Natural shampoo do it yourself – it’s just !

Herbal shampoos that are suitable for your type
individually selected. Washing of the head besides
that is intended to thoroughly cleanse the skin and hair
cover, can perform other useful functions. Using
medicated shampoo while taking a shower or bath can be strengthened
curls, get rid of dandruff, create ideal conditions for dry
or oily scalp. All you need to do is add
necessary ingredients in shampoo, creating your own version, perfect
suitable for a particular person depending on available
problems with the scalp and hair. Herbal Shampoos Medicinal herbs are sold freely in
pharmacy, so they can be purchased without problems. Further only
it will be necessary to brew herbs and add shampoo to the base. Him
the recipe will be given later. The result will be a quality
product that will be designed for a specific color and type
hair. It is suitable for every family member. Sometimes even just
The basis for shampoo itself can fully replace the usual shampoo.
(About how to choose regular shampoo)

How to make shampoo at home?

The content of the article:

  • How to make shampoo at home?
  • Additional effective drugs for use
  • Raw eggs
  • Beer
  • Other preparations for hair and scalp: anti-shampoo
    dandruff, mask for damaged hair, shampoo for oily skin
  1. Grass base

  1. Shampoo preparation

  1. How to use healing

For example, when the hair is prone to fat (On the care of oily
hair) need one day to use a degreaser
shampoo, and the next day to apply shampoo for normal hair.
This must be done, otherwise the curls just completely degreased,
become brittle and dry. Also worth doing with dry hair.
That is, wash through shampoo for normal and dry hair.
With normal hair, you need to alternate shampoos for oily, dry and
normal hair. This will help maintain normal acidity.

Maximum use of herbs depending on the type
Characteristics of medicinal herbs

Hair type

Normal Dry Fatty
Althea root. It has powerful conditioning and
emollient properties.
Elderberry flowers. Have anti-inflammatory
+ +
Lemon Verbena Grass Stimulates the hairy
part of the head, cleans it.
Indian hemp. Stimulates blood flow to
+ + +
Meadow clover. Gently cleans. +
Stinging nettle. Stimulates blood flow to
+ + +
Lavender. It has a slight stimulating effect,
gives volume and shine to hair, as well as a delicate scent.
+ +
Lemongrass herb. Removes excess skin
Burdock root. Stimulates the blood rush to the skin
+ + +
Lemongrass Grass Gently cleans away excess
Peppermint. Renders soft
antiseptic effect, makes blood rush to
+ +
Comfrey. Able to cure eczema hairy
parts of the head.
Parsley. Beneficial effect on the work of sebaceous
glands, improves the condition of the hair and stimulates their growth.
+ + +
Rosemary. Will help get rid of peeling,
stimulates blood flow to the scalp and is excellent
for dark curls.
+ + +
Chamomile. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
strengthens hair, gives a yellowish tint to the hair, best of all
suitable for the care of owners of blond strands.
+ +
Liquorice root. Interferes with the transformation
testosterone in dihydrotestosterone in the body of men.
+ + +
Thyme herb Excellent cleans,
tones, leaves her hair wonderful aroma.
+ +
Yarrow Regulates the work of sebaceous
Horsetail It is a source of silicon, which
necessary to strengthen hair.
+ + +
Chaparral. Stimulates blood flow to
+ + +
Garlic. Reduces flaking, stimulates growth
hair, heals the eczema of the scalp.
+ + +
Sage. Reduces sebum production and
stimulates blood flow to the head.
Eucalyptus leaves. Have anti-inflammatory
properties regulate sebum production and are excellent
for deep cleaning.

Of all these herbs you can make a variety of fees.
If you combine rosemary, chamomile and lavender, they will give
hairstyle pleasant herbal aroma. Chamomile and Altea are suitable for
blond hair, sage with comfrey and rosemary – for dark.

Effective fees for curls depending on their color

The following table indicates which hair color is suitable.
different fees. Using them you can refresh the color of your hair,
make it brighter, while additionally eliminating skin problems
head and hair, if any.

Hair color Collection
Redhead Carnation, hibiscus, cochineal, witch hazel bark, marigolds,
Light Brown and Light Brown Cloves, aloe leaves, senna bark, yarrow root,
White and blue Chamomile, Althea, Cornflower, Lavender flowers (not used for dry
hair), comfrey root.
Fair blond Flowers of acacia, orange tree, chamomile, mullein, bark
bird cherry, calamus, calendula, saffron, turmeric, St. John’s wort, bird cherry bark,
Droke, Althea root.
Gray-haired Stockrose that changes the dirty gray color to
silvery bluish. Article about the treatment of gray hair
Dark blonde and dark chestnut Lavender, oregano, mint, rosemary, sage, cloves, leaves
comfrey and senna, as well as all the herbs that are used for black and
light brown hair.
The black Lavender, indigo leaves, black mallow, basma. If there is
the need to give a reddish tint, then add henna or

Additional effective drugs for use

Aloe and Jojoba


Firming hair with willow leaves

Would need:

  • Glass of birch leaves
  • Glass of willow leaves
  • 6 glasses of clean water
  • 6 tablespoons of Castilian shavings


Boil water, pour all the leaves into it. Close the lid,
reduce the heat and boil for at least two hours. Then remove from heat
and cool. Squeeze the leaves and discard, the infusion should be drained.
Heat the liquid again, pre-fill it
cooked shavings of Castilian soap and mix thoroughly,
so that it is completely dissolved. Remove from heat, give solution.
cool, then pour into storage tank.

Rules of application

You can use this shampoo for shampooing.
through the day, every time well shaking. To receive
maximum efficiency is necessary to rub the composition in the head and
leave so for 10 minutes. Then rinse hair thoroughly.
warm or slightly cool water. If in such a shampoo add
decoction of comfrey root, nettle leaves or mint, it will help
get rid of dry hair, eczema, itchy scalp.

Raw eggs

EggsThis product has long been popular as
care products for curls. Eggs are able to return faded and
weak hair gain volume and shine. The fact is that they
consist on the most part from protein which also consist and

It is necessary to mix a raw egg with a tablespoon of the base for
shampoo (which is suitable as a willow-birch shampoo).
This composition can be used to wash the hair as usual, only wash it off.
necessarily cool or cold water. Otherwise under the influence of
hot water will just boil the egg and the hair will remain horrible
egg mass. This shampoo should be used only fresh.
After all, eggs spoil very quickly.


BeerThe Egyptians invented a foamy drink 4,000 years ago, and with
Since then, it has been valued not only for its taste, but also for
ability to work wonders with hair, giving them volume and shine.
Beer can be added to the base before shampoo.

It is necessary to pour a glass of foamy beverage into the pan, bring it to
boil and simmer until the volume is reduced by half. Cool and
pour in any medical shampoo. This product can wash your hair
as usual. Store it in glass or plastic.

Other preparations for hair and scalp: anti-shampoo
dandruff, mask for damaged hair, shampoo for oily skin

Therapeutic mask for overdried curls

Mix in a bowl

  1. olive oil

  2. honey

Stir until a homogeneous mixture, then drive into the mass
yolk. The hair should be divided into narrow strands and each carefully
smear with a pastry brush. Wrap your head warm
towel or wear a shower cap. Wait 15 minutes, rinse
at first cold, then warm water with shampoo.

Lemon shampoo for oily scalp

It is necessary to take:

  1. A glass of lemon juice.

  2. 60 grams of Castilian soap.

  3. Liter of distilled water.

  4. Three tablespoons of vodka.

Cooking process

Soap rubbed on a grater, pour a liter of distilled hot
water. Cook on low heat until the soap is completely dissolved. Then
The resulting mass should be whipped in a blender, adding vodka and
lemon juice. Cool and can be applied as intended. Leftovers
should be poured into any container and stick the label.

Aromatic anti-dandruff shampoo

Will need

  1. shampoo glass

  2. eight drops of lemon, rosemary and rose oil

Mix the oils, pour them into the shampoo and shake them thoroughly.
Apply to destination.

Thus, applying shampoos that have been made
independently according to the individual characteristics of the skin
head and hair condition, you can achieve maximum effect.
You can experiment endlessly by adding a variety of
medicinal ingredients in dissolved castilian soap. A huge
A wealth of natural ingredients will help in this task.
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