Nervous Head Lice Myth or Reality

Depression, stress, strong nervous shocks do not pass for
organism without a trace. Experiences lead to a weakening of the immune system.
system, as a result, the body can not suppress the activity of viruses
and bacteria, so humans develop various diseases.
There is a version that systematic stress can cause
head lice. Is this so, let’s understand. lice appear on the nerve soil

Lice and psychosomatics – can lice come from stress, myth and

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  • Lice and psychosomatics – can lice come from stress, myth and
  • Can there be lice on the basis of nervous child
  • Lice by louise hey
  • FAQ
  • The main causes of pediculosis infection
  • TOP best methods of getting rid of lice and nits
  • Pediculosis prevention

Many people wondered if lice could appear on the nervous
because in times of stress a person begins
prolonged itching.

There are several versions of the relationship of pediculosis and psychosomatics:

  1. Lice are on the scalp constantly, but
    inactive. As soon as the immune system gives
    failure due to nervous tension, they wake up and start
  2. Under stress, the human body secretes
    special substances that attract parasites.
  3. Pediculosis is transmitted at the genetic level, and
    Lice on the surface after a strong nervous tension.
  4. Negative emotions lead to the formation of painful
    bumps on the head in which they love to dwell
  5. During anxiety, lice are more active
    multiply and fill the hairy part faster


Reference! Neither of these versions has she found a scientific
confirmations, scientists are confident that the itchiness that appears during
stress is nothing like the development of a skin disease. Lice same
transmitted only from an infected person.

Can there be lice on the basis of nervous child

According to statistics, every fifth child is sick or
suffered from head lice. Children are at risk of this
diseases because their body is weaker, besides, they
less picky about contacts. But at the same time, infection with lice in children
no different from adults. Like an adult child
infected by the carrier and no relation nervous experiences to
this does not have. The child has

Reference! Lice do not start up from dirt, they do not transmit
animals, the only source of transmission can be infected

Lice by louise hey

Louise Hay, like many other psychologists, believes that
lice on the body can be caused by internal
qualities that prevent him from being confident. By her
According to the person gives power to another organism, that is, lice take
top and not only they. Unsure person allows
parasitize on themselves not only insects, but also people. such people
often lead an isolated lifestyle, focused on the little things and not
give due importance to their appearance. Louise Hay

To get rid of parasites, Louise Hay recommends
become mentally stable. This will require
mobilization of not only physical, but also emotional forces.
Protivopedikuleznye means, of course, should also
to be used.


Can lice appear on their own?

By themselves, neither lice nor nits appear of course can not.
Only direct or indirect contact with an infected person can
cause lice.

Can the lice themselves disappear?

Without proper treatment, lice cannot disappear anywhere.
Lack of therapy leads to active reproduction of insects and
disease progression.

The main causes of pediculosis infection

As has been said many times, the person on whose body they live
lice is a source of infection. And his infectiousness is not
associated with the number of individuals parasitizing on his body.

There are the following methods for the transmission of lice:

  1. Contact – infection occurs when close
    contact with an infected person, insects creep over the body,
    hair, things of a healthy person. This is the most common route of infection.
  2. Sexual – as a rule, in this case
    infection with pubic lice occurs – with close contact of the pubic
    Ploshchitsy zones are moving to the body of the new owner.
  3. Household – Pediculosis can be infected through
    pillows, mattresses, bedding, hats, combs, hairpins for
    hair, towels and other household items. After using the data
    objects by an infected person;
    lice persist, therefore, infection can occur and
    a few days later.
  4. Through the water – in the water lice can remain
    alive for 2 days, so public bathing places too
    pose a danger. And this is not only about pools – the sea and
    sand can also be a source of contamination. pools

When the louse hits the body of the new owner, it will immediately
looking for easily accessible places for its habitat. AT
depending on the stage of the life cycle of the insect immediately or later
short time begins to multiply. Adult every day
lays several larvae: head – 4, pubic – 3, wardrobe
– sixteen. louse

The fastest head and body lice spread in
areas of large concentrations of people – barracks, prisons,
dormitories, children’s groups, as well as in places where they are not respected
sanitary standards – habitats of the homeless, antisocial families,
places where there is no access to water and hygiene is difficult.

TOP best methods of getting rid of lice and nits

At present, there are a lot of methods to combat pediculosis.
And everyone can choose the one that will be as harmless as possible.
for the body. If lice show up in a child under 3 years old,
the child is prone to allergies or is asthmatic parents should
be sure to consult a doctor to recommend
safe drug. The same applies to pregnant women. More often
just in these cases, practiced mechanical removal of insects,
and the use of the safest folk remedies.


Drugs for the treatment of head lice should
apply in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Do not use them from nits and lice, parasites on
    eyelashes and eyebrows.
  2. Preparations containing non-chemical components
    approved for use on children under 2
    years old.
  3. Use with caution in bronchial asthma and
  4. If after one use of the drug insects do not
    died, it should be replaced by another.
  5. After the procedure for the destruction of insects must necessarily
    comb hair with a thick comb to remove dead lice and
    comb nits.
  6. After using antiparasitic drugs
    hair dryer is prohibited – insects can
    scatter in different directions.
  7. After removing the lice for some time should refrain
    from the use of conditioners and hair masks.
  8. After the antiparasitic drug is washed off the hair,
    wash your hair should not be within 2-5 days.
    What are lice afraid of?

The best effect in the fight against head lice can be achieved
using a combination of chemical and mechanical elimination
insects. It’s easiest for men to shave their heads bald
here girls with long hair will have to spend a lot of effort on
combing hair.

The most popular tools are:

  • Ivermectin; Ivermectin
  • Albendazole; Albendazole
  • Levamisole; Levamisole
  • Butadion. Butadion2

The sprays

The most effective sprays in the fight against head lice are:

  1. Pair Plus (France). Drug action time
    10 minutes, used for all types of lice. It has a low
    toxicity allowed for use by children after 2.5
    years old. Contraindications – bronchial asthma, pregnancy,
    lactation period. Couple plus
  2. Full Marks (UK). Not allowed
    use against children under 5 years of age and asthmatics. Active
    substances – cyclomethicone, isopropyl myristate. Full Marx for Lice
  3. Lavinal (Ukraine). Although the mixture is
    spray can oily, it is easily distributed through the hair, because
    served as a spray. Allowed for children from 2 years. Avalanche
  4. Paranit (Belgium). Also oily mixture
    active substances isoprene and dimethicone. Toxicity is average, has
    light odor. Insects are suffocating.
    The time of action of the drug is 15 minutes. Paranit
  5. Pedikulen Ultra (Russia). Active
    substances are anise oil and capric acid. Time
    exposure to 30 minutes. Allowed to children after 5 years.
    Pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as patients with acute
    dermatosis is prohibited. Pedikulen Ultra


To combat human parasites are most often used
The following types of ointment:

  1. Sulfuric – kills lice and is used when
    microbial diseases. Mercury Sulfur Ointment
  2. Serortutna – effective remedy – rubbed
    into the skin. Serortuta ointment
  3. Mercury is not an effective drug, its
    need to be used repeatedly. Mercury lice ointment
  4. Turpentine – acts weakly, but has
    antiseptic effect.
  5. Benzyl benzoate cream – destroys insects for 5
    hours benzyl benzoate
  6. Boric – in addition to the anti-pediculosis action,
    has a fungicidal effect. Boric ointment
  7. Permethrin cream – not only destroys
    insects, but also their larvae. Permethrin
  8. Knicks – permethrin included, allowed
    children from 6 months. Knicks


Effective lice shampoos are:

  1. Veda-2 (Russia). Complete destruction of parasites
    comes in 40 minutes, for the destruction of nits means you need either
    longer hold on the hair, or reused. To
    completely get rid of insects, the procedure should be repeated through
    12 days. Veda
  2. Paranit (Belgium). 100% result is observed
    holding the hair on for half an hour. Active
    the substance envelops the body of the insect and suffocates it. Paranit shampoo
  3. Hygia (Bulgaria). Contains acetic acid,
    therefore it may cause a burning sensation. Keep the tool in need
    for half an hour. If the burning is very strong, shampoo should be washed off.
    and take advantage of another drug. Hygia Shampoo
  4. Nix (Russia). The active ingredient is permethrin,
    In addition to the destruction of parasites, shampoo actively treats the scalp.
  5. Nittifor (Hungary). Refers to low toxicity.
    drugs, but is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating
    to women. Nittifor

Folk remedies

Folk remedies have proven their effectiveness for centuries,
infusions and decoctions that are prepared at home
effective than pharmaceuticals, but safer and

You can get rid of lice with the help of various popular recipes,

  • mint leaves with pomegranate juice; mint leaves with pomegranate juice
  • kerosene; kerosene
  • black cumin;
  • ointment of angelica root and white bird cherry; ointment from angelica root and white bird cherry
  • decoction of root devyasila; decoction of root devyasila
  • decoction of burdock; decoction of burdock
  • geranium oils; Geranium Oil
  • cranberry juice; cranberry juice
  • ointment of wild rosemary and hellebore; Ledum and Chemeritsa
  • tar soap and more.

Pediculosis prevention

Prevention of lice is as follows:

  1. Maximum avoid contact with people living in
    unsanitary conditions.
  2. Refuse casual sex with a person
    which has signs of pediculosis.
  3. Use only their own hygiene products and
    household items.
  4. Wash bed linen regularly and
  5. Regularly check the child’s head for availability
    lice and nits.
  6. Use special scare
    means, the smell of which people can not catch.
  7. Periodically use anti-pediculosis
    shampoos for prevention.


Analyzing all the above, we can conclude that
pediculosis and psychosomatics are not related to each other things.
It is only people who carry lice, and lice can become infected.
even absolutely mentally stable and happy person. what
concerns itching that often accompanies a person in moments
mental stress, these are most likely manifestations of dermatitis, and
he, by the way, can arise also on the nervous basis as well.

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