminating compound
more than they need.

Experts especially recommend carrying out the procedure.
lamination before traveling to seaside resorts, steppe and
desert areas, in general – in any place where natural conditions
will be unfavorable for the curls (solar radiation, wind,
salt vapors, etc.). In such cases, the hair after
carried lamination or biolamination get
additional protective layer and much better preserved.

No less useful is the lamination procedure to preserve the effect.
after dyeing strands and perm. Hair covered
the laminating composition is very easy to lay and, moreover,
have a “memory effect” – when heated by a stream of hot air
remember their shape. As a result, there is no
the need to use varnish or gel for hair.

Lamination of hair at home will always allow you
keep your strands toned, keep them silky, shiny
and healthy look.

Hair care after lamination

Naturally, behind laminated and bio-laminated hair
need care. For washing it is optimal to use shampoos for
dyed hair, or shampoo, in which there is little alkali. Any
wellness procedures and compositions (conditioners, masks, balms)
harmless for lamination. Not recommended for use only
scrubs and especially strong shampoos intended for deep
cleaning – it is desirable to use them before the procedure

It can be noted that the lamination of curly hair does not lead to
straightening them, they just get a healthier look,
become voluminous, so no additional procedures for
do not require care.

Hair lamination: reviews

In fairness, it should be noted that occasionally there are
not too approving opinions about the lamination procedure. They like
usually come from women with naturally occurring hair, not
requiring active restorative and therapeutic procedures. On
healthy and shiny curls the appearance of lamination will be
practically not noticeable, although the general health and preventive
the impact will be no less strong.

Owners of the same problem curls (dry, split, etc.)
unanimously note a significant improvement in the overall condition of the strands
and how they look. Several consecutive procedures
lamination make the hair much healthier and stronger
obedient and voluminous, smooth and shiny.

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