Milan chic – salon procedure against brittle and dry hair

Many girls faced brittleness and dry hair,
wondering how does it still restore the structure of the hair and
not permanently but permanently forget about split
tips |

How to cure hair and make it look
healthy, neat and shiny?

What is the procedure “Milan chic” – description of the procedure

The content of the article:

  • What is the procedure “Milan chic” – description of the procedure
  • Results before and after
  • Price in salons
  • Reviews
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Video about how the procedure is “Milan chic”

Most recently in Italy was developed and very quickly gained
Popularity is such a procedure as “Milanese chic”. This is a reconstruction
hair with the help of a complex of oils, acids and vitamins necessary for

silk hair

Most often for the “Milan chic” use funds from BES, in
their composition contains keratin, which makes the hair smooth and

The tool is implanted in the hair structure under the influence of high
temperatures (using a curling iron), while you do not feel
discomfort or unpleasant odors.

The procedure lasts 1.5-2 hours depending on the length and thickness
hair, at its end the hair is washed by professional
shampoos with a complex of vitamins and healthy oils.

After going to the salon, to save longer
result, you will need to use a special shampoo and
masks containing keratin. They are a bit more expensive than conventional products.
for hair, but noticeably improve their condition and are simple in

Results before and after

After the procedure, the hair becomes smooth, voluminous,
elastic and shiny.

If you are the owner of curly hair, then after
procedures, they will settle down and straighten a little, this is due to
hair saturation with moisture and vitamins.

In case your hair is often pushed and hard for you
even the simplest hairstyles, “Milanese chic” will save
time for styling in the morning, just enough hair
to comb.

In general, with proper procedure, the hair should
acquire shine, elasticity and lightness.

Price in salons

compared to other reconstructive hair treatments,
prices for “Milan chic” quite reasonable. In the Moscow region
and in St. Petersburg, hair restoration will cost you
amount of about 3000 rubles.

In other regions of Russia prices do vary from 1150 to 1600
rubles, the cost depends on the length and thickness of your hair.


A few reviews from visitors to the salon.

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Galina, 32 years old.

“Good afternoon! Yesterday I made myself the procedure” Milan chic “in
one of the salons of the city and the result of it surpassed all my
waiting! I went to her because I noticed long ago that my hair
look like a broom, and no more moisturizing expensive masks
helped. Well, I think, what to expect from the procedure for 1300 rubles? Everything
equal to that styling for one day at the hairdresser to do.

But when I was turned to the mirror and I saw the ideal and
shiny hair and was just in shock! Honestly i even myself
I did not recognize. I was 8 years old at once, and even my husband noticed that I
changed her hairstyle! Although I did not even cut it. Right away
with compliments began to fill up. In general, the procedure was just
fiery. The hair has recovered to the point of not being able to say
that I’ve been using the iron all my life. Milan chic made a miracle
which has surpassed any keratin straightening procedures or

Oh yeah, I still can not say about the special shampoo.
It turns out that he not only supports the result of the procedure, but also
continues its action. Of course I had to give him a little
more than usual from the store, but I’m happy with everything! And you
I advise you! ”

Anna, 24 years old

“Girls, long ago promised you to tell about the result
Italian hair treatment “Milan chic”. Decided with this
wait, because I thought that my review will not give a reliable
information until a month has passed from the completion of the procedure. Because
nobody knows how hair will develop and react after
impact on them. Here, a month has passed and I can confidently
say | that the procedure fulfills all the promises made by it!

For a month after the procedure, the condition of my hair is absolutely not
has changed. Everyone knows that tactile sensation when you are in the shower
rinse balsam conditioner or mask, and your hair is soft
and flow from the water pressure? So my hair is now
| everyday life! Very soft and moisturized. I still have
there was a problem of tangled hair, I sat with a comb in my hands after
sleep 45 minutes every day, now sometimes I even forget
comb, because after sleep they still remain in
perfect condition and styling ”

Miroslava, 29 years old

“I made this recovery, I thought I’d be deceived again
smearing useless masks | and give a lot of money for useless
procedure. But to my surprise, my hair became healthy and smooth. I
I could not even dream of such a result. True procedure itself
lasted 2 hours. I barely sat out. But they did everything qualitatively.
They promised results for 6 months.

Further hair will not lose its elasticity and elasticity, but
may start to push. To maintain advised to come to him
after six months and repeat the procedure. I think that I will come! Everybody
I advise, it is really worth the money ”

Ruslan, 38 years old

“I gave my wife a certificate for this procedure, I stayed very
pleased. She is of course beautiful, but now I’m ready
lie near and just touch her hair. They became so soft
as if she had poured a jar of balm on herself.

In general, according to his wife, in addition to promises of soft hair,
Milanese chic helped get rid of hair loss. Used to be everywhere
I found her hair in the bathroom, in the sink, on the bed, on herself. Now
everything remains with her, in fact, pleased with her transformation and all
I advise. ”

Analogs and similar procedures

Milan chic is one of those procedures that really
treat hair, and not just create the appearance of beautiful curls on
several months. Undoubtedly for her holding need to refer to
to professionals as it cannot be carried out successfully
self at home.

Of course, there are similar procedures in the huge fashion industry,
for example, this is keratin straightening, it smoothes hair,
makes them straight and smooth. Suitable for curly and curly
hair, but it is several times more expensive than the “Milan chic”.

There is also such a procedure as lamination, about which
many of you have probably heard. after her hair is sealed in
special nutritional film, and delight their owners with their
shine and density. The minus the procedure is that the hair turns out to be
as if in a vacuum and not able to interact with the outside world.
Lamination is also more expensive than “Milan chic” and has
smaller set of useful properties.

Video about how the procedure is “Milan chic”

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