Milky peeling: how to carry out the procedure in home conditions

The name of this type of chemical peeling already indicates that
procedure, the main tool is lactic acid, which
derived from milk enzymes. Many women know the home recipe
milk peeling, where as exfoliating masks are used
natural products such as sour cream, kefir, yogurt,
sour milk. Similar ways to affect the skin with lactate in
Home conditions are useful, safe and do not require special instructions.
and cautions. But to make yourself real
milk peeling, you must have special tools and strictly
follow the recommendations for their use.

Instructions for conducting milk peeling at home

The peeling procedure at home provides
the presence of a special solution of lactic acid
(30% -40%), ordinary cotton pads or tampons, medical alcohol
(95%) hair dryer, as well as the consistent implementation of all
the actions described below.

milk peeling on face

The advantage of milk peeling over others
surface chemical procedures on the skin is that
that its active ingredient is absolutely organic to human nature,
which means that the procedure can be carried out fearlessly in that
including allergies!

  • The first step is to cleanse the skin with a lotion and
    degrease it by wiping with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol.
  • Once again, soaking the cotton pad with the prepared milky solution.
    acid, we begin to apply it alternately on the face – forehead,
    nose, cheeks, chin. Skin contact should be avoided.
    around the eyes and lips. Also, the solution should not be applied to the lips and
    nasolabial area.
  • After applying the peeling agent immediately need to detect
    time. The first peeling session should last no more than 1-2 minutes.
    Then with each procedure, the exposure time is increased.

Milky peeling is characterized by tingling and lung sensations.
burning sensation. However, in the case when the burning sensation becomes intolerable,
the procedure must be stopped in order not to earn a chemical burn
skin cover.

  • The procedure ends with the removal of the solution from the face, namely
    washing it off with cool water with a temperature of no more than 30 degrees.
    Hot water flushing is unacceptable, as this may result in
    irritation and redness of the skin.

Precautions for milk peeling at home

  1. Independent procedure requires mandatory
    preparing for it. This mainly includes a test for
    allergic reaction of the body.
  2. Deciding to carry out procedures at home, it is necessary
    first consult with a professional beautician.
    Having identified the features of your skin, it will give the correct recipe and
    set the desired proportions of the mixture.
  3. Try to minimize all possible risks. Not worth it
    perform, for example, milk peeling in summer, when elevated
    solar activity, and there is a chance to cause irritation or
    inflammation of the treated dermis. The best time for such a cosmetic
    procedures – autumn or winter.
  4. Peeling should be done in good light near the table.
    or shelves where all the necessary tools and
    facilities. An important safety rule when performing a procedure
    both in the cabin and at home, is unobstructed
    access to running cold water.

Result of lactic acid peeling

Milk peeling at home.

Incorrect and inappropriate use of this method
may lead to negative consequences.

Despite the fact that peeling with lactic acid is recognized as one of
the safest exfoliating methods in cosmetology, not
they should get involved. A year is usually 4-5 sessions. Not
need to resort to this method every time you just don’t
like the look of your skin or it seems that the pores are strong
clogged up. In these cases, compliance with a certain diet is sufficient.
and the use of appropriate cosmetic preparations. Not
disregard security measures and expert advice, then
homemade milk peeling prolongs
youth of your skin for a long time.

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