Molecular hair straightening – the pros and cons, 19 photos, care after the procedure

Daily stacking inevitably leads to
significant hair damage. Thanks to a one-time procedure.
molecular straightening, the fair sex can
allow yourself to enjoy smooth, obedient for six months
and shiny curls.

What is molecular hair straightening?

The content of the article:

  • What is molecular hair straightening?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Effect after the procedure, photo before and after
  • How is the procedure?
  • Price in the cabin
  • Reviews
  • How to do at home
  • Necessary funds
  • Care after the procedure
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Frequently asked Questions

Molecular hair straightening is a unique
the technique of long-term hair alignment at the molecular level.
The secret of such a straightening is that the hair
literally memorize at the molecular level the even position and
retain the resulting shape.

The substances used are natural and protect
strands. The basis of this rectification is a creamy substance,
which performs the key function.

History of creation

Like many other hair straightening methods,
molecular alignment was developed in
Japan Very quickly it spread in Europe
and America, where manufacturers of professional tools have already improved
available formulations and significantly expanded the proposed

Indications and contraindications

Molecular hair straightening is recommended in
following cases:

  • You have curly and thick hair that is difficult to
  • Head of hair needs to add extra shine.
  • Hair requires long-term straightening. girl looks at hair

Before applying this procedure, clients should
consult a qualified technician. Worth
pay attention to the following contraindications:

  • Significant damage to the hair structure as a result
    previous procedures (highlighting, coloring, chemical
  • The presence of wounds, rashes and inflammations on the scalp.
  • Significant hair loss.

Advantages and disadvantages

Molecular hair straightening has several advantages
compared with other straightening methods:

  • The formulations applied gently affect the
  • Strands become even without losing
    its volume and pomp.
  • The special composition changes the hair structure by
    molecular level.
  • The result of straightening is different.
  • After molecular straightening, the hair does not need much
    thorough care.
  • Due to the significant saturation of hair moisture disappears
    problem of dry tips.
  • Provides health benefits for
    through use in the compositions of amino acids, essential oils and
    extracts of healing herbs. girl with beautiful hair

Despite a number of significant advantages, this procedure
There are also disadvantages:

  • Pretty high cost. But,
    the effect achieved fully justifies the price.
  • The presence of contraindications.

! Important | It is necessary to remember that the implementation
molecular straightening on fragile and weak hair, soon
will require intensive strand recovery. If hair often
subjected to negative chemical influences, this procedure
worth deferring. Still going to do molecular
straightening? Yes

Effect after the procedure, photo before and after

After molecular straightening, curls become more
smooth, docile and silky. They gain healthy shine
and pleasant elasticity. The effect after the procedure is usually preserved.
from three to six months. Hair before and after the procedure Hair before and after the procedure Hair before and after the procedure Hair before and after the procedure

This technique is a great opportunity.
get rid of annoying curls and waves and recover
damaged hair structure.

How is the procedure?

The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Hair thoroughly washed and combed.
  2. Apply special structure to wet clean hair. is he
    distributed over the entire length, from root to tip.

With the help of a special technique of using the ironing or hair dryer strands
ideally level (until they are completely dry).
girl wash her hair

The means used for this method of hair straightening
free from formaldehyde, they contain natural care products

  • Amino acids aimed at recovery
    protein basis hair – they provide strength and locks
  • Urea, ceramides and glycerin,
    restoring normal lipid balance of hair.
  • Cyclodextrin, which improves the structure of hair and
    protecting them from the effects of negative external influences (for example,
    from heat treatment).
  • Special oils that can make hair much
    softer and smoother.

The duration of the procedure, on average, does not exceed two

Price in the cabin

The cost of molecular straightening in the cabin depends
on the length of your hair and the cost of the master on the necessary materials. AT
On average, clients spend on the procedure no more than 6000 – 7000



A few reviews with


How to do at home

Molecular straightening can be carried out not only in the cabin, but also
at home.

First, wash your hair with shampoo and lightly dry it. Beginning
at the back of the head, separate small strands of a width not exceeding 3 cm and
Apply the agent for molecular straightening, distributing it over
the entire length of the hair. Do not apply a large amount of the composition.

After you have applied the agent to each strand, heat it up.
iron up to 180 degrees, and separating the narrow curls, spend on them
ironing It’s enough just to iron your hair, no
need to heat them for a long time.

When your curls are worked out iron and nutrients already
sealed inside each hair to remove excess residue
means for straightening you can wash your hair with shampoo. Dry
hair dryer and enjoy the brilliance and health of their hair. Where
are you going to do molecular straightening?

Necessary funds

One of the most effective means for straightening is considered
komplekc Lebel Plia relaxer. As the main acting
products, products of the Japanese manufacturer offers a special
cream. His formula straightens strands, recognizes damaged hair.
and restores them.

The duration of the effect after applying this method
straightening depends on the structure of the hair, usually
the result lasts from three to six months. Thanks
lack of cumulative effect eliminates the risk of oversaturation
hair keratin. Thus, the strands will be deprived of unpleasant
stiffness and gravity.

Belita Vitex Filler

This product is recommended for the care of damaged and
naughty hair, it creates an instant effect
smoothing hair and increase shine.

The core product includes smart protein, which
thanks to innovative technology instantly penetrates the core
hair and eliminates existing problems from the inside. Natural
polysaccharides envelop the surface of each hair special
film that resists all sorts of external influences.
Belita Vitex Filler

A complex of amino acids is aimed at restoring the hair cuticle,
and hyaluronic acid moisturizes the scalp and nourishes the hair

The tool must be kept on the hair for 15 minutes. For
prolong the effect, after washing the head can also be used
spray – a primer that enters the line of funds for molecular
hair straightening of this manufacturer.

Care after the procedure

A few days after the procedure, it is recommended to apply
moisturizing mask based on vegetable oils (olive or
burdock). During the month should use regularly
special shampoo and conditioner, whose action is directed
on prolonging the effect of straightening. Do not dry often
hair dryer because lack of moisture can lead to dryness and
hair will find annoying fluffiness again. hair care

It is advisable to purchase care products from the same manufacturer.
as the composition for straightening. Also not recommended to do tight
tail and similar hairstyles, wear hats for the first
three days after the procedure. It is worth refraining from using
styling products.

It is necessary to dye hair one month before straightening or after
one month after the procedure, as the oils included in the product
for molecular straightening, can change the color of the stain.

Analogs and similar procedures

A popular method of hair straightening is also
keratinization Keratin penetrates the hair structure and fills
existing voids and cracks. However, the most expensive
professional tools often contain a synthetic analogue
natural keratin, which only creates the effect of healthy hair,
but can not affect their damaged structure.

Another effective straightening method is considered
Lamination of hair. Special hair is applied to wet hair.
composition, which forms a protective film, curls are dried
hair dryer and they again put a special composition. At the end of the procedure
the effect is fixed by another solution. Hair becomes
shiny and soft, the result lasts for a month.

! Important | Before the procedure must be paid
attention to the composition of the means used, as some of them
may contain formaldehyde.

Frequently asked Questions

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

How often do you need to do the procedure and how long does it take

Experts recommend not to repeat the procedure more than 1 time
in 3 – 4 months. An important part of hair care
is the supervision of an experienced specialist who can advise
and assign the procedure as needed.

The effect of molecular straightening is maintained from 3 to
6 months.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?

Molecular alignment of hair is not recommended during
gestation time.

What is the difference between molecular straightening and permanent

Permanent straightening is considered one of the most
harmful procedures for hair, as it is performed when
the use of compounds with a high content of chemical reagents
(for example, alkaline elements). And in the composition of the rectifier
with molecular straightening, only natural, natural
rectifiers, so that the procedure becomes completely
harmless, and the scalp and hair follicles do not suffer from
negative impact.

Recently, molecular straightening has become increasingly
popular procedure. Thanks to this method, not only
hair straightening of any structure, but also significant therapeutic
exposure and hair restoration to the level of natural

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