Modern hairstyles for ballroom dancing: stylists recommendations

Hairstyle is of no small importance in the dance art.
She is like a cherry on the cake completes the image that
the dancer wants to get across to the viewer.

Hairstyles for ballroom dancing

On the other hand, an unfortunate styling may this image
to destroy. Therefore, the hairstyle is paid so much

  • 1 Features hairstyles for ballroom dancing
  • 2 Ball hairstyles for girls
  • 3 Requirements of the International Dance Federation
  • 4 How to create the desired image
    • 4.1 Hairstyles for ballroom dancing for short hair
    • 4.2 Options for medium length hair
    • 4.3 Tail laying
    • 4.4 Laying with a mesh
    • 4.5 Hairstyles for a long hair ballroom dancing tournament
    • 4.6 Corrugation
    • 4.7 Edging
    • 4.8 Bundle on smooth hair
    • 4.9 Shell
  • 5 Hairstyle for ballroom dancing for boys
    • 5.1 Men’s hairstyles
  • 6 Ballroom hairstyles and decorations

Features hairstyles for ballroom dancing

decorative hairstyles

Distinctive features:

  1. Severity
  2. Construction of bulky structures is excluded, the overhang is not
    locked strands, curls, excessive use
  3. The unity of style and compliance with the dance performed and
  4. Laying partners do in the same style.
  5. Compliance with the shape and type of person. So thin
    The stretched part is suitable for one side and a bang,
    laid on its side. A wide face visually lengthen hair,
    collected upstairs.
  6. Face as open as possible. Viewers need to see emotions.

Tip! Perfectly chosen hairstyle will help
remove too noticeable discrepancy in growth. If a man
much higher, your partner can be highly collected hair up. If a
the girl is taller, they make her understated styling, and a short young man
hair is lifted with a pile.

Ballroom hairstyles for girls

Ball hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for dancing young performers are subject to the same
requirements that styling adults. However, there are some nuances.
On the child will be inappropriate look numerous
weaving and massive accessories. Laying for the girl
should be as simple and elegant as possible.

These are the classic versions of a low-planted bun, beam,
seashells. Bangs are allowed if they are fixed with varnish. Stylish and
hair looks neatly from pre-curled and tucked
back hair or from braids.

These are the options “baskets”, “spikelets”, fixed
around the head. Prohibited hairpins with shiny

This video shows how to make a simple and beautiful haircut.
girl for ballroom dancing.

Requirements of the International Dance Federation

In competitions in ballroom dancing to hairstyles
participants apply additional restrictions.

Latin American dances

Girls under the age of 16 are prohibited from using
volume multi-level designs, decorative elements of
false hair, shiny varnishes.

Important! Older dancers allowed
more liberty in terms of hairstyles, but they should be avoided
unnecessary pretentiousness.

Young men of all ages are prescribed a short haircut.
Medium length hair is not prohibited, but it should
carefully collect in the tail.

How to create the desired image

Image of dancers

In the image of the dancers everything should be subject to the same style.
performed dance. Important role here play hairstyles partners.
You can learn how to create such masterpieces in studios
style or entrust this process to professionals.

Such images creates an image studio “Maximum”.

Hairstyles for ballroom dancing for short hair

It is extremely difficult to put short hair in a hairdress for dancing.
It is recommended before laying much comb hair,
having previously processed it with mousse or foam to create
volume. Then the hair is most often removed back, fixing varnish.
Sometimes distinct strands are separated in the zone.
ears, also securing them with varnish or gel.

Hairstyle for ballroom dancing

These hairstyles are more consistent with Latin American
the program. The main requirement for styling for short hair –
reliable fixation, because short strands can faster
disheveled when moving. But from the hair of this length can
create interesting and elegant hairstyles. This will help reliably
anchored original accessory in the style of dance performed.

Short hair is organically suited for modern
sports dance. For example, hairstyles for hip-hop dancing.
They are characterized by shaving off various patterns on the back of the head or

Medium length hair options

Medium length allows the master to fantasize and
apply other styling ideas. Cockleshell, bunches, tail, laying with
mesh – it all depends on what dance do

ballroom dancing

More stringent – seashells, bunches – relevant to European dances
programs. Latin American dances allow tail.


Laying in the form of a tail

How to create:

  1. Washed, undersized hair smoothed ironing.
  2. Straightened strands are fixed on the back of the head with a rubber band, which
    acts as an element of decor, so it can be in tune
    dress with beads, flowers or rhinestones.
  3. If a dancer has a bang, she is combed and laid on
    side or straight. It is important to fix it.
  4. From several curls or from the entire volume of the tail can be braided
    braid securing the tip to any trim
    element. The whole tail braid usually fits on
    circumference gum. Pigtails from individual strands are laid as
    curls and fasten with pins.

Attention! The classic tail produces
impression when it is made on long straight hair of one
size. That is why you certainly need to straighten strands carefully.
before laying.

With mesh

Laying with a mesh

Stages of work:

  1. The hair is collected in a bun or tail.
  2. Wrap it around the gum and fasten.
  3. On the resulting bun put on the mesh. On it can
    present decor corresponding to the executable
    to dance
  4. Profusely fix hair with lacquer.

Hairstyles for a long hair ballroom dancing tournament

Hairstyle for the tournament

In preparation for the performance of the laying of such a hair will require
long time and a lot of strength. Traditionally
in this case are considered to be seashells,
bundles, bunches or bunches.

Tip! Hair, like dance, better
rehearse. It is worth checking the stability of its fastening and
comfort in the dance in advance, and at the same time and set how many hours
will have to spend on styling. Such a check will enable
Easy to choose another option for any inconsistencies.

At the competition, participants are worried about many factors
therefore, stylish and reliable styling is bound to give
confidence rather than become a source of unrest and distract from

The video below shows how a beautiful hairstyle is performed on
ballroom dancing tournament.


Spectacular choice for the competition – hairstyle with curls
corrugation. Creates the illusion of a beautiful wave in styling. The size
curls and their density depends on the choice of tips for
tool. Hair with corrugation look gorgeous and highlight
their owners from the total mass.

Corrugated strands complement elegant elements.
with rhinestones and sparkles.

Hairstyle with curls corrugation


This technique allows you to create a chic volume that is important
for girls with light not thick hair. More often
used in the Latin American program.

Important! To achieve smoothness washed
hair is treated with foam and dried with a hairdryer. Then distribute the gel and
process with the hair dryer in the mode of cold air. Then again
cause the foam.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. In the frontal part of the stand out a triangle of strands, process them.
    powder for volume. Combing this area, fixing each strand
    varnish. Then collected and, supporting the beam, attached
    form. To do this, pull the strands and fix them.
  2. Curls from the temples are collected to the top, after processing them
    powdered. Shaped ribs with fingers and fixed with wax.
  3. Strands left untapped under the beam are pinned
    to the roller and form the ribs. Strand tips
    spread along the roller, creating a bundle and attaching it
    to the roller studs.
  4. Laying ready, you just need to fix it.

Hairstyle with ribs

Bundle on smooth hair

The optimal idea for all types of ball art –
traditional bundle. Its different variants are decorated with flagella.
from their own and artificial strands, straightened or curled

Positioned high on the crown, either on the back of the head, or below
occipital region.

Steps to create hair:

  1. The hair is combed and form a tail, tying at the head in
  2. You can wear a mesh and fix it. If the mesh is not
    use the bundle is secured with studs that can be
    decorated with any decorative
  3. To fix a varnish.

Bundle on smooth hair


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Hair combed, straightened with the help of an iron and
    cause gel.
  2. Divide hair into four parts horizontally and vertically. Of
    the lower strands twist the harness, give it the shape of a shell and
    fixed invisible.
  3. The parietal part of the hair is combed and spread on top.
    shells, fasten with hairpins.
  4. Wrap the shell strand from one temple, fix
  5. The second temporal lock is twisted in the form of a plait
    and fasten from the opposite edge.
  6. Fixing varnish.

This video describes the features of hairstyles for the ballroom.

Hairstyle for ballroom dancing for boys

Laying young dancers also subject to strict rules.
Significantly facilitates the task performed professionally.
base haircut. It should be short and strict.

Men’s hairstyles

Hair is treated with styling foam, then dried with a hair dryer on
maximum power.

Tip! Dry should be a nozzle with a narrow
a nozzle, so that instead of a volume not to get uncontrollable fluff.

With the help of a comb with double teeth designate the parting. Usually
it is made diagonally from the center of the eyebrow to the crown.
Comb with double teeth help to maintain volume.

Hairstyle dance partner

Bangs comb and laid on its side, gel form strands.

Relevant and hairstyles without parting. All hair combed
back and fasten with varnish.

Youngsters who wear long hair should put them in
neat tail, while also fix

This video shows one of the variants of the hairstyle partner ballroom

Ballroom hairstyles and decorations

Competitions sports and ballroom dancing – always a holiday. Feeling
joyful events are designed to highlight the decorations with
rhinestones, pearls, feathers. Large selection of ridges
ribbons, sequins, headbands, artificial flowers will help
create a unique image for the dancer.

The photo shows an image created by image agency stylists.
“Chursina Style”.

Image Agency

Experienced masters will show step by step how to make and how to decorate
hairstyle for ballroom sports. There is a huge
the number of decorations from artificial curls – overhead
braids, harnesses that you can pick up
in the color of your hair.

on the floor

For volume, you can use artificial strands and hairpieces. But
care must be taken that these elements do not overload
an image, and the hair did not look too bulky.

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