Nicotinic acid – a vitamin for intense hair growth

nicotinic acid for hair

What is nicotinic acid?

There is a popular phrase among the people: “Nicotin is a vitamin.”
Is it really about the very nicotine, a drop of which kills
horse? Of course not. It is about nicotinic acid,
which, in fact, is vitamin PP, essential for our
nervous system. Vitamin PP effectively fights against stress and
brings many other benefits to the human body.

However, vitamin PP, in other words, nicotinic acid,
effective not only in the fight against nervous diseases. Today
nicotinic acid is widespread in
cosmetology, namely: to enhance hair growth.

Nicotinic acid for cosmetic purposes

The use of nicotinic acid for hair growth is due to the fact that
it has the property of dilating blood vessels. By
This is an intensive process of enrichment of the scalp, including
number of hair follicles, oxygen and nutrients. BUT
as a result, increased hair growth begins.

Nicotinic Acid Use Forms

Nicotinic acid is sold in ordinary pharmacies in powders,
ampoules and tablets. The price of nicotinic acid for hair varies
ranging from 15 to 70 rubles, depending on the dosage and
manufacturer. The interesting thing is that in cosmetic whole nicotine
acid in ampoules is used both externally and in the form of

External use of nicotinic acid

One of the options for external use of nicotinic acid with
The aim of improving hair growth is a hair mask. For this
you must first wash your hair. Hair need to be carefully
Rinse with a silicone-free shampoo. Poorly washed or completely
unwashed hair and scalp are covered with natural fat, which
besides attracts the smallest particles of dust. It will not give
Nicotinic acid can be absorbed into the scalp

After the head is washed, the hair should be gently
blot with a towel. Dry hair hair dryer or any other
way not to. Nicotinic acid is applied to wet

Direct application of nicotinic acid will require
hairbrush. Best for comb hair dye with
sharp handle. It must be sequentially separated.
hair strands, creating parting from one side of the head along
towards the other. These partings with light massaging movements
should be lubricated with nicotinic acid. However, no need to rub
fluid into the scalp. Simply put it on
surface. The procedure itself is somewhat reminiscent of staining.
hair roots, only it does not use brushes. Nicotine
Acid is applied to the scalp with the fingers. Pre
the contents of the ampoule with nicotinic acid is poured into plastic
the dishes.

However, do not think that one or two masks will create a miracle, and
after them, a real “hair” will appear on your head. No wonder
it says: “without effort, not to catch a fish from the pond.” For achievement
good result masks need to be done daily throughout
Months – 30 days. The daily procedure is due to the fact that
after application, nicotinic acid does not need to be washed off or wiped with
scalp. It should remain on the skin. But after a day of her
the action will disappear, so the procedure will need

Do not forget that not all of these masks help
one hundred percent. But if there is a result, then after 15–20 days a session
can be repeated.

The use of nicotinic acid inside

However, nicotinic acid is used to enhance hair growth.
not only outside, but also used inside, for example, in the form
pills. In this case, the advantage is that
stimulating the activity of hair follicles occurs most
evenly. After all, apply nicotinic acid on the scalp is not
can always turn out ideally the same for each site. With
ingestion all subcutaneous blood vessels and bulbs
hairs are activated equally, which contributes to
uniform enhancement of hair growth. This refers to reception.
drug in the form of tablets, as well as injections of nicotinic acid.
However, taking the drug inside can cause more negative
moments, has more contraindications. For example, nicotine
acid tablets, often causes stomach pain, cramps, so
how nicotinic acid contributes to the corrosive mucosa
stomach. In this case, the reception of funds must necessarily
stop it.


Like any cosmetic medicine, nicotine
acid has a number of contraindications. The main ones are as follows. With
external use of nicotinic acid is often observed
redness of the scalp, face and burning. With relatively small
such reactions of the body may be allowed, but with strong
negative sensations procedure should be stopped.

Also, in any form, nicotinic acid cannot be used by people
having problems with pressure, as this can lead to it
enlarged due to dilated blood vessels. For the same reason
in no case can not apply nicotinic acid when
hemorrhage and bleeding. She will only strengthen them.

The use of the drug inside is extremely contraindicated in
gastroenterological diseases and, of course, with individual
intolerance, which is detected by direct use

And, of course, it should be noted that the decision to use
inside or outside of nicotinic acid can be
taken only after consultation with the doctor. In no case can not
self-medicate, even if it is cosmetic. It may
lead to a number of negative complications.

Nicotinic acid for hair: reviews

To all of the above, you can only add that reviews about
nicotinic acid for hair growth a variety. Enough
many people have an allergic reaction to nicotinic acid,
manifested in severe redness and burning. This is due to
the bulk of the negative reviews. On the other hand many people
satisfied with this drug because of the good
result. In any case, the decision is yours. But remember
that prior consultation with the doctor is required!

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