Mezobotox – an effective method of elimination mimic wrinkles

Currently, injectable cosmetic procedures have become
are in high demand both among patients of aesthetic clinics and
among the specialists are mesotherapists. These procedures are aimed at
correction of age-related skin defects and associated with the smallest
risks compared to full surgical procedures.
One of these new techniques is Mezobotox, which
based on the principles of classical mesotherapy and
botulinum therapy.


  • What is mesobotox?
  • The most significant drawback of botulinum therapy
  • The mechanism of action on the skin
  • Indications for conducting mesobotox
  • Procedure technique
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Similarities and differences between Botox and Mezobotox
  • Disadvantages of mesobotox procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Supplement and alternatives

What is mesobotox?

The first signs of aging skin wilting manifest as
wrinkles around the eyes, so-called crow’s feet, pronounced
nasolabial folds, loss of skin elasticity and elasticity
covers, ptosis of soft tissues. All these changes are related to
a decrease in the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, with
deterioration of the regenerative abilities of the body, with deterioration
the ability of tissues to retain water and the deterioration of cellular

Eliminate these age-related skin defects, run regenerative
processes in tissues and cells help the procedure of mesotherapy with
help of biologically active cocktails with vitamin and mineral
complexes, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, collagen and

In turn, botulinum therapy is the procedure for introducing
drugs based on botulinum neurotoxin typeA.
These drugs do not eliminate wrinkles, as stereotypically suggest
many, they only temporarily block the muscles of the face, causing them
paralysis. Botulin suppresses the impulses that emanate from the nerve to
facial muscles that contract, lead to the formation of wrinkles.
Botox injections neutralize only certain areas of the skin, and
raw zones are reduced in normal mode.

Why exactly the first signs appear on the face first of all
skin aging? The thing is that subcutaneous – fat
the face layer is very thin, it is directly attached to the muscles of the face
and when they move, the skin crumples like paper.

Botulinum therapy could be a universal anti-aging
means, if not a number of significant drawbacks. Unfortunately,
Botox smoothes only mimic wrinkles. This
the procedure is not able to return the lost volumes, to conduct a deep
skin hydration, does not saturate the skin with biologically active
substances, does not return her elasticity and elasticity. Other
minus the procedure is a temporary effect. It’s no secret that through
a certain time, botulinum toxin is completely excreted from the body,
and the effect on its basis disappears. For this reason, botulinum therapy
need to be repeated again and again. In addition, after the sessions of Botox face
resembles a mask and this is also significant
a disadvantage.

The mesobotox technique combines only positive
qualities of both mesotherapy and botulinum therapy. She can
eliminate the negative effects of botulinum therapy thanks to the technique
repeated perforation of the skin with the introduction of mesotherapeutic
cocktails and botulinum toxin.

The most significant drawback of botulinum therapy

As an important aspect when carrying out any kind
cosmetic procedures is the preservation of individual
features of the face, because each face is unique and unique, then
It is important not to overdo it in this matter. Important to keep
natural facial expressions and natural facial expressions that are
individual feature of each person. If you eliminate something
that is inherent in each person, it is possible to impersonate a person.
By getting rid of hated wrinkles, you can get rid of
own “I”, from those traits and qualities, the totality of which
make a man himself. It is unlikely that the beauty of this price will go to
benefit man.

Therefore, the preservation of facial expressions and mobility of the facial muscles
is a prerogative from the point of view of aesthetic medicine more
than a face without wrinkles conveys no emotion. Full
the immobility of the face does not add beauty to the person at all
on the contrary makes it unnatural and frightening.

Of course, respect for desires and aesthetic preferences.
the patient must be considered first, but send it to
the right way is the task of the beautician and the surgeon. So
Thus, in aesthetic medicine there is a need for a technique
able to eliminate facial wrinkles, but at the same time allowing
to maintain the mobility of the facial muscles and its muscles. Such
The technique is mesobotox.

The mechanism of action on the skin

There is one popular misconception that identifies
Mezobotoks with a therapeutic drug. Mezobotox is not a drug, but
new unique technique of introduction of drugs based on
botulinum toxin and mezokokteyley. The name of the method includes
two procedures of aesthetic medicine: botulinum therapy and mesotherapy.
This method differs from the classical mesotherapy by the principle
drug administration to the skin: it is not injected into the muscle, but under the skin on
minimum depth. Penetrating 2/3 mm in the upper layers of the dermis
the drug spreads under the skin, acting on individual
muscle fibers according to the classical scheme: it blocks nerve
impulses, paralyzing certain muscle fibers and obstructing them

The result is a smoothing of wrinkles without affecting
deep muscles. In other words, the muscle itself is not paralyzed, the drug
affects only the individual muscle fibers that go into
skin layers. When adding the effect of mesotherapy improves
skin characteristics and vital processes occurring in

Indications for conducting mesobotox

Experts recommend the procedure during the formation
fine wrinkles:

  • on the nose, forehead and between the eyebrows;
  • in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds;
  • in the formation of “crows feet”;
  • on delicate skin areas: on the neck and in the decollete area.

Also mesobotoks are used in cases where
The traditional procedure of botulinum therapy is contraindicated:
low muscle tone or need to adjust sensitive areas
on the face (skin around the eyes, lower eyelid and upper lip).

Procedure technique

The technique of mezobotoksa does not differ from the traditional
mesotherapy. Botulinum toxin is administered using multiple
intradermal perforations in certain areas of the skin on
2mm depth with the formation of papules. A few days later
resorption of the drug, but at the same time, blocking is maintained
nerve impulses of individual muscle fibers.

Since this procedure is difficult medical
a procedure that requires certain qualifications and knowledge, then
spend it only in the aesthetic clinic.

The mesobotox procedure consists of several steps:

  1. Estimated impact areas are carefully handled.
    anesthetic. It should be noted that the procedure as a whole
    painful, but personal feelings depend on the degree of pain threshold
  2. Before starting the procedure, botulin is diluted in the desired
    proportions with saline. Instead of saline
    you can use a serum based on hyaluronic acid or
    vitamin and mineral complexes.
  3. The resulting preparation is injected into the accumulation of fine wrinkles,
    the needle is inserted under the skin at 2mm, at this time at the injection site
    small papules are formed.
  4. Injection perforation lasts about half an hour.
  5. After the procedure, short-term discomfort is noticed.
    in the form of swelling and redness of the skin at the treatment sites,
    unpleasant sensations under the eyes, as well as minor traces of
    injection. Injection marks disappear completely after a couple

This technique does not bring instant results, must pass
some time for the regeneration process to start
skin integument. Usually the result makes itself felt on the 10th day.
after the procedure, reaches a maximum after 14 days and
retains effect from 6 to 8 months.

Rehabilitation period

In order for the recovery period to pass with the greatest
comfort you need to follow some rules and restrictions:

  • within four hours after the procedure must be observed
    upright posture;
  • within one hour exclude the mobility of facial expressions and
    facial muscles;
  • during the period of skin rehabilitation avoid direct sun
  • not to visit baths, saunas and solariums;
  • do not take hot baths, only a warm shower;
  • refuse to take certain pharmacological drugs:
    antibiotics, tranquilizers and sedatives.

Similarities and differences between Botox and Mezobotox

The same procedures are used during the MesoBotox procedure.
drugs, as with traditional botulinum therapies: Botox and

With classical botulinum therapy:

  • the drug is injected into the muscle;
  • deep wrinkles are removed, except for those located on
    tissues subjected to gravitational effects;
  • smoothing of wrinkles occurs due to the suppression of impulses,
    that come from the nerve to the facial muscles;
  • There is no age limit, the drug is shown to all
    people with excessive activity of facial muscles;
  • the main areas of drug administration are the forehead and brow brow.
    the area, very carefully carry out skin treatment at the outer corners
    eye, in the lower eyelid, neck and lower parts of the face.

During the mesobotox procedure:

  • the drug is injected subcutaneously to a depth of 2mm;
  • superficial or deep wrinkles in places of risk are eliminated
    (with traditional mesotherapy);
  • You can avoid unwanted eyebrow reposition, which is often
    happens in the case of Botox;
  • you can save the natural facial expressions;
  • smoothing of the skin occurs by reducing the tone
    certain muscle fibers that make up the skin structure;
  • the procedure is carried out for people over 40 years old with a fine-wrinkled type
  • the drug is injected into areas of wrinkles in the eyes, corners
    eye and eyebrows, in the region of the lower eyelid and upper lip,
    corners of the lips, in the chin, neck and décolleté.

Thus, by making a comparative analysis of the two methods, we
we can determine the effectiveness of each of them. To date
Mezabotoks is an innovative technique used in
aesthetic medicine that smooths wrinkles while
preservation of functions of facial muscles. Unlike Botox, this
The technique has a great positive effect and is devoid of
negative effects. However, the choice of drug and methods for
Wrinkle correction is carried out only by a cosmetologist. In some
of the case, the MezoBox is used, and in some cases the traditional
botulinum therapy.

Disadvantages of mesobotox procedure

Unfortunately, even the most revolutionary method for rejuvenation
faces has its drawbacks. Therefore, neither today nor in
in the near future, methods for correcting skin defects will not appear.
having flaws. Mezobotox is no exception.

Serious drawbacks of the method are the following points:

  1. With the introduction of the drug under the skin can not be eliminated
    deep wrinkles that causes the patient to resort to others
    aesthetic procedures.
  2. The procedure is carried out only in order to eliminate the first signs
    wilting of the skin, that is, the struggle is only with mimic
  3. The effect of the procedure is limited, as is the case with Botox, it
    valid from 3 to 10 months. Then mesopreparation is absorbed in
    the body. The duration of the drug in the skin depends on its
    condition and due to the individual characteristics
  4. High risk of adverse effects
    technology of the procedure: the wrong introduction of the needle,
    wrong dosage of the drug. Usually these moments take place at
    low qualifications of the mesotherapist. In order to avoid these
    unpleasant consequences should be taken especially seriously.
    choice of aesthetic clinic and competent specialist.

Contraindications to the procedure

Aesthetic procedures, the purpose of which is skin rejuvenation,
no contraindications, just does not exist. Insofar as
almost all techniques are minimally invasive, then there is
small, but still the possibility of violation of the integrity of the skin
covers. If the specialist claims that the procedure does not have
side effects and contraindications, then it is cunning and worth
think about the level of his professional training.

Contraindications to the procedure is:

  • acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • viral infectious diseases;
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • skin diseases at the intended site of exposure;
  • propensity to form keloids;
  • individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.

It is recommended to carry out mesobotox after 35 years, but up to 55-60
years old. Later, the procedure does not make sense, since this
the method is not able to cope with serious age changes

Supplement and alternatives

The mesobotox procedure is often used as an additional
procedures of the main botulinum therapy. In this case, the injection
Mesobotox enhance and complement the overall positive effect. Also
mezobotoks injections can have a positive effect on
using Dysport. With a combination of mesobotox and laser
peeling observed excellent fixative effect.

Alternatively, fillers based on
hyaluronic acid, botulinum therapy with Dysport and

However, it should be remembered that wrinkles caused by the general process
aging, cannot be removed by mezobotox injections. In this case
completely different procedures will be required.

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