Night masks – use natural ingredients at full strength!

The overnight hair mask is a long lasting procedure.
actions. Therefore, it is perfectly perceived by the body in the state
rest. All components are stronger, the effect is observed
much earlier than short-term masks that are applied to
couple of hours.

Girl is sleeping

During sleep, the greatest amount of vitamins and trace elements
from the mask penetrates the scalp, oils provide excellent
protection curls. It will be enough just a couple of procedures and hair.
noticeably transformed.

It is important to know!

No matter what components the mask will be made of,
follow certain rules for its application.

  1. The composition should not be applied right before bedtime, but in about
    half an hour before you go to rest.

  2. Apply a mask to dry hair.

  3. Before applying should be carefully combed.

  4. If the hair is damaged, dry and brittle, then when applied
    The composition should be given special attention to their tips. If the curls
    prone to fat, the roots are processed more carefully.

  5. It is necessary to put a towel or cloth on the pillow so as not to
    get dirty You can of course wear a plastic cap, however
    the film does not allow the skin and hair to breathe, which may have
    the opposite effect, especially if you sleep more than 8 hours. Can
    make a bandage out of polyethylene and fix the hair. So
    Thus, oxygen will still come to the curls.

  6. Not all components are suitable for long-term use. Not
    cognac, vodka, mustard masks are used. In the dream, they can
    burn hair or scalp.

  7. Wash off the mask in the morning with warm water. If in composition
    If oil was used, then shampoo should be applied.

The table below shows which ingredients are best to take.
to increase the effectiveness of the night mask.

Component Hair benefits
Honey Strengthens hair growth, nourishes and moisturizes.
Banana, carrot, apple Combined with aloe juice and honey
restore weak, dull hair. And also curls,
damaged by perm and improper
Iranian henna Stimulates growth.
Almond oil, coconut, burdock, sea buckthorn, peach Restore the hair structure and give shine, warn
loss, moisturize.
Avocado It nourishes the roots, moisturizes damaged, over-dried hair.
Yolk It nourishes, moisturizes curls. Included in almost all night
Cabbage juice Against abundant dandruff
Ginger + Sesame Oil Restore the whipped tips, tone up, strengthen.

Effective Mask Recipes

The content of the article:

  • Effective Mask Recipes
  • Hair mask for the night video:


honey 2 tablespoons of liquid honey mixed with beaten yolk
eggs and rub the resulting composition into the head. In the morning, wash off warm
water This mask is suitable for weak, normal and greasy hair.
medium length and short. With long strands should increase


Butter This tool will help dry, damaged hair. For
She should take 2 tablespoons of burdock oil, one by one
almond and jojoba, add a teaspoon of rose oil.
Evenly apply the composition, more putting it on the tips, and in the morning
wash off with water and shampoo.

Fruit Firming

Carrot and Apple Mix in equal parts carrot juices and
apples about 3 tablespoons, they add a spoonful of juice
aloe. It can be obtained by grinding the fleshy fresh leaves.
plants and squeezing juice. You can simply purchase aloe juice at the pharmacy.
Mask especially carefully rubbed into the roots, and in the morning they wash their heads like

Fortifying herbs

Herbs Suitable for all hair types. Requires a decoction of grass,
suitable for hair type (for dark – decoction of Hypericum, for light
– chamomile). The decoctions of dandelion, calendula, mountain ash,
mint, nettle. Prepare a decoction as follows: a tablespoon
herbs are filled with hot water (100 gr.) and infused for 20 minutes.
A couple of spoons of broth mixed with egg yolk. Mask
spread on the hair and leave overnight.

For moisturizing and shining night mask of potatoes

Potato Grated raw potato combines with whipped
egg white and a tablespoon of honey. Evenly the composition is applied to
strands, lightly rubbed into the scalp.

Ginger and sesame oil from split ends

Ginger Take a little oil, combine with a tablespoon.
crushed ginger. The mask is applied to the tips, since ginger is not
should fall on the scalp.

From falling out

Oils Olive, almond, burdock oil, taken in equal
proportions, mix with lemon juice in the same quantity. Mixture
put on the hair, wear a hat for warming. Wash your head in the morning
as usual.

Yeast Mask

Yeast Designed for greasy hair. Table spoon
yeast is diluted in boiled water to a state of gruel, added to
blend whipped protein. The mask is rubbed into the hair roots and also
distributed along their length. In the morning everything is removed with the help of warm
water and shampoo.

For dry hair based on oils

Avocado In equal parts mix oil burdock, jojoba and
avocado. The resulting composition is carefully distributed into curls,
leave until the morning. Then wash your head in the usual way.

Gelatin for normal hair (with effect

Gelatin Dilute gelatin in water, leave to swell on
half an hour. Then add hair conditioner, mix until
homogeneous state. The mixture is heated in a water bath to
Gelatin is completely dissolved. The mask is ready, it is applied to the head in
warm form at night.


Bread The cubes of black bread crumb soaked with boiling water so
so that the water just covers it. After swelling his bread
mixed with burdock oil (a teaspoon will be quite
enough). The composition is evenly applied to the curls, leave
for the night.

Thus, if you follow all the rules of cooking and
applying night masks then sleep will truly possess
healing properties for the body as a whole and for hair in

Hair mask for the night video:

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