Nitrogen hair treatment – cryotherapy

Today, the problem of baldness is not so acute, it is
made possible by the latest treatment methods. Of course
the most effective treatment for hair loss is complex
therapy. Such treatment should include not only the use of masks
for hair or special vitamins, but also physiotherapy

hair loss

Cryotherapy for hair, in other places, is becoming increasingly popular.
words treatment with liquid nitrogen. This procedure is not only
a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the hair, but also helps
get rid of seborrhea, increased oily hair and baldness
almost any complexity.

It does not cause allergic reactions and is not accompanied by
toxic effects. Keep in mind that cryotherapy,
cryomassage and hair treatment with nitrogen is the same.

Important! Cryomassage has high efficiency.
in treating hair loss problems and often
used as a preventive method.

Recommendations and contraindications of cryotherapy

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  • Recommendations and contraindications of cryotherapy
  • What is the effect of nitrogen for hair?
  • How is cryotherapy done?
  • Head cryomassage
  • Reviews
  • Photos BEFORE and AFTER cryotherapy
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  • Prices
  • Small survey

This procedure is offered in many beauty salons and clinics.
aesthetic medicine. Cryotherapy of the scalp
allows not only to stop hair loss, but also to improve their

Important! This procedure has received many
positive reviews in the treatment of seborrhea fatty type. Nitrogen
helps reduce fat secretion, so dandruff is gradually
disappears, hair becomes healthy.

After eliminating seborrhea, the overall condition of the hair improves. Their
growth is greatly accelerated, hair becomes thick and

Prescribe such a procedure can only doctor, after
examination and determination of causes of loss. Self take
the decision on the need for a course of cryotherapy is not recommended, since
It has a number of contraindications:

  • the presence of open wounds on the skin;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • severe psychological illness, accompanied by protracted
  • viral or infectious lesions;
  • gestation period;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • individual intolerance.

What is the effect of nitrogen for hair?

The use of nitrogen for the treatment of pathologies of the hairy part
heads, in particular, baldness, has its positive sides,
which cannot be achieved in any other way.

During the procedure, the scalp area treated with nitrogen,
exposed for a very short time to low
temperature, about -150 degrees, which leads to blocking
nerve impulses and vasospasm (narrowing and


Thanks to this stimulation, an improvement process is launched.
blood circulation and enhance metabolic processes.
Additionally increases tissue nutrition, strengthens hair
follicle, the bulb becomes stronger and healthier.

This is due to the fact that such a low temperature awakens
sleeping follicle, thereby increasing its growth by several times.
Therefore, cryotherapy is prescribed for excessive hair loss and
baldness in both women and men.

How is cryotherapy done?

Cryotherapy implies the use of special
cotton swab moistened with liquid nitrogen. Such an applicator
attached to a rod 40 cm long. This is the most simple option.

Other applicators are also used, for example, having the form
a tube in which there is a nitrogen. The working end is equipped
various nozzles, they allow you to maximize
to manipulate.

Cryotherapy for hair

If the patient or patient has oily seborrhea or
partial baldness then each skin area is processed
applicator no more than 2 seconds, the total time of the session – 25

If your hair falls out, liquid nitrogen is applied only to
balding area

  • Impact time 1.5 minutes
  • Therapy is designed for 20 treatments, 3 per week.
  • In more advanced situations, repeat treatment is required.
    after 35-40 days

Important! After several treatments
you may notice that the hair has become more brittle, but it is temporary
effect that ends quickly and hair growth
increases at times.

Specialists trichologists recommend a massage with
using nitrogen as a supplement to the main treatment,
which greatly increases its effect. In this way
it is possible to solve the problem of baldness even at the latest

In some situations, nitrogen therapy is allowed to use as
self therapy, for example, as a prophylaxis
balding or caring procedure.

In order for nitrogen therapy to produce an effective result,
recommended supplementation of vitamins.

Patients reviews about cryotherapy for hair mainly
positive. Statistics show that after 5-7
sessions hair loss is reduced, and their elasticity and strength
is increasing.

Nitrogen treatment is completely painless and does not cause
discomfort. Allergic reactions are extremely rare. Exactly
therefore, cryotherapy has taken pride of place in the treatment of pathologies
scalp. In some situations, it is the only
procedure after which the former shine and health returns

Strong hair

Head cryomassage

As already described above, cryomassage or hairy cryotherapy
parts of the head are performed using liquid nitrogen. Most often
it is prescribed for oily dandruff and excessive precipitation.

The positive effects of such a massage

  • rejuvenation of the scalp;
  • dandruff removal;
  • increased hair growth;
  • termination of their fragility;
  • getting rid of split ends.

After the procedure, the hair not only accelerates its growth, but also
become much thicker. Thanks to liquid nitrogen possible
solve almost all the problems associated with seborrhea or
baldness. It should be noted that this procedure does not cause
discomfort is absolutely painless and does not have
age restrictions.


Reviews of the procedure

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Feedback on cryotherapy


Photos BEFORE and AFTER cryotherapy

Photos before and after cryotherapy, as you can see hair
getting thicker and healthier


You can also get acquainted with the video, it is short (33
seconds) but informative.


Minimum price 300 RUB (+ -5 $)
average price 800 RUB (+ -15 $)
Maximum price from 2000 RUB (+ -35 $)

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