Natural dyes for healthy hair

natural hair dyesToday, any woman
can change the color of their curls – give them a light shade or
even change the color drastically. For this there are many
various synthetic paints from many manufacturers. but
Many of them contain a large number of harmful components:
ammonia, strong alkalis, which spoil the hair. Exactly
so lately many women have begun to pay attention to
unfairly faded into the background natural dyes for

Features of the use of natural remedies

Let them not offer the fair sex
such a large palette of shades, like synthetic dyes, but
besides the coloring itself, will serve as an additional means
strengthen hair, improve their structure and eliminate dandruff without
bringing no harm. Natural dyes used
most often, are henna and basma. In addition, hair coloring can
perform using onion peel, rhubarb, buds and linden leaves,
Pharmacy chamomile, black tea, lemon, etc.

Natural hair coloring was practiced by the ancients.
barbers who knew how to get different
shades on the hair. Hair coloring with natural dyes
somewhat peculiar: the same natural paint can lead
to completely different results on different hairs, depending on
what natural pigments hair contains, how thick it is,
structure, as well as individual susceptibility to dyes.
Because of this particular wizard is recommended before coloring
all the hair according to your favorite recipe, do not rely entirely on
reviews, and try to paint on one strand. So it will be possible
see what the result will be, and if necessary
adjust recipe.

Hair dyeing with basma and henna


Henna is obtained from dried leaves of lausonia, it has long been
It was used not only as a natural paint, but also as a medical
means. Using this dye, you can achieve a variety of bright
shades, get not only golden colors, but also black.
henna staining time does not penetrate the middle of the hair, and envelops
its film protects from external influences, it smoothes
scales and makes curls more elastic, thick, shiny.
Hair after such staining looks healthy. Besides, in
As a result, they will harden and grow faster.

Henna is used as an independent dye or mixed
with other means: karkade, coffee, black tea, saffron,
chamomile, etc. This natural color can have a different
result depending on henna additions, original color and time
excerpts. On light hair, the product in its pure form will give a bright
carrot red tint. For dark hair, the result will be
beautiful reddish tint.

To give the hair a light chestnut tone in henna can
add strong black tea extract. For a darker shade in
this mixture can add pounded leaves of rhubarb. If cook
a mixture of henna and cranberry juice, hair coloring will result in
mahogany color. The same effect can be obtained by mixing henna with
slightly warmed by a cahors. If in this mixture pour broth from
nut leaves, get chocolate shade.


Basma – natural black paint, which is obtained from the plant
indigofer Thanks to Basma you can achieve several shades.
In addition, it contains substances that improve
circulatory circulation in the scalp
dandruff, strengthen the roots. Basma makes hair more elastic,
strong, shiny and smooth. This tool is the same as henna,
does not do any harm to hair – does not break their structure and
natural pigment.

Basma without additives is not recommended because
may give your hair a green or blue tint. Most often her
mixed with henna, sometimes with coffee. Combining basma with henna in various
proportions, you can get different shades – from warm blonde to
black. So, mixed in different proportions, they will give light brown
shade. If you first stand on the hair for an hour henna,
then rinse and apply for 2 hours to Basma, you can get a burning black
Colour. Naturally, the result will depend not only on proportions.
components of such a mixture, but also from the original color.

It should be borne in mind that after staining with such natural
dyes like henna and basma, later dyeing with synthetic
Dyes and perm are not desirable.

Other natural dyes


For dyeing curls in chestnut color is taken shell
(fresh or dried) green nuts. Peel crushed in
blender or grinder and mixed with water so that it turned out
mass consistency sour cream. This mixture is aged on the hair.
about 20 minutes. And with the crushed shells need to work
be careful, be sure to use it with water, because in a clean
it can cause a burn due to its high content


Chamomile is suitable for giving light golden shades of light
hair. The desired effect can be obtained if, after washing just
rinse the hair with chamomile decoction. After this procedure, blonde
Curls will get the effect of slightly burned out in the sun. Thanks
rinsing chamomile hair will become more obedient, shiny and
silky. For bleaching natural black hair on
a few tones in a cold decoction made from 100 g of chamomile and
0.3 liters of water, you need to add 50 ml of peroxide. This composition hair
need to lubricate and leave on the head for 30-40 minutes, then rinse
shampoo product.


Applying rhubarb, you can give beautiful shades of blond hair.
When rinsing it with a decoction, the curls will be brown with copper
low tide. If a small amount of white is added to the broth
dry wine, hair will be light brown.

Black tea

With the help of black tea you can dye your brown hair brown.
tones with a reddish tinge. To get the desired effect,
it is necessary to prepare the brew, add to 200 ml of boiling water 3
tablespoons of tea and boil the product obtained. Then apply
This composition on curls and leave for an hour.

Having added cocoa powder or coffee solution in equal to such a brew
proportions, and putting the composition on the hair for several days in a row, you can
dye it in chestnut or brown even gray hair.


With the help of lemon hair can be lightened by 1 tone and more.
To prepare the dye, lemon juice should be mixed with vodka in
equal proportions. The resulting solution is applied to wet
hair and dry them in the sun, then rinse
shag water.


Linden suitable for dyeing hair in brown and brown
shades. For cooking means you need 8 tablespoons
flowers that need to pour 2 cups of water, boil until
weight does not decrease by half, evaporate the composition. After this means
slightly cooled, filtered, applied to hair and
aged to obtain the desired color.

Onion Husk

hair acquired a bright golden hue, after each washing them
can be rinsed with a decoction of onion peel. To make it
you need to take 30-40 g of husk, pour it with water (200 ml is enough),
boil, cool and strain. After this procedure
It is recommended to dry the curls without a hairdryer.

For a golden brown tone on the hair in
chilled broth should be added glycerin (2 teaspoons). Decoction
onion peel will strengthen hair and will promote their growth.

How to apply natural dyes for hair?

Hair dyeing with natural dyes – henna and basma – not
constitutes nothing complicated. They are applied to hair like
ordinary cream paint with a brush, sponge or just your hands.
After applying the entire mixture of head you need to wrap the cellophane
wrap, and on top of a thick towel. Depending on the desired
result time may vary from 20 minutes to
a few hours: the more the composition will be on the hair,
the brighter the color is. Dyeing black hair for easy
shade, it is necessary to withstand the composition of at least an hour.

Rinse off these dyes with warm water and shampoo
recommended not earlier than the next day to the result of staining
entrenched. As regards infusions and decoctions, to obtain
the desired shade may require several procedures, so in
this business is worth the patience. The same means can
subsequently used as rinsing agents that will not
only fix color, but also heal hair.

Natural hair coloring is a wonderful way to refresh color,
give a unique natural shade. In addition, this procedure
will make the hair more well-groomed, so that any woman
can change its image without bringing any health to hair

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