Modern hair dye two flowers

dyeing hair in two colorsModern women have
unlimited possibilities for hair care and coloring. TO
They offer a huge arsenal of the highest quality paints from famous
world brands. There are many techniques that give appearance
expressiveness emphasizing attractiveness and hiding

Some women prefer
coloring in one color. Now popular
Coloring – hair coloring in two colors.

Types of staining

Conducting many experiments with hairstyles, testing on yourself
a variety of techniques and techniques, some women never
Find the right option. You can try a modern technique –
two-color coloring.

Hair dyeing in two colors can be done in the salon and in
home conditions, this includes several options. One of them –
use of one tone in different tint scale. Wherein
observed alternation of light and dark shades of the same

The hairstyle becomes unusual, lush, visually increases in
volume. To create a smooth transition the roots are stained in one
shade, tips – in another, sometimes only some of them are colored
strands, bangs. Create a more daring and extravagant image
consists in applying a contrasting hue transition. Very bright
looks like a combination of natural hair with unusual
shades of individual strands – green, blue, pink, purple.
Choose the type of paint should be on their own preference.

How to dye your hair in two colors?

You need to decide on the shades and purchase modern paint
for hair (2 tubes of one company) and proceed to coloring.
First, petroleum jelly cover the skin on the borders with a hair line in
Avoid heavy rubbing of paint stains after dyeing.
Next, you need to form strands. Those that are subject to
staining in a darker color, fixed with rubber bands or hairpins.
Then on the loose strands put a light shade.

tips on dyeing hair in two colorsAfter the time specified in
instructions attach to the paint, it is washed off, trying not to wet
elastic strands. Dyed strands need to get wet
towel, comb, blow dry, fix with hairpins or
rubber bands. Those that were previously removed are dissolved and applied to
them paint a dark shade. When time staining comes to
Finally, the paint is washed off, dried and combed.

Fashionable painting done. Improving the appearance enhances
self-confidence, uplifting, beautiful hairstyle
attracts the attention of the opposite sex, looks great on
a photo. A good hair dyeing in 2 colors can drastically
change the image and image, the hairstyle will look stylish and

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