Mustard hair mask: “-Gorchichki? “Yeah!”

mustard hair maskMustard hair masks started
applied for a long time, almost from the moment when people
came up with mustard. What is so attractive was the mask for
mustard-based hair, especially for female? The fact,
that mustard stimulates intense hair growth and is also
antiseptic, antibacterial agent. Thanks to these
the qualities of the mask and on the basis of mustard are widely used to this
day applied in cosmetology.

Operating principle

But why exactly mustard contributes to more intensive growth
hair. Why, for example, not sour cream or some tomato
the juice?

The fact is that mustard improves blood circulation, including
and near the roots of the hair. And this, as we know, affects
follicles responsible for hair growth. The process of “growing” hair
starts to take place more intensely.


However, before making recommendations regarding mustard
masks for hair growth, you should make a few warnings
concerning the negative aspects of using mustard for
“growing” your own hair.

First, using a mustard mask inadvertently, you can
to get dandruff, and not as a one-time unpleasant moment, but as
its long and chronic presence on the scalp. “What
the connection between mustard and dandruff? “- you ask. And the connection is very
simple. After all, it is mustard when carrying out the procedure
masks dry enough skin. And this is precisely
the main cause of dandruff and skin dryness.

Secondly, deciding to try a hair mask based on
mustard, you have to be prepared for painful and not very pleasant sensations,
especially burning sensation. The fact is that the mustard mask, absorbed into
skin, activates the circulatory system and thereby has
warming action. Very often it is this warming.
the action of the head leads to a burning sensation on the skin. Small or at
least a tolerable burning sensation should be taken as the norm. But if the head
it becomes unbearably hot, then such a mask should be immediately
wash off. Otherwise, you can get burned. Because of this “hot”
effect reviews on a mustard hair mask is not always

Third, keep a mustard powder mask on
head should be no more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, the benefits may turn
negative in the form of scald or severe drying of hair.
In order to avoid the latter, before applying the mask itself, hair can be
need to grease with warm oil: olive or coconut. Also
sunflower or peach oil.

And finally, fourthly, before trying to get a result
from the mustard hair mask, it is necessary to do a trial procedure,
holding the mask on the hair for no more than 3-5 minutes, so as not to get
negative effect in the form of allergies.

Mustard Mask Recipes

1. The most simple hair mask based on mustard powder –
it is mustard diluted in warm water and brought to consistency
not liquid and not thick, so that you can freely apply it to

2. Another simple recipe for a mustard hair mask is
mustard mask with yeast. For its preparation is necessary
dilute 1 tablespoon of yeast in 50 milliliters of water, add
50 milliliters of milk and two teaspoons of honey. Mix well
and leave to ferment for half an hour. After that, you need to breed one
tablespoon of mustard in warm water and add to already
prepared mixture of yeast and honey. The result should be
Not thick, but also non-liquid mass that needs to be rubbed into the scalp.
After the procedure, the mask should be washed off with a large amount of

3. Mustard mask with the addition of aloe juice. For her cooking
will need:

egg – 1 pc .;

mustard powder – 1 tablespoon;

aloe juice – 1 tablespoon;

Cognac – 2 tablespoons:

cream – 2 tablespoons (or non-greasy sour cream for fatty

olive (sunflower) oil (for dry and brittle hair) – 1

You must take the egg and separate the white from the yolk. After to the yolk
you need to add all the listed ingredients in the specified amount
and mix the mixture well. The mask is ready. With
applying it is necessary to rub it well into the hair roots. Besides
Mustard Powder Mask contains many nutritious emollients
ingredients, the poet can leave it on his head for 20-30
minutes After – thoroughly rinse with shampoo for the appropriate type.

4. Mustard mask for hair with lemon. Before as
use this recipe is worth considering that this mask
pretty tough. However, its impact is very favorable.
will affect greasy hair. Indeed, besides mustard, the mask contains
lemon juice – citric acid in its natural form. She is serious
degreases hair, so for dry and brittle hair, such a mask
contraindicated. However, if you do not add lemon juice to the mask,
while leaving the other ingredients, it will be useful for dry
hair type.

To make this mask you will need:

mustard powder – 1 tablespoon;

wheat flour – 1 tablespoon;

honey – 1 tsp;

lemon juice – 2 tsp;

kefir or yogurt – 2 tablespoons.

Mustard powder, diluted in warm water, must be mixed
with all ingredients in the specified amount. Should turn out
homogeneous thick mass. Do not keep the mask applied for a long time.
due to the citric acid content. 5-10 minutes mask can
wash off with shampoo for the appropriate hair type.

When making any hair mask based on mustard
Powder must be considered that it is impossible to brew mustard. In that
case it becomes poisonous to the skin. Mustard powder needed
exactly diluted in moderately warm water

All masks are alike, but differ in degree.
exposure intensity.

After applying any mustard mask, hair should be washed.
water more carefully than usual. Better to do it not only under
shower, but additionally rinse hair in a container with water.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that for all procedures use
mustard powder follows, but by no means ready food
mustard This product is best used for its intended purpose, that is,
eat up

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