Mistakes in personal care that are not notice


Every woman wants to look good and tries to do for
that’s all. Daily care for an important part of life helps
keep the beauty and keeping in shape, however there are common
errors that simply do not know.

So that the efforts are not in vain and certainly not given
a negative effect is worth getting rid of erroneous actions.

Cosmetic errors

Use of unsuitable cosmetics, cosmetics not
on age, wrong and untimely drawing its drawing,
sleeping with cosmetics – all these actions are negatively negative
affect the condition of the skin. If you use the wrong cosmetics
for skin care, the problems that need to be addressed only
will increase.

In case of late use of skin cosmetics
pores become clogged, skin loses elasticity and normal color if
care concerns temperature extremes (skin care in the winter
time) do not apply protective equipment right before going on
the street, it will bring negative consequences.

The same goes for night creams. It is recommended to use them for 2-3
hours before bedtime. With early use age
cosmetics, premature skin aging may occur, since
it will stop producing the necessary substances on its own. Same
harmful to experiment or often change cosmetic

Skin cleansing

Too frequent scrubs or peels are harmful to the skin. Special
dry skin is susceptible to this, because of frequent cleansing
procedures become too vulnerable to bacteria,
ultraviolet light.

If the skin is oily, frequent procedures can exacerbate the problem.
The best option is considered to be cleaning procedures.
no more than two times a week.

Habit of touching your face

Some people have the habit of constantly touching their face.
It can be both reflex and conscious. However this
It is not recommended to do it, because it is on hand
accumulates a huge variety of microbes that
touch on the skin of the face, especially for those
anyone have any skin problems. |

Regular bed linen change

Here you bought a 2-bed linens online store
Moi-Tvoi.ru. But this is not enough. It is natural to change the bed
Laundry is important, however, not only in terms of hygiene. More often
the skin is in contact with the bedding, which can
bacteria appear, dead skin pieces remain.

Combing wet hair

This procedure most often leads to split ends of the hair.
It is worth wet hair with light movements (it is better not to press) and
wait a while until they dry out or use a hair dryer, and only
after that it is necessary to take up the comb.

And naturally, proper nutrition and good sleep are important. Maybe,
it seems insignificant, however if you neglect such
elementary things, the first thing that affects the state of the body
this is the look. Constant irritation, poor skin condition
first signs of poor health of the body.

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