Men’s hairstyles boxing and boxing – beauty, not subject to fashion and time

Men's haircut halfboxI want to find the perfect hairstyle,
but tired of chasing fashion? Then it’s time to opt for
one that does not go out of fashion for several years. For sure
interested in what kind of haircut. And they are the most that neither is
simple, daily occurring. Men’s haircut halfboxing as well
Her boxing option is the most famous of them.

Men’s haircut

It consists in the fact that strands 8 centimeters long on parietal
parts are left, and all the rest do not longer than 5 centimeters.
In this hairstyle, there are two edging. The first – on the edge line
strands, and the second – on the upper edge of the information curls at the temples and
back of the head. The lower part of the occipital and temporal zones is performed, reducing
hair “on no.” Parietal hair removal on the fingers. The first
they cut the case behind the ears, then on the back of the head. So master
makes edging. After finishing the edging line with
cars removed the fluff from the neck. When the hairdresser cuts off
curls at the back of the head, it removes hair with scissors as short as possible.
Filirovka is performed gradually, starting from the tips of the hair and all
delving more into the head of hair. The upper part of the temples is cut off
vertical partings at a 45-degree angle. Do not forget
at the same time and about the lower temporal locks. Trimming strand top
in the back of the head, the barber allocates them with horizontal partings,
cutting off the ends of the hair on the fingers in the direction from the temple to the back of the head.
If there are any inaccuracies, he easily removes them with teeth.

halfbox photo 1 halfbox photo 2 halfbox photo 3 halfbox photo 4 halfbox photo 5 halfbox photo 6 halfbox photo 7 halfbox photo 8 halfbox photo 9

Pinch three locks in the parietal area with four fingers and make
Christmas trees, raising your fingers up. In conclusion, the master makes
filing of a temechka zone, not forgetting about bangs, where teeth
the edging is done. Done!

How to perform male hair cut box

  • Cut by electric or manual typewriter without attachment strands from
    fringing line on the neck to the temple, which passes under the occipital
    hillock on the upper edge of the right ear from the upper edge of the left ear.
    Remove curls machine over the head.
  • Remove hair from the temples with a machine, taking into account the level of the occipital
    parts trimmed earlier.
  • On a section 2-3 cm wide, cut as short as possible.
    curls on top.
  • Make a border around the neck, at the temples and behind the ears.
  • Depending on the shape of the occipital protrusion or the length of the hair
    The height of the haircut strands can reach the middle of the protrusion on
    back of the head.
  • The resulting line must be processed by the machine. First to the crown
    from the middle of the protrusion on the back of the head, then to the left temple stripes, and in
    the end also process the right side.
  • The parietal zone is trimmed with the first nozzle, and it is done
    filirovka, processing reception “removing curls on the fingers.”
  • An extended version is also possible with a haircut, when
    the parietal zone is trimmed with a second nozzle, and all the rest


Already by name you can understand that it is for men. She is similar to
halfboxing, but is more rigid. Line with which
the curls are cut as short as possible, a little taller and
extends to the entire parietal zone. To perform boxing
the same techniques are required, only the edging is done on the most
convex places. The difference is that in boxing the hair is shorter from
temporal and occipital areas; parietal area separates the region
hair information.

How is the haircut boxed?

  1. From the middle of the occipital protrusion to the left is made edging on
    the entire circumference of the head; It should be above the auricle
    centimeters from the edge strand growth line. It can be changed in
    depending on the shape of the head.
  2. After that, the curls are trimmed or shaved. If this
    done by machine, then upwards.
  3. Short cut the strands.
  4. Equally treat the right and left sides of the head. More
    low line edging to smooth out the allocated temporal hollows, and
    convexity, on the contrary, hide, if you do the edging under
    bulge neck.
  5. With a “haircut on the fingers” or a thinning, to process the parietal part
  6. If the master works as a machine, no need to use the nozzle
    completely or take the nozzle number 1.

Up to the middle of the forehead, you can leave a sparse chelochku.
Often, boxing is done without a bang.

boxing photo 1 boxing photo 2 boxing photo 3 boxing photo 4 boxing photo 5 boxing photo 6

Men’s hairs boxing and boxing will never go out of fashion and
perfectly emphasized male style.

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