Men’s haircut with shaved temples: options fashion hairstyles

Modern men no less than women watch their outer
kind of. Today, men choose not only classic options
styling, but also often experimenting.

Creative elements will make any male haircut original and
spectacular. These include hairstyles with shaved temples.

short on each side

  • 1 History of appearance
  • 2 Who is suitable
  • 3 Benefits of this hairstyle
  • 4 Options
  • 5 Styling Methods

Appearance history

It was the most popular hairstyle among
punks: so they protested to society.
Although some stylists believe that the first to experiment with
men’s haircuts with shaved temples began dandy back in 19

Such men’s haircuts have become the most popular due to
David Beckham and George Michael. Boys and men of all ages
sought to be like their idols. Now shaved whiskey
continue to be popular.

haircut for a guy

To suit

Most men think that shaved hairstyles
fit only cheeky young people. Surely courageous sure
currently guys such a hairstyle is very suitable because
emphasizes their rebellious nature.

But with the business style of this haircut goes well. She is
helps to create an image of a grand dandy that looks very

men's stylish hairstyles

The benefits of this hairstyle

This styling is also chosen due to the advantages that
possesses this haircut.

  1. Ability to experiment in creating images.
  2. The ability to adjust the proportions of a full face round or
    square shape.
  3. She makes younger owner of this hairstyle.
  4. Easy to create styling.
  5. Ability to make your image more impudent.


Despite the listed advantages, such a hairstyle
There are some minor flaws:

  • for laying it is necessary to use gel and other means;
  • if you are not confident with this hairstyle,
    then you may be considered frivolous.

But if you are sure that you will feel comfortable in this
Feel free to choose this haircut.

razor haircut


Almost all variations are based on classic men’s haircuts. You
can see how stylish shaved whiskey looks
Combination with elongated strands in the photo with options for styling.

  1. Hedgehog – master shaves whiskey and neck. Must remain
    “island” having a rounded shape with a small length of hair on
    top of the head.
  2. hedgehog with temples

  3. Canadian – master makes smooth transitions from shaved temples to
    elongated strands at the crown. The emphasis in this version should be on
    elongated bangs, which are often laid on its side.
  4. Canadian

  5. Briton – in this version of a short haircut the main thing is correct
    parting It should be on the border of the shaved temporal part and
    long strands. To hairstyle looked effectively need to be laid
    her on the side.
  6. british

  7. Boxing – in this embodiment, the master works not only with the temporal
    area, but also with the occipital part. Go to the crown area
    should be invisible with a gradual increase in the length of the strands.
  8. boxing with temples

  9. Halfboxing – in many ways similar to boxing hairstyle, but allows
    experiment with the transition from the shaven temporal part to
    elongated strands. It can be located in the middle of the occipital
    area or slightly below. The hairs located on the top can be
    greater length.
  10. halfbox

  11. Undercut is one of the most popular men’s haircuts. Her
    difference from others is that strands have different lengths. From
    the longest strands should make bangs.
  12. undercut haircut

    Important! Smooth transitions from the short temporal
    areas for longer strands in an Undercut haircut are not provided.
    The transition must be clearly marked.

  13. Voyage is an option that suits very cocky and confident.
    in a man. The basis of the Voyage is not just a clear boundary, but also
    a thin strip along the entire contour between shaved parts and more
    long strands.
  14. voyage

  15. With shaved patterns – already from the name it becomes clear that
    master creates a variety of patterns. It can be clear
    geometric lines or smooth patterns.
  16. Important! Such work can be done only
    qualified master who can create a real masterpiece
    from a simple male haircut.

  17. With long hair, shaved temples look rather unusual,
    but stylish with the right styling.
  18. Trendy haircuts with shaved
    parting They can be performed on both long and
    on short hair.

shaved parting

Due to the large number of options a man will be able to pick up
the hairstyle that can maximize its dignity
and masculinity, make the image beautiful and stylish.

Styling methods

The presence of long hair allows you to create various options
styling that will make a masculine look even more stylish,

Important! Careful choice of styling should be approached
men with pretty long hair. Your hairstyle should
harmoniously look with your clothes and be relevant to business
meeting, date or celebration.

  1. Hair can be pulled back – this is the most popular option.
    for business meetings and special occasions.
  2. With a foam or mousse, make the strands slightly casual and
    comb them to the side.
  3. Make styling in the style of Elvis Presley.
  4. If hair length permits, you can combine shaved temples with
  5. You can collect hair in a bun.

with a bunch

Male haircuts with shaved temples – this is an opportunity
experiment with different styling. Men can
feel like real dandy, add your own image

Or create a make bold styling that will emphasize
bold male nature. The main thing is to have a haircut done
high quality and emphasized dignity.

Here’s how to make one of the brightest male haircuts with shaved hair.
Whiskey – Anderkat:

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