MesoRadiss – a drug for promising facial rejuvenation

The appearance of the skin depends on the quantity and quality.
collagen and elastin produced by the body. Deficiency of these
proteins, as structural elements of the extracellular matrix,
significantly affects the condition of the skin. Their lack leads to
its dryness and laxity, inelasticity and thinning, as well as to
wrinkle formation and volume loss. To eliminate age
skin defects using fillers based on hyaluronic acid,
that replenish lost volumes and promote regeneration
skin structures. However, the use of any drug as
Injectable implant has its pros and cons. Today we
We will consider as a volumer (a preparation for replenishing
skin volume) a unique and innovative Radiesse ™ based
calcium hydroxyapatite.


  • The beauty triangle is an indicator of skin youth
  • What is the power of calcium hydroxyapatite?
  • What is the mesoradial procedure?
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The composition of the drug Radiesse ™
  • Procedure technique
  • Postoperative period
  • Side effects and complications

The beauty triangle is an indicator of skin youth

The first signs of aging skin aging have always been considered.
wrinkles, but far from it. Wrinkles really do not add
face of youth however there is a more pronounced sign of aging
skin – it is the lost volume. How to understand this? The thing is that with
by age, collagen and elastic fibrils wear out,
stretch and lose their ordered structure. This particular
This leads to a loss of skin elasticity and sagging. Other
In other words, it simply “slips” down.

To understand how these changes occur, you can simply
compare young and aged skin. Young people face like
Latin letter V, because the density of the skin is concentrated in
the upper part of the face, in the area of ​​the cheekbones, which play the role of lateral
vertices. Beauticians call this site a triangle.

However, in the process of skin fading, due to gravity,
inversion of the skin volume: from the upper part of the face, it moves to
the lower part of it. That is, the letter V “flips over”, and the whole
The amount of skin is shifted to the chin. This process carries
name deformation ptosis.

There are a number of factors that contribute to deformation

  • wear collagen fibers;
  • collapse of collagen structures;
  • deformation of collagen molecules and the formation of damaged,
    defective protein;
  • decrease in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic synthesis
  • gravitational effects.

What is the power of calcium hydroxyapatite?

In modern cosmetology, calcium hydroxyapatite is used with
the purpose of restoring lost volumes. What is he like?
It is a natural mineral that is inorganic.
part of our bones, tooth enamel and bone substance of teeth.
Calcium hydroxyapatite is called an inorganic mineral because
that it contains no carbon at all, and in biological tissues it
organized into crystalline structures. This chemical
consists of two main elements: calcium and phosphorus, which
responsible for the hardness and integrity of the bones.

In nature, this mineral is found in rocks, and for
cosmetology and medical purposes it is extracted from the bones
cattle or from sea corals. Hydroxyapatite
Calcium belongs to the group of regulators of calcium-phosphorus metabolism.
This mineral triggers regeneration in bone tissue, and
under the action in the skin tissues it contributes to the synthesis of collagen.
Collagen, in turn, forms the skeleton of a new tissue,
providing a lasting lifting effect.

In cosmetology, calcium hydroxyapatite fills in lost
volumes, restores young facial contours, tightens
skin and smooths wrinkles. It becomes clear why him
called the “rising star” of cosmetology.

Calcium hydroxyapatite is used in fillers along with gel-
a conveyor that instantly smoothes wrinkles and
fills the volume of tissues. Subsequently, the gel is absorbed by special
cells – macrophages that bind to calcium microspheres,
promote collagen synthesis. With the introduction of fillers with
calcium hydroxyapatite under the skin, wrinkles are filled with gel and
literally pushed out. After all, wrinkles are not
which is nothing but a hall of skin. In addition, this innovative drug,
eliminating wrinkles, forms a new smooth and elastic fabric.

Calcium hydroxyapatite preparations are
perfectly safe because a whole range of clinical
tests and recognized as low toxic, hypoallergenic, without
mutagenic effect. No side effects associated with full
resorption of the gel and its exact fixation in the field of application.
The gel does not migrate and is not rejected by the body. The drug has
lasting effect: from 1 to 2 years.

Calcium hydroxyapatite unlike other calcium salts
acts more delicately on the body. It is easier to digest, and its
bioavailability is much higher than other minerals.

What is the mesoradial procedure?

Since this procedure involves the introduction of drugs on
based on calcium hydroxyapatite, the mesoradiation is unique
procedure for reinforcement and rejuvenation of fading skin. Via
mesoradial techniques can effectively fill in lost volumes and
successfully smooth even the deepest wrinkles. The uniqueness of the method
consists in the fact that after the first injection, a stunning
effect due to enhanced autologous (self) synthesis
collagen. As a result, the face becomes smooth, elastic and
elasticity, and the number of wrinkles is significantly reduced.

The essence of the procedure is to maintain a carrier gel based on
calcium hydroxyapatite to the surface layers of the skin. Pre
the drug is diluted with saline and injected into the problem
zones (accumulation of wrinkles or loose skin). Then superimposed
thin but durable threads that are able to hold the frame and
prevent skin deformation. The result is:

  • synthesis of autologous (own) collagen;
  • skin regeneration;
  • return of lost volumes
  • restoration of skin firmness and elasticity.

However, it should be understood that the mesoradial procedure is
mesotherapy with a voluser (drug,
increasing volume) Radiesse ™. This drug is completely
certified, it can be used on any skin areas with
appearance of the first signs of aging. Radiesse ™ possesses
prolonged effect for 1-2 years, but in places not
involved facial expressions, the effect lasts much longer.
This dermal filler is valid for 1–1.5 years longer than
for example, hyaluronic acid fillers that act
only half a year. In this case, the procedure mesoradies will need
less time and money.

Indications for the procedure

Because Radiesse ™ is a hydroxyapatite based
calcium is low toxic and safe, then the mesoradiation procedure
recommended for women over 35 with any type of skin when they appear
first signs of age wilt. Thus, the procedure
hold for:

  • save the maxillofacial framework to keep tissue in
    initial condition;
  • correction of age defects of the skin;
  • eliminate deep and fine wrinkles;
  • the formation of the correct form of the chin and cheekbones in congenital
    or acquired anatomical defects;
  • soft tissue lifting when sagging cheeks;
  • eliminate pronounced nasolabial folds and puppet
  • increasing bone mass.

Contraindications to the procedure

Unfortunately, there are no perfect cosmetic procedures. Have
any such procedure there are contraindications to conduct. it
applies to any medical procedures. Therefore, the restriction to
the procedures are:

  • acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • skin infections;
  • skin inflammation (acne, rosacea, rosacea);
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • epilepsy;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug
    Radiesse ™.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of mesoradiation:

  • safety and harmlessness of the drug (the drug disintegrates into
    known metabolites are carbon dioxide and water);
  • low toxicity of the drug;
  • inability of the gel to migrate, reject and mutagenesis;
  • ability to combine with other cosmetology
    procedures (mesotherapy, peels, botox);
  • instant result in one session;
  • prolonged effect;
  • no recovery period;
  • providing additional positive effects on
  • low trauma (with deep injection of the drug into the skin,
    blood vessels and soft tissue are not affected).

However, despite a number of numerous advantages, the procedure
mesoradiance has some disadvantages:

  • Radiesse ™ is not suitable for lip augmentation;
  • repeated injections are not desirable, they are made only by
    recommendations cosmetologist;
  • the drug is used only after 35 years
    the procedure is considered inappropriate;
  • a number of contraindications to the procedure;
  • the presence of side effects and complications;
  • observance of some restrictions after the procedure.

The uniqueness of the drug is the effective combination of the two
action types:

  • Radiesse ™ fills the subcutaneous voids and adds volume to the skin,
    acting like a classic filler;
  • stimulates the formation of new collagen, the so-called
    the process of neocollagenesis, which ensures skin density

With the breakdown of calcium hydroxyapatite, the process of neocollagenesis
continues for another two years.

The composition of the drug Radiesse ™

This drug consists of 30% hydroxyapatite calcium,
which is a biomaterial that is part of human
body and 70% of the carrier gel, which is
distilled water. Thanks to natural ingredients and complete
biocompatibility with human tissue, the drug is not rejected
body and does not cause allergic reactions.

Radiesse ™ differs from hyaluronic gels
in that the drug based on hydroxyapatite calcium has more
long term of validity up to one year and more, instead of 6-8

Procedure technique

Since the technique of the procedure is complicated and scrupulous,
it must be carried out by a certified professional with experience
working with this drug and knowing the location of all lines
Langer under the skin. This is an important condition to avoid side effects.
effects and complications, since the violation of the technique of
procedures may cause an uneven distribution of the gel under

The basic principle of the procedure is that the gel used
in fillers, is synthetic, so you need to work with it
quickly and skillfully. Synthetic gel quickly and evenly fills
all voids and wrinkles under the skin, only in this case the result
will be long and positive. And with the inept handling of the gel
there is a possibility of uneven filling of voids, which may
lead to poor quality and transient results.

Radiesse ™ fillers use thin cannulas with blunt
the end. If the patient has excessive sensitivity, then
mesotherapist can apply local anesthesia. Sometimes in
drug add some amount of lidocaine, in this case
The procedure takes place with the greatest comfort.

Usually they make only one puncture to lay the first meson,
and then follow in parallel order. Thin durable yarn
create a reinforcing frame and start the processes of neocollagenogenesis
(formation of new collagen) and angiogenesis (formation of new
blood vessels in the tissues). To eliminate deep thread wrinkles
placed in the deeper layers of the dermis, in part of the hypodermal
layer. After the procedure, you need to disinfect the skin and
hold a light massage to prevent the appearance of micro hematomas and
puffiness on the face.

The procedure lasts about 30-40 minutes, does not need
rehabilitation period and does not interfere with active
social life. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to
habitual rhythm of life.

Postoperative period

This procedure does not provide for a full rehabilitation.
period. However, some remedial measures
will have to comply with:

  • in areas of impact, apply ice and cold compresses in
    within 24 hours;
  • do not use decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics,
    For this period, the doctor will prescribe special antiseptic
  • do not make any masks, scrubs, peels and other
    cosmetic procedures;
  • do not touch your face with your hands;
  • use high factor sunscreen constantly
  • Do not use saunas, baths, swimming pools and solariums;
  • some time limit the use of facial expressions;
  • do not strain the muscles of the face;
  • do not take hot baths;
  • avoid direct sunlight;
  • avoid intense physical exertion.

The effect will be observed immediately, although the final result
will be well noticeable a month after the procedure. This time
necessary for the formation of a new connective tissue and a new
collagen. Radiesse ™ fillers can be used again only after
two months, because the skin should recover well.

Side effects and complications

All complications after injection techniques are divided into:

  • non-specific;
  • specific.

Nonspecific complications occur after the introduction of any
drug, be it vitamins, drugs, hyaluronic acid or
Radiesse ™ gel. After the introduction of possible inflammation
redness, bruises and microhematomas at the injection site.
Nonspecific complications are inevitable, as this is not
other than the body’s response to damage to the integrity of the skin
covers. Sometimes there is swelling and numbness of the affected area,
but these phenomena disappear after a few days.

Specific complications are the result of a violation of technology.
carrying out the procedure, low qualification of the mesotherapist,
the introduction of low-quality drug, individual reactions
organism on the components that make up the drug. To
to avoid such complications, before the operation, the doctor collects an anamnesis,
ascertain whether the patient has contraindications to
procedures. Also, in order to avoid complications it is necessary to approach with all
the seriousness to the choice of aesthetic clinic and doctor –

The patient should consider some points:

  1. The gel carrier biodegrades faster than it forms.
    collagen fibrils. Thus, the patient may experience
    feeling that the gel has resolved. But do not worry
    wait two months for the process to start
  2. In the early conduct of numerous procedures for the correction
    Face Face, do not use Radiesse ™. In this case, it is possible
    serious non-specific complication.
  3. It is not necessary to combine mesoradias with other cosmetic
    facial reinforcement procedures (mesoniths).
  4. When correcting the facial oval, it is advisable to carry out the procedure in
    several stages. In a few weeks it will be clearly visible
    what area of ​​the face should be corrected by gel. Also in this
    If the drug is evenly distributed in the tissues.

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