New look at male highlights: the top 20 photo ideas

Highlighting is a modern hair bleaching, which
Perfectly suits not only women, but also men. It is sparing
affects the hair, allowing you to completely change
bored image.

Streaked hair

This color is combined with all types of men

  • 1 Features of male highlighting
  • 2 Men’s hairstyles and hair color
  • 3 What shades fit
  • 4 Who should not do
  • 5 Staining Technique
  • 6 Hair care after dyeing

Features of male highlighting

Colorists claim that male highlighting is performed on
long and short hair. However, the optimal
It is considered the length of the strands from 2 to 20 cm. On too
short hairstyles this coloring is not made.

Highlighting for men has a number of positive points:

  • it allows you to change the image;
  • makes hairstyle more stylish and fashionable;
  • has a sparing effect on hair, because
    only partial coloring is carried out;
  • does not require regular adjustments since strands
    not stained from the roots;
  • masks the gray;
  • clarified ends refresh face tone;
  • if desired – the painting is easily removed by cutting off the regrown
    the ends.

Hair Coloring

In addition to all advantages, there is an insignificant minus: can
There is a difficulty in choosing a shade.

Men’s hairstyles and hair color

If a gentleman wants to be trendy and sexy, to
to like women, he must think through his image. For example,
for business men highlighting should not be
noticeable. It is desirable that it only slightly shaded
natural hair color. With this neatly laid hair
It is recommended to comb back.

Many men like short haircuts with bangs,
which is directed to the side. Highlights on this hairstyle
will look stylish and brutal. If you like this
style, then go for it. However, in this case you will need
periodically tweak your chelove to make your hair neat

This video shows how to make a stylish male haircut with
lightening strands.

If you want to hit others
With your charisma, choose a contrast or
multicolor highlighting. Best of all this kind
painting is combined with model haircuts that have a ragged contour,
hairstyle “Hedgehog”, boyz-bendy (which resemble noodles).

Today, the trend is gray, so experienced colorists offer
fashionable men choose the style of “Black & Gray”. Many guys whose
the hair is not touched by the natural gray hair, silver their strands
in an artificial way. It gives appearance
solidity, and also distinguishes a man from the crowd.

What shades fit

When dyeing male hair, you can apply different
colors. Light strands look best
muted shades of blond. Brown-haired and light blond men
can pay attention to these colors:

  • beige;
  • wet sand color;
  • wheat;
  • honey;
  • amber.

Hair color

Highlights on dark hair saturate your hair
additional modulations. For
dark wise is recommended to choose one of the following

  • copper;
  • cognac;
  • mocha;
  • walnut;
  • chocolate;
  • brown.

Highlighting on dark hair

Note! Highlighting advantageous looks
on light brown and light brown hair. In too light strands it
Lost, in the dark – does not always give the expected effect.

Creative natures usually look original.
This is expressed not only in clothing, but also in hairstyle. For creative
Persons (artists, singers, lovers of rock music, bikers, stylish
students) fit catchy colors: orange, emerald,
plum red And for conservative men, it is desirable
choose tones that are close to the natural hue.

Note! Highlights
almost always rejuvenates a person for several years.

Who should not do

The dress code of many organizations and enterprises does not allow them
employees appear at work in inappropriate form.
Hairstyles with highlighting should not do people
following professions:

  • military personnel;
  • a policeman;
  • chiefs;
  • managers;
  • etc.

Hairstyle with highlighting

It is not recommended to highlight men who have
more than 50% of the hair was covered with gray hair. AT
In this case the paint will not be uniform.

Staining technique

The highlighting procedure is performed in several ways:

  • comb – it is a curved rare tooth
    comb, which is convenient to select fine strands for
    further discoloration;
  • using foil – it must be placed under
    selected locks, then paint them; Ways of highlighting
  • with the help of a hairdresser’s hat – you should wear it
    on the head, and after a special hole pull out
    the necessary strands that will undergo brightening.

This video shows how to do a hair mining
using a hairdresser hats.

Today there is
several options for dyeing male hair:

  • light toning – focuses on any
    part of the head (for example, at the crown). Perfectly in tune with
    hairstyle “hat” or with options for haircuts with
  • color highlighting is a technique in which they apply
    several shades, to the maximum close to natural
    pigment. This type of highlighting is in harmony with elongated
    haircuts; Light and color toning
  • “thrash” or “hand free” – the American way of painting
    “free hand” when the ends of the hair are painted chaotic
    method. Perfectly hides gray strands. Most
    suitable for hair with a long parietal area;
  • “Mohawk” – lightened in this highlighting
    only tips. It will perfectly set off the sticking out hairstyle and
    will give it dynamism; Clarified tips
  • Californian – after painting the effect is obtained
    burnt in the sun shocks of hair. The appearance of a man becomes
    stylish and fresh as if after resting on
    coast. California painting is desirable to do on
    long hair. Long hair

Successfully done highlighting depends on professionalism.
colorist. However, do not be upset if the expected result
will not be reached after the first painting. All business
in that male hormones prevent the penetration of the coloring
substances in the hair shaft.

Another important point: when highlighting it is important to choose the correct
oxigent. For fair-haired men suitable oxidant 3%. For
brown hair – 6%. Dark-haired guys pick up
oxygenator, depending on the rigidity of their hair – 9 or

Hair care after dyeing

To restore the dyed curls we recommend:

  • to nourish hair with vitamins;
  • apply on hair compositions based on honey, yolk, onion,
  • eat right;
  • don’t overwork

Streaked hair must be moisturized ready
conditioners and balms. pay attention to
Special preparations from the series “For melirovannyh hair.” To
the colored hairstyle became lively and silky to nourish it well
various masks. One of them is “Intensive Care” with milk.

Hair care

As for shampoos, it is better to use sulfate-free
formulations that do not wash the dye pigment out of the hair. Usually
These funds are more expensive than usual shampoos. But after them
applying the shag becomes healthy and

For long hair requires more thorough care. For
strengthen hair roots should take advantage of healing
composition “Placental Formula”. Can use it
innovative analogue “Lanier Classic”.

Tip! Dermatologists recommend
choose natural cosmetics, which will return the power of hair and

To see how stylish highlighting changes the image of a man,
hides flaws and emphasizes the depth of the native shovel
hair, view photos of models with melirovanny

Hairstyles for men

Thus, if a man is looking for a simple and effective way
change yourself and your life – he should take a seat in the chair
hairdresser. New fashionable hairstyle with highlighting will make the image
attractive as well as respectable.

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