Mesotherapy under the eyes

The eyes are a unique organ of our body. Thanks to our eyes, we
see the multicolor beauty of the world. Besides the eyes
able to convey the state of mind and mood of a person. Beauty
the eye emphasizes not only color, cut and shape, but also appearance
skin around the eyes. Unfortunately, the eyes give information not only about
our emotions and mood, but also our age.


  • Feature of the skin around the eyes
  • How is mesotherapy under the eyes
  • Under eye mesotherapy techniques
  • The composition of mezokokteyley for the skin around the eyes
  • When is the procedure recommended?
  • Contraindications for
  • Complications and side effects
  • Age restrictions: do they exist?

Feature of the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is so thin and tender that literally
“crumpled like paper.” It is ten times thinner than the skin on the arm, in it
no subcutaneous fat layer. As a result, age changes,
primarily affect the skin around the eyes. This zone is the first
gives signs of age. Because of its thinness and fragility, the skin
around the eyes is considered a delicate area requiring special

Features of the skin around the eyes

The area around the eyes is a special area that requires extreme
respect for yourself. The dermis is very tender, thin, easy
stretched under mechanical stress.

The reason that triggers the mechanism of aging skin around the eyes – the loss
skin elasticity and congestion in microvessels. With time
the skin around the eyes begins to “crawl” down, shift,
stretch, the eyeball is covered with “extra” skin due to
This eyes are starting to look older. Very important these
problems get stuck on time at the very beginning, so as not to give the skin much
“slide down”. Otherwise, subsequently correct the condition of the skin.
around the eyes will only have to be surgically.

Correction of defects of the skin around the eyes must begin with a gain
muscle carcass, stimulation of cellular metabolism in this area and
restore skin elasticity.

Modern cosmetology offers a whole arsenal of procedures
eliminating the above problems.

An effective method of rejuvenating the skin around the eyes is

How is mesotherapy under the eyes

Mesotherapy is the injection of drugs into
middle layers of the dermis. Mesotherapy under the eyes can exercise
multifunctional effects of mezokokteyly on the skin around the eyes and
eliminate several problems at once. For example, you can get rid
at the same time from the crow’s feet, dark circles under the eyes,
dehydration and improve the elasticity of the skin in this zone.

The long lasting effect of
mesopreparations, which are deposited in the dermis layers and vitalized
skin for several months. When conducting mesotherapy
around the eyes, experienced mesotherapists are selected individual
techniques, taking into account existing problems and the current state of the skin
the patient.

A week before the procedure, the patient requires consultation.
cosmetologist. The doctor examines the patient for chronic and
other diseases, makes history taking, selects individual
composition of mezokokteyley.

Immediately before the procedure, the skin around the eyes is treated.
special antiseptic preparations, and those with low pain
anesthesia is performed with a threshold. A fine needle is slowly injected.
mezopreparaty exclusively in problem areas.

The procedure of mesotherapy under the eyes

Modern mesotherapy has long outgrown its
initial understanding. With the help of injections today is not administered
monopreparations, and the real “healing cocktails” consisting of
vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, trace elements and
other active ingredients.

The duration of the procedure lasts 20-30 minutes. Duration
treatment and the number of sessions determined by a cosmetologist. For
lasting results need from 3 to 8 procedures. But in some
In cases, 1-2 sessions of mesotherapy are enough.

Wrinkles around the eyes are important to remove correctly. Sometimes it happens
that removing the crow’s feet, wrinkles appear in a different zone (on
the inside of the nose). Therefore, wanting to remove wrinkles from one
On the other hand, it is important not to overdo it and not to create them on the other.
parties. It is also necessary to preserve the individuality of facial expressions,
provide a smooth beautiful line of brows, do not aggravate the swelling. These
problems are solved by the correct choice of points of introduction of a mesopreparation.
As a mesopreparation, not only vitamin cocktails are used,
but also botulinum toxin preparations.

It is worth paying special attention to such a problem as bags under
eyes. Mesotherapy from bags under the eyes is most in demand.
procedure, but it is necessary to eliminate this problem at an early stage
appearances. Bags under the eyes are hernias that arise from
increase in periorbital fiber. When the growth of fiber
exceeds the tension of the orbital septum, adipose tissue
“falls out” thereby causing the appearance of bags.

To cope with this problem is actually not easy. At first
signs of the appearance of bags under the eyes should take a number
serious measures, otherwise it will be possible to get rid of them later.
only by surgery.

Mesotherapy around the eyes – fine jewelry work, she
performed only manually, without resorting to hardware

Under eye mesotherapy techniques

There are two methods of mesotherapy under the eyes:

  • classical mesotherapy;
  • needleless mesotherapy (electroporation).

Classical mesotherapy is carried out by injection. Side effects
This method is quite predictable. This is the redness of the skin around
eye, microhematoma, bruising, swelling.

Methods of mesotherapy in the eye area

The secret of the effectiveness of mesotherapy for the skin around the eyes –
a combination of cocktails, which in addition to medicinal
preparations include amino acids (hyaluronic, glycolic), vitamins
and trace elements.

Needle-free mesotherapy is an innovative correction method.
age-related changes of the skin around the eyes, based on the effects
electrical impulses to the skin. How is the process
electroporation? Mesopreparations are applied to the skin, then under the action of
electrical current active biological substances penetrate into
dermis. The molecular structure of the active substances is different,
therefore, molecules penetrate to different depths. Thereby
mediated effect of mesopreparation on the dermis is achieved.

The composition of mezokokteyley for the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is tender and delicate, it needs
specific care. The same specific should be
mesopreparations for treating the skin around the eyes. Usually composed
mezacoctails include:

  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • amino acids;
  • glycolic acid.


It is worth noting that the mandatory elements of cocktails
for mesotherapy are vitamins, minerals and
trace elements.

The composition of mesopreparations is selected individually for each
patient based on the current skin condition and individual
features of the body. For example, to eliminate bruises under
eyes use vitamins and minerals, and to eliminate flabbiness
and loss of skin elasticity – hyaluronic acid.

When is the procedure recommended?

Correction of skin defects around the eyes is carried out in the case of:

Results of mesotherapy around the eyes

The visible result of rejuvenated skin can be observed already.
after one procedure. To consolidate the desired effect specialists
recommend going from three to five sessions.

  • reduced elasticity;
  • bruises and bags under the eyes;
  • swelling under the eyes;
  • wrinkles (crow’s feet);
  • hernia of the lower eyelid.

Contraindications for

It is not recommended to conduct mesotherapy in the eye area with:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • environmental diseases;
  • vascular pathologies;
  • allergic reactions;
  • skin diseases of the face;
  • hypertension.

Complications and side effects

There are no side effects after mesotherapy around the eyes.
significant. Most often these are the classic symptoms accompanying
any mesotherapy injection. After mezoprocedure observed
following side effects:

  • swelling, bruising;
  • microhematomas at puncture sites;
  • redness of the skin.

Most often, these symptoms disappear within a few days. For
side effects should be minimized.
consult a specialist when it is best to spend

After mesotherapy, you should refrain from visiting the solarium, baths,
pool, not to be exposed to high and low temperatures.
You should use a moisturizer around the eyes with high
SPF protection factor of at least 30.

Attention! It should be remembered that wearing sunglasses
is a reliable preventive measure in the appearance of wrinkles around
eye. The aging process does not start age, as many think, but
the sun. An experienced cosmetologist knows that the best wrinkle cream is
sunscreen with high protection factor. Therefore wearing
sunglasses will help keep the skin youthful around the eyes and
prevent wrinkles. For this reason, wear
Sunglasses should not only be carried out after mesotherapy, but
always in sunny weather.

If you pay attention to contraindications, then serious
complications after skin mesotherapy in the eye zone are usually not
is observed.

Age restrictions: do they exist?

Many patients are interested in the question, from what age can
to resort to the correction of skin defects around the eyes? We spoke above
that with our eyes we convey a huge range of emotions: we laugh,
cry, blink, blink. If you also consider that the skin under the eyes
thin and tender, it becomes clear why mimic wrinkles in
eye area appear in many at a very early age.

Therefore, it does not matter how old you are, but it is important in what condition
is the skin around the eyes. Anyway, you will need
specialist advice. A competent cosmetologist will develop
individual anatomical troubleshooting methods
features of the face. Someone has a hernia slope,
someone to the appearance of dark circles and bruises under the eyes, while
someone at an early age there are “crow’s feet”. Experienced
The specialist will immediately notice the “weak points” and advise how they

The result after the procedure, mesotherapy

As a rule, mesotherapy procedures are performed.
after 30 years. However, there are special cocktails for more
young patients (for example, for the treatment of acne – acne

You shouldn’t listen to people claiming “to
beautician, the later the better. “This is a very mistaken opinion. According to
For this reason, many women turn to a beautician closer to 40-50
years and miss the opportunity to prevent aging of the face and skin
around eyes. It would be naive to believe that having come to a beautician at 40-50 years old,
you can get rid of age-related skin changes in a couple of sessions,
which accumulated over the years.

It does not happen. Youth and beauty is a matter of life. AND
problems should be fixed as they arrive, and the first
wrinkles sometimes appear at a young age. It all depends on
heredity, lifestyle and individual characteristics

In conclusion, we note that a full sleep, fresh air,
the absence of bad habits and an early visit to the cosmetologist –
effective methods of rejuvenation around the eyes.

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