Multi-colored hair coloring ombre – photo, pros and cons, technology, popular types and price

Ombre is one of the most popular coloring techniques today. AT
the classic version of the painting uses natural tones, and
the dark shade on the roots smoothly turns into a light shade on the tips. But
Recently, many other varieties of this
technology. Girls who like to experiment and not
afraid to stand out from the crowd, like the color version
ombra, for which most can be used
non-trivial shades and their combinations. Color Ombre

Specificity of color ombre technique

The content of the article:

  • Specificity of color ombre technique
  • Pros and cons of colored ombre
  • Popular varieties of colored ombre
  • Popular types of color ombre
  • What is the average price for a colored ombre
  • How to make a color ombre at home
  • How to care for hair after dyeing
  • Staining tips and tricks

Ombre color variations help to give an interesting look even
the most inconspicuous hair. The technique is much more gentle,
than ordinary full staining. She looks unusual and
beautifully, gives the opportunity to add hair volume and texture.

Paint can be applied only on the tips or distributed over
the entire length. If the strands are dark, then most likely you will need
pre clarify them. It is possible to use both
and two or more colors. Girls who are not sure
the desired result, experts advise to experiment with
color ink or crayons. Where are you going to do
ombre? DomaIn the cabin

Pros and cons of colored ombre

Such a technique as ombre color, has a lot

  • Painting gives unlimited possibilities for
    experiments. You can use multiple tones smoothly.
    crossing into each other, or contrasting shades.
  • Ombre – more gentle technique than full
  • With such a hairstyle, you are guaranteed not to be left without
    attention. You can create a bright image, even if your color
    hair is very simple and ugly.
  • Color Ombre can correct oval flaws.
    persons and focus on its merits
  • It is ideal for bold and creative.
    ladies who love experiments.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is also worth highlighting some of the disadvantages:

  • Dark hair needs to be lightened beforehand, which can
    to injure.
  • A multi-colored ombre is quite difficult to perform, and fully
    Only an experienced master can handle it.
  • This type of painting is not suitable for business women and will not fit into
    dress code.

Popular varieties of colored ombre

Multicolored bright ombre can be performed in different techniques.
Most commonly used are the following types.

One shade staining

The easiest option – coloring curls in one color tone.
What it will be, depends only on your imagination: red, blue,
mint – everything your heart desires. Brunettes stylists advise
choose red or purple gamut, blondes – pastel
shades. Coloring in one shade

Coloring in two shades

This technique makes a smooth transition from the main color.
hair to bright ends. And the color at the roots can be left
natural or also make color. The safest
option – to paint in the desired color only the ends of the strands and understand
does it suit you Coloring in two shades

Multicolor Ombre

An option for bold girls – ombra using three or more
colors that blend seamlessly into each other. Can
use related shades or choose a contrast
gamma. Multicolor Ombre

Highlight Ombre

With this technique can be painted not only the bottom
hair, but also the top. Its feature in the combination of several tones,
creating beautiful strands on the strands. Sometimes combined
completely unexpected shades: pink and mint, blue and fuchsia,
red and purple and so on. Highlight ombre

Popular types of color ombre

Color Ombre – a bold option, and that its result
you are not disappointed, you need to choose the right color
gamma. To do this, consider the original color and length

For black and dark hair (brunettes)

Dark hair can look good any tone. Can
pay attention to the range of red, purple, blue.
Blue-blue palette will suit girls with rich black
hair Brunettes first need to lighten hair.
This procedure is quite traumatic, and it is better to entrust it.
a professional For black and dark hair (brunettes)

Here are some stylish options that you can use on
dark hair:

  • You can use two saturated tones, making between
    they have a sharp border. For example, it will look beautiful
    combination of chocolate and violet tint.
  • A bold option for blue-black hair – the transition
    purple to red, and after – to yellow.
  • Color ombre on dark hair goes well with
    layered haircuts. The base can be burgundy or
    saturated red, and the tips will be crimson.
  • Gentle staining – transition from chocolate-violet to
    pastel pink on the tips. It will be beautiful
    Look if the original hair color is black.
  • On dark brown hair looks interesting
    partial toning turquoise.

For fair hair

Blondes can experiment with pastel colors.
pink, blue, lilac, mint. In classic
The ombre variant has tips that are lighter than the roots, but this is not necessary
rule of You can, on the contrary, create a transition from the blond at the roots to
saturated bright tips. But it is important that the colors harmonize
between themselves. For fair hair

It is worth noting some interesting ideas for blond hair:

  • Pearl Ombra looks cool in the cold
    shades. Platinum can be combined with soft blue
  • Warm blond blends well with tones of pink,
    and you can do not only a classic transition, but also
    highlighting large or small strands.
  • Cold blonde blends beautifully with turquoise.
  • On light hair with a warm sheen you can do
    a sharp transition to red or copper tips.
  • To create a gentle and fabulous image you can
    focus on lavender and lilac shades.

For blond hair

On light brown hair look delicate shades of pink and
blue, strawberry, peach and even greenish tones. But important
consider that colored strands in contrast with the blond can look
is dirty. To avoid this, use either pastel,
or neon shades. For blond hair

For red hair

Red ombre color is perfect for red hair, and
You can use one or several shades that are similar between
by myself. You can also experiment with yellow, orange,
pink, purple tones. For red hair

For blonde

Bright pastel shades look beautiful on blondes.
You can use pink, purple, blue gamma. And
the lighter the original tone, the lighter the
used for ombre dyes. For Blonde

For brown hair

Girls with brown hair, like brunettes, usually
pre-clarification required. Chestnut shade
ideally complements the range of pink, purple, red. And these
colors are good not only individually, but also in combination.
for chestnut

For long hair

The greater the length of the hair, the more variations of coloring
you can try on them. It is on long-haired girls
looks amazing multitonal coloring with the use of three
and more colors. They can be both contrasting and similar.
For example, the transition from black at the roots to
soft blue on the tips through purple. For long hair

For medium length hair

Medium length haircuts, such as a bob or cascade, are bright
staining will also be appropriate, especially if they are supplemented
elongated asymmetrical bangs. The best option –
use two or three shades. You can paint
only tips. Color ombre on dark hair with medium length
allows the use of the brightest neon tones. Blondes
it is better to prefer more gentle options. For hair with bangs

For short hair

The shorter the hair, the less colors you need to use.
Owners of short creative haircuts bright ombre will help
make the image even more unusual. Create full transitions in
this case is quite difficult, but you can select individual bright
strands at the face or paint the tips. Color Ombre on
short blond hair is often done using blue,
purple, red tones. For short hair

On short haircuts it looks interesting to an ombra with a clear
border, emphasizing the line of the cheekbones. Suitable
An option for this length can be a special ombre brush
with five levels of villus length. Thanks to her can
create unusual smooth transitions, which, given the small
hair length will be hard to create in the usual way.

For hair with bangs

Long asymmetric bangs can be painted separately in the technique
ombre An interesting option – when its color coincides with the tone
tips. Short bangs can not touch at all and leave this
the same color as the roots, or dye it and strand the face in one and
the same tone. For medium length hair

What is the average price for a colored ombre

The cost of colored ombre depends on the length of the hair, the amount
colors, complexity of coloring. The average price is
about 4,000-5,000 rubles, although multi-colored paint can cost
much more expensive. cost

How to make a color ombre at home

A more economical option is home coloring. Of course he and
more risky, so it is important to choose the right paint and make
all according to the instructions. Consider how to make a colored ombre at home.
How to make a color ombre at home

If the strands require pre-clarification, its
Better to do a couple of weeks before color painting, and then apply
rejuvenating and moisturizing masks. So curls better
will suffer a repeated effect on them chemical compounds.

Do not wash immediately before painting.
head So the desired color will take better.

What is required

For home colored staining you need to prepare
The following tools and materials:

  • the dye of the selected color (one or more);
  • gloves (colors separate for each color);
  • comb with a tail;
  • foil;
  • scissors.

tools for highlighting

How to apply dye

The paint application procedure is as follows:

  • First you need to collect strands in the tail.
  • To make the transition more smooth, make bouffant.
  • The dye must be prepared according to the instructions immediately before
    by drawing.
  • Foil is put under the tail, then paint is applied, and hair
    wrapped around
  • Paint exposure time is usually 35-40 minutes, but accurate
    period you need to look at the instructions.
  • Then the dye is washed off with shampoo, nourishing is applied

How to apply dye

How to care for hair after dyeing

Color staining requires special care, as the color is fast
washed out. To keep the shade firmness and health of the curls,
follow these guidelines:

  • Choose a series of quality products for the care of painted
  • Regularly use face masks for nourishment and recovery.
  • Do not wash your hair every day – it is better to do it every 2-3 days.
    So the color will wash out more slowly.
  • For washing it is worth using warm, but not hot water. In the end
    you can rinse the strands with cool water – this will provide them
    extra shine and smoothness.
  • Try not to get involved in hair dryers, irons, curls and other
    thermal instruments. They dry out and spoil the hair.
  • To maintain the color you can use tint balsams and
    tinting agents.

hair care

Staining tips and tricks

If you decide to color the ombra, in addition
Consider these tips:

  • It is recommended to use only professional
  • Before staining it is important to test for allergic
    the reaction.
  • Do not dye your hair if it is weak and damaged.
    First, it is better to restore them to the nursing procedures and
    quality tools, and only then experiment with
  • If there are irritations and wounds on the skin
  • To add volume to a hairstyle, you can paint the roots in more
    dark color.
  • Do not combine more than 3-4 shades, especially if you
    chose home coloring.
  • The ends of the hair should be trimmed before dyeing. Bright
    colors can draw attention to any imperfections of the hairstyle,
    so it must be perfect.
  • You can do without lightening only with blonde or
    light blond hair. In other cases, the desired color without him
    just will not take it.
  • If you want to make the most gentle natural transition,
    You can do without foil. In this case, the paint is applied step by step.
    on each strand with a brush. The face has a border of colors
    shift slightly higher relative to the occipital part.
  • If you want to get a noticeable border, use foil and
  • In addition to persistent dyes, you can use tint.
    facilities. They have a gentle effect and quite quickly.
    washed away, allowing experimentation. It is easy to use them:
    bleached strands can be painted with a brush either directly
    gloved hands, while adjusting the beginning and smoothness
  • There are even less resistant means: crayons, shadows, sprays,
    powder, mascara for hair. Using them, you can not worry about
    the result – if you don’t like it, just wash your hair.
  • To dye your hair yourself is quite difficult. Special
    this applies to the occipital and parietal parts of the head. To painting
    It turned out quality, you can ask for help from someone from
    close ones.

Color Ombre – the choice of those who love attention and bold
experiments. Hair dyed this way will definitely be yours.
business card. Correct selection of colors and compliance
staining technology will help to get a great result.

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