Micronidling facial skin

Skin micronidling is a mechanical method of piercing the skin.
cover by special apparatus, the purpose of which is the delivery
biologically active substances in the deeper layers of the skin. This method
able to activate fibroblasts that produce collagen,
elastin and hyaluronic acid. This procedure is also called
collagen-stimulating therapy.

Due to the elastic collagen threads, the oval of the face in the young
Aged is crisp and smooth. Over the years, there is a structural
collagen strain and it loses its properties. By this
The reason is that skin defects of the age appear: gravitational ptosis and
wrinkles on the face.


  • What is the essence of the procedure?
  • The mechanism of action on the skin
  • The advantage of the micronidling procedure
  • How to carry out the procedure?
  • Post procedure care
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure

What is the essence of the procedure?

The essence of the procedure is that with the help of a special
the apparatus (in this case, the mezoroller) are punctured punctures
skin through which the active substances from the skin
cosmetic products. It follows that the activation of cells –
fibroblasts occur mechanically (microneedles) and with
using active substances from a cosmetic.


As mentioned above, the procedure is carried out using
a mezoroller that is round and looks like a brush, however
instead of bristles it is covered with microneedles. Mesoscalers are different
sizes. They differ in both the width of the roller, and
the number and size of microneedles. Needles that are used for the face,
are very small in size and needles for the body are larger
the size.

The specialist conducting the procedure is able to control
depth of impact, choosing the length of the needle and the degree of pressure on
scooter. The degree of impact can be as minimal
superficial as well as deep.

The mechanism of action on the skin

What processes occur in the dermis after microprocols? Everything
processes can be divided into several stages.

First stage. Immediately after punctures occur
activating platelets that secrete protein from growth factor
PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor). PDGF stimulates division
(proliferation) of cells. PDGF also contributes to
components that make up the connective tissue
(collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid).

Punctures of the mezoroller should be carried out quickly in order to be in time
to bring the active substances into the skin until the puncture wounds
to close For this reason, each skin area is processed by
the queue.

The second stage includes the processes of inflammation and regeneration,
which usually last 1-3 days. Inflammatory processes
activate cells that stimulate recovery processes
in the skin. The formation of growth factors leads to the emergence and strengthening of
vascular network, to the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic
acid. At this time, the face is hyperemic with traces of edema, therefore
do not use decorative cosmetics. In rare necessary
Cases can be applied BB-cream for going out.

The third stage is marked by the formation of a young cloth on
damaged surfaces. This process is called granulation. On
At this stage, the skin can flake and itch, but it is in this
period begins the process of neocollagenesis and restoration of the basal

The fourth stage is called plastic. It lasts later
two weeks after the procedure up to two years. During this period, synthesized
Type 1 collagen that replaces type 3 and 6 collagen. Over the years
collagen collapse prevails over its synthesis. And it’s not even
that over the years, collagen is produced less, but the fact is
that over the years, the collagen produced has already a defective structure and
is a mixture of amorphous protein that does not contribute
youthful skin The micronidling procedure promotes the synthesis
orderly, elastic collagen. Also due to microdamages
local immunity of the skin is enhanced and fast
skin regeneration. Skin becomes fresh, supple with
good turgor. The complexion improves, pigment spots disappear and

The procedure is recommended to conduct courses 1 time in 4-8 weeks.
The visible effect occurs after 3-4 procedures. amount
recommended procedures are determined by a cosmetologist depending on
skin type of the patient, his age and state of health.


You should know that the procedure of micronidling of the skin can not
conduct more often than once every 28 days. Young elastic collagen
It is formed in 28 days, but if you carry out the procedure with
in smaller intervals, the skin will produce only collagen 3 and
Type 6, which forms scars and skin irregularities.

The advantage of the micronidling procedure

During the micronidling procedure, biologically active
substances penetrate the skin through mesoscalers left
holes. Everyone knows that our skin is an obstacle to
the passage of active substances from cosmetic preparations. therefore
she needs transporters who can carry
active substances in the deeper layers of the skin. Mesoscooter boosts
skin permeability is 85%, and in case of usual cosmetic application
drug permeability of the skin is only 3%.

Controlled skin microtrauma triggers simultaneously
several processes in it.

First, as mentioned above, the process starts.
neocollagenesis. Instead of old, amorphous fibers, synthesized
young and elastic collagen that forms lasting skin

Secondly, rapid tissue regeneration occurs. Instead
passive fibroblasts appear young and active cells. For
In order for tissue regeneration to occur, it is not the amount of
fibroblasts, and their activity. Traumatizing tissue mezoroller
stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which contributes to the synthesis
substances of the extracellular matrix.

Third, there is neoangiogenesis. In damaged skin
new blood vessels are formed that improve cellular
metabolism, cell respiration and nutrition. The formation of new vessels
helps to improve skin color and its external characteristics.

The micronidling procedure is characterized by low levels.
skin injury, which significantly reduces the time
rehabilitation period and reduces the risk of bacterial inflammation
skin. As a consequence, the risk of developing infectious inflammation
reduced to a minimum.

Experts from all over the world prefer the micronidling method.
because of its simplicity and efficiency. Mesoscaler design
eliminates the penetration of needles into the skin’s layers,
injury which contributes to the formation of scars.

According to studies micronidling turned out to be much
more effective than chemical peeling, laser polishing, dermabrasion, and
on the synthesis of collagen and elastin the results of this procedure
turned out to be beyond praise. Results after the procedure
micronidling is commensurate with the results after laser rejuvenation
CO2, phototherapy (IPL) and fraxel. Also this method is applied.
with full or partial alopecia and to improve hair growth.

How to carry out the procedure?

The micronidling procedure has several stages:

  1. First of all, the beautician performs makeup removal and skin cleansing.
  2. Then, special preparations are used to disinfect the skin.
  3. This procedure is quite painful and requires
    local anesthesia.
  4. After 20-30 minutes, active serums are applied to the skin, in
    composition of which includes vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid,
    amino acids, collagen. Sera are made individually for
    each patient depending on the problems that need
  5. Then proceed directly to the treatment of the skin with
    mezoroller. In turn, each area of ​​skin is massaged. Massage
    the mezoroller is continued until the skin is visible
    droplets of blood.
  6. Then the blood drops are removed, and the damaged areas are reused.
    treated with antiseptic.

The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes, once a week.
for 1.5-3 months. The number of procedures is determined by the doctor.


Since the micronidling procedure is minimally invasive, and it
yet violates the integrity of the skin, then each patient
it must be ensured that the doctor uses either disposable
mezoroller, or a well-sanded reusable roller
of use. There is a high risk of infection through
microtraumas that this device leaves. Also close
vascular arrangement or high skin sensitivity may
cause little bleeding.

Post procedure care

In order for the effect of the procedure to keep as much as possible,
You should follow a few simple rules that go into
post-procedure activities:

  • you can not use decorative cosmetics or ordinary
    cosmetics for skin care. During this period you can
    use only special healing, moisturizing and
    antibacterial drugs that you prescribe
  • It is forbidden to visit solariums, pools, saunas, baths, take
    hot tubs and fitness centers should also be
    refrain from outdoor activities;
  • avoid sunlight and always use sun
    cream when going out.

Indications for the procedure

What are the indications for micronidling?

  • loose and loose skin;
  • mimic wrinkles;
  • dark spots;
  • oily skin, enlarged pores, comedones;
  • dry and dehydrated skin;
  • post-acne scarring and scarring;
  • prevention of age-related skin changes.

Contraindications to the procedure

The procedure is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • skin diseases;
  • diseases associated with bleeding disorders;
  • diabetes;
  • couperose;
  • acne skin diseases;
  • overgrowth of keloids.

It is necessary to understand that no method of hardware cosmetology
is a panacea. Micronidling is resorted to when
surface care ceases to be effective. Hardware
the methods are generally not as aggressive as injection technologies or
surgical plastics, but their capabilities are weaker compared
with more radical methods.

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