Men’s haircut mohawk: a bold and stylish trend season

Fashion trends dictate a bright and bold style of haircuts. therefore
at the peak of popularity among men again Mohawk, who returned
since the time of the punks in an updated form.

Bold style haircuts

  • 1 Mohawk haircut bold extraordinary men
  • 2 Who will have to face
  • 3 Iroquois for boys
  • 4 Modern Haircut Variations
    • 4.1 Classic
    • 4.2 On short hair
    • 4.3 For long hair
    • 4.4 With a long bang
    • 4.5 Patterns
  • 5 Creation Technology
    • 5.1 Short mohawk
    • 5.2 With thick bangs
  • 6 Features of styling and care

Mohawk haircut bold extraordinary men

Male haircut Mohawk is associated with rebellion and
the originality of the whole movement of punks. Decide on
such a haircut can only courageous men seeking
to the increased attention of others.

In the modern world, this hairstyle is found not only
fans of rock festivals, so no longer
shocking passersby.

Who will have to face

Fashion haircuts

Mohawk is chosen primarily for lifestyle
the owner.

  1. The classic version with long, sharply directed upwards,
    hair suitable for fan of informal organizations or
    participants of bright shows.
  2. With this hairstyle you can look quite
    businesslike, choosing a more modern shortened version

Important! The basis of the mohawk with short temples and
elongated crown and forehead fits any oval of the face, with
need to adjust the features can be variations of the bangs.

The width of the iroquois strip should be in harmony with the face:

  • If you conditionally divide the forehead into 3 equal parts,
    then the width of the middle third will suit men with oval or
    triangular face.
  • At half the width of the forehead to make a haircut should holders
    square or round face oval.

Important! Hair must be straight, otherwise
wavy strands will need to constantly pull the iron.

Mohawk for boys

Mohawk for boys

Children’s age is like no other suitable for
rebellion and mischief.

The child, of course, should not do the classic Mohawk:

  • Hair on a whisker with a length of 3–10 mm.
  • On the crown, choose a length that does not require
    extra styling and keep fit, enough will be
    2-4 cm
  • The original addition to the hairstyle will be shaved at the temples.
    zigzag pattern.

This video shows how one of the children’s haircuts is performed with
shaven at the temples pattern

Modern haircut variations

Stylists will be able to pick up an original hairstyle for
any man according to his preferences and
way of life.


Classic iroquois considered hairstyle in the form of shaved temples with
long, protruding needles up, hair a narrow strip
centered from forehead to neck.

Variations can be in the length of the hair at the temples and in the width of the strip from
a few centimeters to a third of the scalp.

Haircut Variations

On short hair

The modern version of the iroquois suggests a shortened
the length of the tuft that suits even the business style of life.

  • The length of the hair on the top is chosen according to the type of face, height and image
    the life of a man. Usually, the hair is left short to 3-4 cm.
  • Whiskey shaved machine with a nozzle 3-6 mm. Not
    you should shave everything under zero, it will give the image
    pretentiousness and extravagance.
  • The back of the head is made out as whiskey, or the hairstyle is extended and

This video shows how to shave a man’s haircut
on short hair.

Long hair

For this hairstyle, you must be ready
constantly lay the mohawk in the desired shape.

It differs from other species only by the length of the strands at the crown,
which must be more than 4 cm. The head is shaved so that long
hair hung down.

If desired, such a haircut can be laid as a classic
Mohawk, or left to lie down.

Mohawk for long hair

With long bangs

A popular haircut for young people free from
preconceptions and strict office style.

Hairstyle is made with long hair on
crown, turning into a bang. She is raised up with
the rest of the comb or left hanging down on the face.


Iroquois is already a bright and extravagant hairstyle, but
it can also be supplemented with shaved patterns on the temples. It can
be geometric lines or any characters
and it is not necessary to make them symmetrical on both sides.

The drawing is selected only on the basis of the owner’s imagination and
barber’s craftsmanship, emphasizing the unique style and
personality character.

Haircuts with bangs

Creation technology

Mohawk man’s hairstyle is simple and does not require
a lot of time for a haircut.

Short mohawk

A short mohawk is created due to the difference in the length of hair in the area
temples and crown.

  • The width of the upper strip is left for 2-4 fingers depending
    from the oval face and haircut under the comb the required length.
  • Whiskey haircut machine with the desired length
  • The main thing in the appearance of the mohawk is the clarity of the transition line from
    parietal part of the temples is created by horseshoe
  • An edging is made along the lines of the temples and crown.
  • At the end of the haircut, the hair is milled across the entire width.
    Mohawk for more volume and structure
  • If desired, complemented the image of shaved patterns.
  • Completed haircut styling.

Short Mohawk

With thick bangs

This haircut is suitable for young men with voluminous
hair At the same time, the parietal zone smoothly passes into
elongated bangs, the tips of which are combed up.

Important! This option is suitable for those who fear
dramatically change the image, because it creates a kind of mohawk with a slightly
shortened temples and tuft of thick bangs.

The technique of execution is similar to the short version of the haircut, with
which is made additionally bangs horizontal
partitions to the required density.

Hairstyle with thick bangs

Features of styling and care

Different versions of the mohawk can often be seen in the photo.
celebrities, but to make the hairstyle look also stylish,
it should be properly laid.

  • Wash hair well, towel dry.
  • On slightly wet locks mousse or foam is applied for
  • It gives the desired shape of hair, lifting the hair between
    with your fingers.

To fix the result on long hair, apply
additionally varnish for strong fixation.

The selection of individual strands is achieved by modeling
wax in a small amount.

This video shows how Mohawk mowing and styling is performed.
hairstyles beer.

In a fashion now natural and easy
negligence not only in women, but also in male characters,
therefore, the main thing is not to overdo it
styling products, and apply them in moderation.

The male mohawk in modern variations becomes stylish and
popular haircut fashionable, self-confident men, emphasizing
freedom and independence from stereotypes.

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