Modern methods of hair care: lamination, carving, keratin care

healthy hairIt was always believed that
healthy and well-groomed hair is the first sign of beauty for
girls with any haircuts and hairstyles. Now in order to
hair had a healthy shine, manufacturers of the beauty industry
more and more new methods and methods are being invented. Lamination –
one of the newest methods of fighting for beautiful hair, besides
care for laminated hair does not require much difficulty. Also
Carving and keratin straightening are popular.

What is the essence of the lamination procedure?

Many companies focus on such care products.
hair that give instant results. However it is worth noting
that most often in such means contains a lot of harmful
silicone, which can and gives effect on the day, but later
the hair begins to deteriorate. There are more complex ways
Achieving beautiful and healthy hair is lamination. Essence of this
The procedure is to create a protective film that
envelops every hair, smoothing out all the irregularities in his

The peculiar coating is able to give a well-groomed look to the hair,
extra volume and give lively shine.

However, the main advantage of this method of hair care –
protect them from aggressive environmental influences such as
environmental pollution, ultraviolet radiation, dry air in
indoors during the heating season.

It is also worth noting that lamination protects against water salts.
from the aqueduct, which are also harmful to the hair follicles. If a
leaving after lamination correct, the effect remains not less
of the month.

What effect to expect from lamination?

beautiful hairAfter lamination procedure
hair becomes elastic, their elasticity increases, appears
lively healthy shine. Also the volume increases by 10-12%, and this
very good indicator.

Lamination is a procedure designed to preserve
laying even under adverse weather conditions. This happens for
due to the fact that the protective film does not allow the hair to absorb moisture and
thereby losing shape.

Another positive thing about lamination,
is color fastness. No remedy can give such
effect like lamination procedure. Paint molecules are held
film and not washed out for a long time.

Among other things, such a nuisance as
electrification also disappears by itself after this
procedures. Most of all the relevance of lamination is gaining in
the cold season, when wearing warm clothes with often large
amount of synthetics, which leads to electrification.

Keratin hair care: benefits

Compared with chemical straightening, keratin
smoothing has several advantages. First, the composition of the
funds are based on a large amount of natural
keratin – up to 42%. It also does not contain formaldehydes, which
dangerous to human health.

Secondly, keratin care is not a chemical process, then
there are disulfide bonds inside the hair are not destroyed. Excessive
fluffiness disappears, strands acquire a sparkling shine.

Another advantage of this procedure is
that keratin hair care does not require much effort, and the effect
lasts from three months to six months.

Thirdly, keratin smoothing can be repeated, and by
This hair will improve. Split ends are sealed,
because often they spoil the whole look.

After various procedures using chemistry, the hair is very
spoil, and keratin straightening moisturizes them. Also worth
note that the styling time after keratin smoothing
significantly reduced.

Just as with lamination, with keratin smoothing
increased color fastness if previously done
staining. If your tips get really bad, the effect of
keratin care will be more noticeable.

Carving to create a romantic image with shiny

Many girls are in search of means and ways to
straightening your hair, but there are those who are tired of their
straight strands and they dream of romantic curls and funny

Just for this category of girls there is a new and more
safe than conventional chemistry is carving.

Beauty industry makers who discovered this method and
offer such a procedure in their salons, claim that carving
– This is a procedure that will suit absolutely everyone. Main
The advantage of carving over conventional chemistry is to
The safety of the composition means for your hair.

Carving can only affect the surface layer, which
also called scaly. In fact, carving is a long-term
styling, the effect of which lasts 4-8 weeks.

Chemical products are not used for carving, therefore
hair health, this procedure is not affected.

Care after carving is practically reduced to zero, hair
you just need to comb and shake hands to restore

Also carving is suitable for any type of hair, and it can be
use if they are colored or stained.

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