Natural hair styling, cooked at home

All purchased hair styling products have long been quite
everyday goods for any person. They use a huge
number of people, both men and women, to create
attractive appearance. And when such a problem arises as a loss
hair or even baldness, then the person is willing to spend a lot of money
to stop this process and regain its normal
a head of hair. The same goal is pursued by the owners of thin, rare
hair. They spend money on the purchase of new advertised
goods to restore your hair.

The best natural hair styling products

The content of the article:

  • The best natural hair styling products
  • Natural products based on gelatin
  • A few tips on safe hair styling

Few people think about the fact that modern development only
harm the scalp and curls, respectively. Mostly they all
contain alcohol or such a rich chemical composition that fragile
the strand structure cannot withstand such an attack and just
collapses. And in this case again it is necessary to turn to nature,
so as soon as she is able to give a hair product that
would not have a damaging effect on the hair, would not overdry
and would give them volume and elasticity.

Flax seeds

Gel for daily use on the basis of flax seeds with effect

Such a tool has a powerful fixation force and does not
dries hair as styling chemicals.

It will take three glasses of water and a glass of seed

Cooking method:

  1. Water is poured into glass or enamelware and brought to

  2. Pour flax seeds in boiling water, while slowly and constantly

  3. Then reduce the heat and cook for 10 or 20 minutes, constantly
    stirring with a spoon until a lotion in the form of

Ready infusion filter through a fine sieve (you can use
several layers of gauze) and poured into a glass jar. Husks off
flax seed can be thrown away. If the gel is too thick,
then it can be diluted with water to the state when it becomes similar
on ordinary shampoo on the consistence. Stick the label.
After use, gel residues can be stored in the refrigerator.
up to six weeks. But, in no case can not be dipped in
his fingers or a comb to avoid microbes.


A small amount of gel should be poured into the palm and rubbed.
in the hair. Then, using a comb, gently distribute evenly
on their surface. As an option, you can pour the gel in a bottle with
spray and lightly spray their hair, then comb
comb for even distribution from root to tip.

This homemade gel is no worse than expensive professional
funds keeps hair done. But he does not contain any
hazardous substances that could harm the hair. At the same
time is worth such a means a mere penny. The gel falls on the hair
as comfortable as possible and practically not felt on the head. To that
gel does not become sticky at high humidity, therefore hair
all day they keep a neat beautiful and clean look to the end
of the day

Egg gel


Would need

  1. 4 tablespoons warm water

  2. a tablespoon of raw egg white

You must whisk whites of squirrels with water until
homogeneous gel. If there is no need to immediately apply it, then
You can pour the mixture into a jar and put it in the fridge. When washing
heads should follow a rule that works for everyone
Egg-Based Compounds: You should only wash your hair with a cool
water, otherwise the egg will just cook and the look of the hair will be terrible.

Sugar spray


Would need

  1. eight tablespoons of water

  2. tablespoon of sugar

It is necessary to completely dissolve sugar in water, constantly
stirring. Liquid should be poured into the sprayer and
use. This gel can be sprayed hair as before, and
after laying. This spray recipe has been used for a very long time, he
time-tested and never fails. But this spray has
significant drawback: it attracts bees, flies, various bugs,
therefore it is better not to use it in spring and summer.

Natural products based on gelatin

Gelatin An excellent gel base can be
natural gelatin, which is diluted with water. You can
prepare a large number of a wide variety of gels.

To prepare the gelatin base will need

  • Glass of water
  • A teaspoon of natural gelatin

Water should be heated so that it is as hot as possible, but
did not boil. Add gelatin and mix until it is completely
to bloom. Then remove from heat and wait.
until the mass cools. As soon as the gel grabs, it means
ready to eat If you need a thick gel, then you can
put in the fridge and cool there, but it is effective and
room temperature. The gel is applied to wet or dry hair in
a small amount.

Gelatinous gel with champagne


Cooking method

  1. It will take half a glass of water

  2. Half a glass of champagne

  3. Tablespoon of rose water

  4. Teaspoon gelatin

Almond hair styling gel



  1. Take a tablespoon of gelatin

  2. 1.5 glasses of water

  3. tablespoon of almond oil

  4. Teaspoon glycerin

After this time, the gel should be removed from the refrigerator,
Allow to warm at room temperature. Again it is stirred and
all – the gel is ready to use. Apply it on both wet and
on dry hair.

Grapefruit gel


  1. Need to take half a glass of water

  2. tablespoon of gelatin

  3. half a glass of fresh grapefruit juice

  4. a teaspoon of glycerin

  5. crushed vitamin C tablet

Dissolve the gelatin in warm water and add the rest.
ingredients, mix everything thoroughly. The solution is poured into a wide
glass jar and refrigerate for a couple of hours for
full setting of the gel. Then get out of the fridge and leave
at room temperature. When it warms up, it should be again.
mix and apply.

A few tips on safe hair styling

In order to stop hair loss and prevent this
The process in the future must follow a number of rules:

  • Do not brush your hair while it is wet. If you do this,
    then the hair will break and fall out.
  • Slightly wet strands gently comb only comb with
    rounded teeth. They should not have sharp and jagged
  • You can not dry your hair with a hair dryer at maximum
    temperature It is better to spend a few extra minutes and dry
    curls at a lower temperature. So the hair will not be applied
    virtually no harm. And even better – give hair the opportunity
    dry naturally.
  • If curlers are often used, it is better to choose the largest
    and curls curl without tension. The fact is that if
    wind the hair too tight, then the roots suffer. It’s in its
    queue leads to breaking off the hair, and, consequently, to
    baldness. If you can not do without curlers, then you should enclose
    under the ends of the hair thin pieces of paper, as is done with chemical
  • Heat rollers and curling irons should be used only at low
    temperature If the temperature is high, the strands will be
    overdry and break off. The sebaceous glands will begin to secrete
    more sebum. That is, there will be such a problem as
    dry hair and increased greasiness of the hairy part
  • When going out in sunny weather, it is necessary to protect
    headdress hairstyle.
  • After visiting the pool or swimming in the pond, you must
    wash hair by removing chemical residues from chlorinated water
    pool or sea salt from the pond. Only after the hair
    will be washed, you can wear a hat and go sunbathing.
  • Before you go swimming, you should thoroughly wash off
    all remnants of purchased hair care products. All skins,
    sprays, gels and mousses most often contain chemical
    substances and alcohol. These substances interact with the salty
    water of the sea or with water filled with chemicals in the pool.
  • Before you go swimming or sunbathing, you need to rub into
    scalp and hair tips night stimulator.
  • In frosty, windy weather it is also necessary to take care of
    your hair. Always cover them with a hat, as cold
    It has a very negative effect on hair, as well as dirt and heat.
    It literally kills the hair follicles and can accordingly
    provoke baldness.

So instead of spending significant funds
on modern purchase of styling strands that can
only increase their loss, it is better to use natural
gifts and cook your natural remedy that will
cost much cheaper, and benefit will bring much more.

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