Miracle – masks and infusions for dry hair: simple and useful recipes

Most often, dry hair becomes brittle and sparse. therefore
need constant reinforcement. To do this, apply
a variety of infusions, compositions, which are based on oils
animal and vegetable origin.

After the bath

The most effective masks for dry curls

  1. Based on almond oil.

For this mask, you should warm up a little
the amount of oil from the almond, and then light massage movements
rub into the strands. Wear a waterproof hat or just
wrapped in cellophane head. After an hour or two you can wash your hair
in the usual way.

  1. Castor.

It is necessary to mix 3 tablespoons of castor oil with a few
drops of juice squeezed from lemon. Slightly heat the resulting
the mixture, rub it into the scalp, then distribute the curls.
To wrap the head with foil and additionally to warm with a woolen scarf.
Castor oil mask recommended
an hour (two) before washing the hair.

  1. Double power of oils.

To create such a fairly effective mask you need
Combine 3 tablespoons of almond and castor oil,
warm them up to a comfortable scalp temperature. Distribute
soft rubbing movements over the curls. In order to mask
It worked well, you need to wait a couple of hours. Then she
easily removed with water heated to 50 degrees.

  1. Peach – castor.

It will take two tablespoons of peach oil,
pour in a tablespoon of castor oil and cologne, add 10 drops
lemon juice. Mix everything thoroughly, heat it up a little. WITH
Spread the strands using massaging movements. Dress up
the cellophane warming hat. When two hours pass, head
wash with warm water.

  1. With corn oil.

For such a mask will need to combine one tablespoon
dried dioecious nettle, calendula flowers, chamomile. Received
the mixture must be filled with hot water (0.5 cups) and put on
water bath. Weary grass half an hour. Removed from the bath, leave
insist another hour at 25 degrees. Herbal infusion infused 5
tablespoons of corn oil. Ready mask recommended
distribute in curls for an hour or two before the proposed bathing.

  1. From the oil of burdock and arnica.

To create this mask connect a tablespoon of oil from
burdock, a similar amount of tincture of arnica, one yolk
eggs, a teaspoon of mayonnaise. Distribute the resulting composition to
hair, cover them with a hat. Withstand about an hour, then the mass
Rinse with water and a little vinegar. Treatment
dry hair should be held once a week, the course is one

  1. From medicinal chamomile flowers.

In a half glass of vegetable oil fall asleep handful
dried chamomile inflorescences. The mixture is placed in a glass
the container is tightly sealed. Clean for a week to insist.
When the mask is ready, it is slightly heated, applied to the strands.
An hour later, you can already wash your hair with water heated to 50 – 60

  1. Lanolin mask.

Required: 125 grams of lanolin, 50 ml of water chamomile
infusion. Everything mixes well, the mass is slightly heated, its
neatly spread and kept on the curls for about 15-20 minutes.
Then wash the hair with water heated to 40 degrees.

  1. Honey – castor.

In three tablespoons of castor oil pour a tablespoon of liquid
honey Heat slightly, then spread evenly over
curls. Wear a hat. For the full impact of the mask
wait 40 to 50 minutes, then wash the strands.

  1. Oily with the addition of honey.

You should take 3 tablespoons of honey and olive oil, all
mix thoroughly. The mass is slightly warmed up, then
evenly rubbed into strands. Warm the head, wearing a hat. Keep
mask should be 40 – 50 minutes. The procedure is recommended to perform 1
or 2 times a week.

  1. Cognac – honey.

It takes: a teaspoon of good brandy, honey, Iranian
henna. All components are thoroughly mixed and added to them.
one egg yolk. Mass again rubbed, rubbed into the hair and waiting
45 minutes. The head is warmed with polyethylene and a woolen scarf.
This mask perfectly feeds the curls, gives them a beautiful
copper shade.

  1. Nutritious.

Peel the onion and grate on a medium grater. In the onion gruel
pour a couple of dessert spoons of vegetable oil and a teaspoon
honey Mix everything thoroughly. The composition should be rubbed into the strands,
wait 40 minutes. Then put on a plastic hat, on top of it
– wool scarf. After the right amount of time the hair
washed This mask feeds and nourishes the dry curls with moisture.

  1. Firming.

This mask is used before washing your hair. For her
take a teaspoon of honey, brandy, butter from
olive fruit and one egg yolk. All components are thoroughly
stirred. The resulting composition is rubbed into strands. After 2 – 3 hours
head wash

  1. Oil – egg.

You should mix a tablespoon of burdock oil and yolk.
The composition is rubbed into the scalp, waiting for 50 minutes, after wearing
cellophane cap.

  1. Vodka – yolk.

Egg yolk, two tablespoons of vodka and the like are required.
amount of warm water. All well mixed. Mask hold 2 –
5 minutes, then rinse the head thoroughly.

  1. Wellness – firming.

It should take a couple of tablespoons of quality brandy, drive
go yolk one egg. The resulting mass is rubbed into the curls and
leave for 20 minutes. Mask heals, strengthens, returns
elasticity curls.

  1. Sour milk.

One of the simplest masks. But she is one of the most
effective. Slightly moistened strands are applied to yogurt or
sour milk. When 20 minutes have passed, the mask should be washed off.

  1. From yarrow.

It should take 2 tablespoons of yarrow, pour 200 ml
hot water, put in a water bath. Boil for 20-25 minutes.
Next, remove the broth and leave to insist a couple of hours. After
poured over a sieve into another container, put yolk into it
one egg. The composition is applied, gently rubbing into the scalp,
leave for 15 – 20 minutes. After this time, the hair
washed, then rinsed with herbal decoction.

  1. Regenerating.

You will need to put together a teaspoon of shampoo intended
specifically for dry hair, two tablespoons of olive oil and
castor oil The resulting composition is distributed evenly over the entire length.
strands. Warm the head with cellophane. After an hour or two you can
wash the hair.

  1. Dubovo – herbal.

Mix two tablespoons of the following dry ingredients: bark
oak, peppermint, field horsetail. Components poured half a liter
hot water, insist half an hour, then filter. Resulting
gruel should be applied to the strands, wear a warming cap and
wait 20 – 30 minutes. Then the curls are thoroughly washed,
rinse the remaining broth. Apply this effective remedy
can be once or twice a week. Read more about the remedies against
dry hair

  1. Oil – herbal mixture.

Required: a tablespoon of plantain leaf, 3 tablespoons
spoons of fresh dandelion leaves and inflorescences, on a teaspoon
radish juice and onion – turnip. This whole mixture is placed in a saucepan,
which add a glass of oil from the fruits of sea buckthorn. It is placed for
languor in a water bath. After 5 – 10 minutes, remove the pan,
cool for half an hour and rub into curls. After an hour you can wash your hair.
This procedure should be carried out twice a week for
a month or two.

  1. Smoothing mask.

It takes: one egg yolk, peach oil, brandy, henna, honey
(all ingredients for a teaspoon). All fray well,
smear strands, leave for half an hour or 40 minutes.

It should be remembered that to obtain consistent results, masks
should be done regularly. Then you can neutralize
exposure to adverse factors, and approximate the condition of the hair
to normal type. Dry hair is characterized by brittleness,
dimness, reduced sebum. The basic principle of their
nutrition and care is the restoration of normal fat

After using the masks, dry hair is washed using
special shampoos for this type with vitamin B extract,
silicone, keratin. Rinsing is carried out with herbal decoctions.
You can use egg yolk, honey and yeast, taken in
equal amount. Broken tips should be regularly
trim. Only a comprehensive impact will allow you to save
dry hair beautiful and well-groomed.

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