Melange highlighting – pros and cons, photo to and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

If you want to transform your look, you can always
conduct hair coloring. Your look will become more stylish. But on
Today the classic hair coloring in one tone is not so
popular as highlighting and its types. This article will discuss
about melange highlighting.

Melange highlighting – what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Melange highlighting – what is it?
  • Who is and possible contraindications
  • Pros and cons of melange highlighting
  • Photo BEFORE and AFTER Melange highlighting
  • Appliances and cost in a beauty salon
  • Methods of melange highlighting at home
  • Hair care after bleaching

Melange highlighting is painting separately
taken strands. The result is the effect of burnt hair.
The difference between this staining is what is not needed.
pre-lighten hair.

The result is very natural, the colors go smoothly.
one to the other. Melange highlighting is also considered by many to be

Melange highlighting is similar to

Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Who is and possible contraindications

Melange is suitable for blondes and girls with light brown hair.
Brunettes better not to experiment with such coloring, because
what an unexpected result might be.

Important! Melange is a good solution for those
women who need to hide the gray hairs that suddenly appeared,
also it will suit those girls who want to visually enlarge
hair volume

As for the length of the hair, this coloring is suitable for all
girls regardless of length. Best of all highlighting will be
Look at the average length and below. On short hair also
get an interesting effect.

Melange highlighting is better not to make girls with
dark hair

Contraindications to melange highlighting:

  • If there is more than 70% gray hair, the dye may not
    to take.
  • With damaged curls staining is better to postpone.
  • In case of allergies, it is also better to refuse painting.

Can I do during pregnancy

During pregnancy, hair coloring is not
prohibited, but due to the constantly changing hormonal
background dye may lie stained or not appear
at all.

Pros and cons of melange highlighting


  1. Highlighting in the melange technique is considered a gentle way
    dyeing, since not all hair volume is taken for work, but
    only about 50-70%.
  2. When laying strands will go differently, so every time
    You will have a new hairstyle.
  3. There is no need to tint the roots from time to time, so
    as regrown strands will not be strongly striking. Update
    highlighting will need to be every few months.

Melange highlighting – gentle way


  1. Highlighting in the style of melange is a complex method of coloring, with
    staining at home is very difficult to get decent
  2. High price.
  3. Coloring lasts on average from two to five
    hours depending on the length of the strands and their thickness.

Photo BEFORE and AFTER Melange highlighting

On short hair

On short hair melange highlighting looks
naturally, thanks to the coloring, the hairstyle will get an extra
volume But if your haircut is very short, then this coloring
not suitable, it is better to make coloring.

Melange highlighting on short hair

On medium hair

The average length of the strands – optimal for such
highlighting. In this case, you can use soft tones to
painting and more radical. Any option chosen will be
look winning.

Melange highlighting on medium hair

Long hair

On long hair, melange looks the most impressive, since
all transitions of tones will be visible, especially if the curls are curled.

Melange highlighting on long hair

On dark hair

For dark hair for a beautiful result better
use nutty, chocolate and caramel shades, image
get the most spectacular.

Melange highlighting on dark hair

Attention! For an unusual kind of hair stylists
recommend coloring them in different shades of “eggplant”.

On light brown hair

For fair-haired girls to achieve an interesting effect
caramel, copper, wheat shades should be used, then
get a natural look.

Melange highlighting on light brown hair

On blonde hair

On blond hair, melange looks almost imperceptible, for
colors such as milk, platinum,

Melange highlighting on blond hair

On red hair

On red strands can get the effect of burnt hair,
shades of red and amber are used.

Melange highlighting on red hair

On gray hair

Melange can completely hide gray hair, for this fit any
shades suitable for the main color base of your hair.

Melange highlighting on gray hair

On brown hair

On brown hair can also get the effect of burnt
strands, for this use shades of amber, dairy,

Melange highlighting on chestnut

On curly hair

For curly hair, you can safely take a few tones for
staining, as they will naturally look smooth
go into each other.

Melange highlighting on curly hair

Straight hair

For straight hair is better not to use bright shades, because
there will be abrupt transitions. Stop choosing soft tones to
The result looked natural.

Melange highlighting for straight hair

Appliances and cost in a beauty salon

Highlighting is mainly done in one of three ways:

  • using a foil in which the colored strand is wrapped;
  • through a special cap, through the holes of which
    pull the hairs;
  • with a special comb.

Execution of painting master starts from the head, the main shade
about one third of the hair volume will be applied. Other tones
used for dyeing the rest of the hair and for placement
accents. Coloring will take several hours.

No master can answer exactly how much
keep melange. It depends on the state of the hair, on
selected paint and many other factors. Update
highlighting is necessary at least once every 3-4 months.

Coloring using the melange technique will take several

The cost of highlighting in the melange technique varies from
4000 to 8000 rubles, the price depends on the length of the strands,
the prestige of the salon and the chosen coloring agents.

Methods of melange highlighting at home

You can highlight the house in any way.
– with a foil, comb or cap, but since staining
it is difficult for yourself

For this you will need:

  • cream paint without ammonia or toning agent;
  • brightener with a small percentage;
  • paste for the ends of the hair if desired;
  • special comb for highlighting;
  • fine comb;
  • clamps;
  • cape on the shoulders;
  • gloves.

Make a melange highlighting can and

Step by step instructions for implementation:

  1. Well comb all curls with a comb.
  2. Mix the oxidizer with the paint in the specified proportion (usually
    1: 1). Take for this glass or ceramic container.
  3. Divide the strands into zones: the top should be vertical
    a parting, and below – horizontal. Secure zones with clips.
  4. Begin painting from the back of the head. Back off thin layer
    your curls, select a layer with a thickness of 0.5 cm. Skip it
    through a special comb, at the same time applying a coloring composition.
    Stretch the paint with a comb to the very end and move away the painted ones.
  5. Similarly, paint all the curls.
  6. Leave the hair to develop color for half an hour.
  7. Wash off with warm water. Rinse your hair with shampoo.

Reference! For a clear transition between
wrap strands in foil with flowers.

Hair care after bleaching

After highlighting, you must use shampoo and
balm for colored hair

  • Shampoo and balm should be used specifically for dyed
  • Apply moisturizing mask.
  • Use a hairdryer and curling hair less, it is better to dry your hair
    cold air.

More about hair care after highlighting

Melange highlighting is ideal for those who want
change your image and minimally damage your hair. It can
perform on virtually any length of strands and color base. It is better
to trust professionals in this coloring than to conduct it
on their own.

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