Micellar water: why is needed and how use

Micellar water – modern beauty – a product that can
find in the arsenal of any modern woman. It is irreplaceable
Cosmetic tool has a mild cleansing effect and in
the same time provides the skin with delicate care. However, even
using this popular tool, not everyone understands that it
It represents what it consists of and how it should be used.
Also, this product raises other issues that interest.
readers, for example, how does this cleanser work and whether
wash it off after removing the makeup. The answers to all these questions are you
find in this article.



  • What is micellar water?
  • What is micellar water for?
  • Who can use micellar water?
  • The composition of the micellar water
  • How to apply on the skin
  • Rinse or not flush – that is the question

What is micellar water?

This beauty product is designed to remove cosmetics and
skin cleansing. It well dissolves makeup, dirt and
dust, while maintaining the balance of the lipid shell. Also not
has a specific smell and color.

The basis of this cleansing agent are micelles.
Advertisers position them as super magic ingredients.
which magically removes dirt and makeup. But where are all

“Mika” in Latin means a grain or a particle.
Micelles are oily particles immersed in a soft
water They have one remarkable quality – they attract to
dust, dirt and remnants of makeup, like a magnet, so clean
skin without damaging its lipid barrier. In the cleanser they
act as emulsifiers, dissolving even the most insoluble
compounds (sebum, makeup, dirt, waxes) that are impossible
remove with plain water and ordinary soap.

If you pay attention to the structure of the micelle (photo below), then
you can see that they resemble structures with two ends: one
the end has a hydrophilic property (likes water), and the other –
hydrophobic (afraid of water). These structures float in the aquatic environment,
which resembles a sphere in the shape of a blackberry berry: one end is directed
inward hydrophobic end, and the other outward hydrophilic end.
Inside the sphere is enclosed the active ingredient, which falling on the skin
first evaporates the water, and then absorbed into it.

Thus, micelles are particles of famous
surface – active substances (surfactants). Surfactants are chemical
substances that are part of any cleaning agent
(shampoo, gel, soap). These surfactants
consist of a hydrophilic base that tends to water, and
hydrophobic, which is a burden to fats.

When such particles fall into the water, hydrophobes begin
reach out to each other, trying to avoid water. So parts
surfactants form spheres with well known
building. Therefore, surfactants so effectively dissolve lipids, because
hiding from the water in the middle of the micelle particles of fat can be
easily found and neutralized.

What is micellar water for?

Micellar fluid was originally used to treat
dermatological ailments (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis). Gradually
solutions with micelles improved and improved until
invented a new cleanser with innovative
qualities. These solutions are good because they do not dry the skin and do not
irritate the sebaceous glands, and do not need flushing. These
qualities make micellar water a universal remedy that
suitable for all skin types, as well as for removing makeup from the eyes.
After all, the eye area is the most tender and vulnerable, in need of a delicate

Micellar solutions do not contain soap, fragrances, parabens,
alcohol, acids, dyes and silicones. Instead they contain
flower extracts, for example, rose petal extract, which
rich in phytophenols, eliminating redness and irritation
epidermis, or zinc-containing minerals that reduce
sebaceous excretions and skin softening.

Why do cosmetologists recommend using as
cleansing agent is micellar water? The fact is that
micellar makeup remover acts like a magnet
attracting fat and dirt molecules that are easily and simply removed
from the surface of the face. Moreover, after using it, the skin is not
experiencing dryness, tightness and discomfort. This tool has
complex effects on the skin, solving several

  • high-quality and delicate cleansing of the face, including the skin
    around eyes;
  • removal of decorative cosmetics;
  • providing skin toning.

However, it should be understood that the micellar solution is intended
for everyday use, but for deep cleansing,
for example, professional makeup and makeup use other
specialized drugs.

Who can use micellar water?

You should know that the “micelle” does not always cope with complex
make-up that includes a tonal tool with a dense
structure. Hydrophilic oil can cope with such make-up or
ordinary sunflower oil that every hostess has on
the kitchen.

If you rub a small amount of “micelle” between your fingers,
then you can see that its texture is very different from water. She is
has a certain viscosity, but in general with water there are similarities.

As a rule, beauticians recommend this product to women with
sensitive, irritated and very dry skin. therefore
micellar water for sensitive skin is very relevant, it
provides her with a truly delicate care. After all, the traditional
makeup remover removes precious
moisture, and excessively active chemicals injure sensitive

The active components of water – micelles possess some
unique properties:

  • neutralize the effects of irritating ingredients that
    are included in its composition;
  • deactivate hazardous chemicals;
  • attract and remove dirt, dust and makeup residues.

The composition of the micellar water

The composition of the cleansing micellar solution includes:

  1. Distilled water. Very often, this water is enriched
    flower extracts. Thermal micellar is also helpful.
  2. Tenziny. These are active substances that prevent fusion.
    oil molecules and make the liquid stable.
  3. Vegetable glycerin. Excellent moisturizer.
  4. Hydrolaty. These are herbal tinctures that heal.
    damage to the epidermis.
  5. Aloe and other plant extracts.

Such micellar water should not contain chemicals and
aggressive substances that can damage the epidermis.

The composition of the micellar makeup remover includes more
aggressive ingredients because they need to cope with severe
the structure of decorative cosmetics and reliably eliminate it

The composition of such water includes:

  1. Water base. Such water should not contain harmful impurities.
    It can be melted or distilled water.
  2. Cetrimonium bromide. It is a surface substance that
    emulsifies water and oil.
  3. Vegetable oils. Particles of oil “do” all the dirty work.
    It is they who push the dirt out of the pores and break the waterproof
    makeup products.
  4. Panthenol and glycyrin. These moisturizing ingredients nourish the skin.
    moisture and promote healing of the epidermis.
  5. Propylene glycol. This substance is used to create
    transparency and colorlessness of the product.

How to apply on the skin

Clean the skin with a cotton pad, which is applied to some
amount of fluid. It is not recommended to apply micellar water.
by hands. Firstly, it is inconvenient, secondly, on a cotton disk
water binding properties are better manifested. Owners of fat
skin prone to acne should consult with
beautician because micellar water may not have the proper
effect. In this case, patients will recommend other cleansing
alcohol based products containing stronger ingredients.
You can also combine the classic agent with alcohol and micellar

Rinse or not flush – that is the question

Micellar fluid surpassed all the others.
means for removing makeup and cleansing the skin. Advertisers
claim to be a universal remedy for all skin types,
which does not require rinsing. But is it really? let’s
to understand.

Above, we talked about the unique properties of this drug and
revealed that it has practically no contraindications. However in
in some cases, the contraindication is the method
drug. What does it mean? The fact is that almost all labels
This tool is the inscription “does not require rinsing.”

In addition, on some drugs is the inscription “does not require
subsequent toning. “With these statements, you can bet
and in order to understand this question once and for all
explain the following.

Some micellar fluids contain silicone,
which covers the face with a film and thereby prevents normal
air exchange. This fact leads to the formation of comedones (black
points in the pores of the skin) It is also worth noting that in order to stability
and durability of the drug (so that it does not lose its presentation) in its
The composition is injected with a large amount of surfactants (lower alcohols,
butylene glycol, propylene glycol). This leads to a deterioration of the external
skin type, it becomes irritated, reddened and dry. To
this did not happen, cleaning solution containing PEG
(polyethylene glycol) and sorbates must be washed off.

However, there are micellar preparations that do not contain
PEGs. For example, emulsifiers containing poloxamers: Poloxamer 188
and Poloxamer 407. They came to cosmetology from pharmaceuticals and
used as tablet fillers. Another group
emulsifiers so-called “green chemistry” consists of sugars and
fatty plant acids. All these tools are completely safe.
Do not irritate the skin and mucous eyes and do not require rinsing.

Thus, choosing micellar water should turn your
look at the label and read it carefully. If it has
PEGs, the agent must be flushed. The presence of poloxamers
allows not to wash off the emulsifier. It should also be remembered that this
the tool has no exfoliating effect, so the skin
loses elemental regeneration. For these purposes, it is worth even occasionally
use traditional means for cleansing: peels, scrubs,
more active cleansing agents and water.

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