Non-injection mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation skin without beauty shots


If you are afraid of injections, and time ruthlessly leaves everything on the skin
New testimonies about your not so young age will help
non-injection mesotherapy face – salon procedure for
rejuvenation. It is painless and non-traumatic.
Find out all the features of its implementation.


  • Essence of the procedure
  • Effect after non-injection mesotherapy
  • Classification
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Stages of non-injection facial mesotherapy
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Complications after needleless mesotherapy

There are people who do not tolerate injections, but at the same time
overcoming a certain age line, understand the need
notorious beauty shots. Sometimes cope with aging processes
only they are capable, but what if the fear of a syringe
prevails over all other experiences? Modern
cosmetology offers in this case an alternative method
rejuvenation. With the help of a special cocktail and hardware tips
noninjection facial mesotherapy is performed,
which is not inferior in efficiency to needle technicians, but
different minimal trauma and painless.

Non-injection with minimal trauma mesotherapy face

Essence of the procedure

Having understood what a non-injection
face mesotherapy, it becomes clear that to be afraid of this
hardware procedure is not worth it. All necessary skin active
substances in the composition of therapeutic and cosmetic cocktails are delivered to
the median or surface layers of the dermis by means of special
nozzles on the machine.

Nozzles can emit current, laser beams, vapors of liquid nitrogen,
magnetic waves, pure oxygen, etc. All these are physical and
chemical phenomena are now the basis of most salons
procedures that promote rejuvenation. They increase permeability
skin membrane, thanks to which all the useful elements
easily and quickly penetrate into the cells. And there they are already
become active participants in exchange, lipid and other
processes. The number of synthesized collagen and
elastin fibers, improves blood flow, dead cells
peel off, opening the way new. The result is noticeable already.
after the first procedure.

Origin of name. “Mesotherapy” –
the term goes back to the Greek language: “mezo” – intermediate and “therapy”
– treatment.

What is non-injection mesotherapy face

Read the review of popular facial treatments and
choose for yourself the best.

Care and cosmetics for the face:

Effect after non-injection mesotherapy

You need to understand that needleless mesotherapy
Persons in their results will still give way
injection techniques that are capable of maximizing
the depth of penetration of active substances into the dermis. Here they will
work only on the surface or (at best) – in
middle layers. However, if you go through the whole course of rejuvenation, according to
appointments cosmetologist, the effect of this procedure does not force itself

  • the complexion will refresh;
  • dry skin moisturized;
  • minor defects will be eliminated, become less noticeable;
  • there will be a rejuvenation: wrinkles smooth out, lifting effect
    tightens the ptosis folds;
  • the skin will acquire the necessary tone;
  • age spots lighten;
  • turgor will rise;
  • production of collagen and elastin will increase;
  • swelling and bruising around the eyes will no longer disturb;
  • vascular stars on the face disappear;
  • enlarged pores narrow;
  • skin condition with seborrhea is relieved;
  • acne, acne will stop tormenting;
  • small stretch marks, scars, scars turn pale and become
    invisible against the general background of the skin;
  • facial contour will acquire clear and prominent outlines;
  • cheeks and chin will catch up;
  • muscle spasms are eliminated;
  • skin after plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures
    recover faster.

To the effectiveness of non-injection mesotherapy
the face was so tall you must follow all the recommendations
beautician and go through the full course. It will take several sessions
will have to pay a lot of money, but all this time and
Finance ultimately justified. To achieve the desired
results, you will need to decide on what kind
Mesotherapy is right for you.

Through the pages of the past. Despite the fact that
The term “mesotherapy” – the new technology itself and the method of treatment –
very ancient. In the IV century BC. e. Hippocrates (famous
an ancient greek physician) injected subcutaneously with cactus needles in order to
relieve joint pain.

The effectiveness of needleless mesotherapy face


Studying the prices of beauty salons, you will see that the hardware
non-injection mesotherapy of the face is represented by various types.
They stand differently, the effect after them is far from the same,
Yes, and according to the testimony they, too, will differ significantly. therefore
you need to have at least overview knowledge of each of them and
listen to the advice of the master.

Types of hardware effects on the skin

  • Cryomesotherapy

In recent years, non-injection
face cryo-therapy, in which skin is immediately affected
three components: active serums (mezokokteyl), cold (liquid
nitrogen) and electric waves. The procedure is different explicit

  • Hydromesotherapy / electroporation

Non-injection cryomesotherapy of the face is a type
electrophoresis. Involves the introduction of therapeutic serum (water
solution or hydrolat) through a special nozzle, which
It is called the electorate. Increases cell permeability
membrane, provides full absorption of all active

    • Laser Mesotherapy

Laser non-injection mesotherapy face is incredibly popular with
women accustomed to pamper their skin with all kinds of salons
anti-aging treatments. After all, it has a double effect: from
session to the session accumulates in the skin of the active substance, in parallel
improving the microcirculation of lymph and blood. Especially in demand
exposure to infrared laser.

  • Iontophoresis Mesotherapy

Noninjection facial mesotherapy with iontophoresis is performed with
using a galvanic stable current. This procedure
tones the skin, activates the metabolism, improves
blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels.

  • Mesotherapy magnetophoresis

In the framework of non-injection mesotherapy of the face magnetophoresis
mezokokteyli penetrate the skin under the influence of magnetic waves.

  • Oxygen Mesotherapy

Oxygen free injection face mesotherapy is a combination
Oxy-therapy and oxygen therapy. The cells are saturated with clean
high pressure jet oxygen. Thereafter
oxygen capsules enter into active interaction with
mezokokteyley components.

  • Ultrasound Phonetic Mesotherapy

Non-injection facial mesotherapy with ultrafonophoresis uses
ultrasonic vibrations that perform transport functions to
the main components of the therapeutic and cosmetic serum were like
can be deeper into the cells.

  • Aquaphoresis Mesotherapy

Noninjection facial mesotherapy with aquaphoresis – simultaneous
the use of laser therapy (when this is used mainly
red and infrared ranges), lymphatic drainage and

Apparatus for the procedure

Types of devices

  • The most popular apparatus in salons
    non-injection mesotherapy facial – French Gezatone
    m9900, which allows you to combine the 5 most effective
    cosmetic rejuvenation techniques;
  • Young-in HYDRO 013 – very portable
    English-made handy device that
    often purchased for homemade mesotherapy;
  • Young-in Oxygen Peel 028 – gas-liquid
    device from the United States.

Types of mezokokteyley

Allopathic Mesotherapy

Mesococktails for allopathic non-injection mesotherapy
are prepared on the basis of the following components:

  1. mineral substances;
  2. vitamins;
  3. acids (glycolic, pyruvic);
  4. plant extracts;
  5. drugs: dihydroergotamine, L-carnitine,
    thioctic acid;
  6. animal extracts;
  7. biotechnology products: DNA, hyaluronic acid,

Anti-aging serum (mezokokteyli) for allopathic
non-injection mesotherapy is selected individually.

Homeopathic Mesotherapy

Here, as a part of mezokokteyly used only vegetable

Here in such a variety is presented in the prices of modern
of beauty salons non-injection mesotherapy face. Every kind
It has its own advantages and disadvantages, each has its own
list of indications and contraindications. It would therefore be a mistake to come to
beautician and enroll without a survey on any particular
view. First you need to listen to his recommendations.

Did you know that – some clinics and salons
beauty give their customers a portable device for
Mesotherapy Young-in HYDRO 013 for rent on a house, pre
teaching to use it?

The result of non-injection apparatus mesotherapy face

Indications and contraindications

Many are interested at what age is allowed
face-free mesotherapy, as everyone wants to try
its wonderful anti-aging properties. However it works here.
specific age limit: up to 30 years
registering for this procedure does not make sense, as before
the age of aging processes practically do not show


  • Poor complexion;
  • dry, flaky skin;
  • signs of aging: wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and
    elasticity, its flabbiness;
  • pigmentation;
  • couperose;
  • dark circles, swelling under the eyes;
  • enlarged pores;
  • seborrhea;
  • acne, acne;
  • stretch marks, scars, scars;
  • muscle spasms;
  • blurred facial contour;
  • bryli, second chin;
  • rehabilitation period after plastic surgery or other
    serious, traumatic cosmetological procedures.


  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • too extensive inflammation of the face;
  • exacerbation of infections (especially herpes);
  • cholelithiasis;
  • individual intolerance to the ingredients of the mezococteil;
  • serious skin lesions: fresh scars and wounds, ulcers, not so
    long overlapped seams;
  • diabetes;
  • neoplasms;
  • too large, bulging pigment spots localized on
    problem areas of the face.

If you have contraindications for non-injection
facial mesotherapy, a beautician has every right to refuse you
carrying out the procedure, as it will subsequently be borne
responsible for all complications. If nothing bothers you
use the miraculous mezokokteylyami ahead of you waiting
pleasant and relatively short procedure.

From the life of stars. Famous fans
facial mesotherapy – Oksana Lavrentieva (presenter) and Alyona
Akhmadulina (model). They regularly resort to it and believe that
it is she who allows them to look stunning.

Indications and prohibitions on the procedure

Stages of non-injection facial mesotherapy

Despite the fact that non-injection mesotherapy of the face is largely
is individual in nature (the formula of mezokokteyl is selected,
type of hardware attachment), the general scheme of its implementation is practically
always the same.

  1. Examination of the client’s medical card, its survey to identify
  2. Definition of evidence.
  3. Refine the boundaries of the problem area.
  4. Selection of the formula mezokokteyl.
  5. Facial cleansing with special lotions from cosmetics,
    greasy sediments, dirt.
  6. If necessary, removal procedures are performed.
    dead skin cells (cleansing, peeling, gommage, exfoliation, etc.
  7. Application of mezokokteyl.
  8. The impact of the hardware nozzle. Time – from 10 to 30
  9. Applying skin soothing and firming agents
  10. One month after the full course of treatment
    supporting procedures.

After that, the beautician will advise when to come to him in
next time for another session of non-injection mesotherapy
faces. Some people need only one procedure, and someone
take a few. The results will largely depend on
How well did you care for your skin in rehab?

Keep in mind! Signing up for mesotherapy
persons interested in the education of a specialist who will
carry out the procedure. He must be a cosmetologist or
dermatovenereologist, have qualifications in cosmetology and
physiotherapy. His work experience must be at least 5
years old.

How to do non-injection mesotherapy face

Rehabilitation period

To ensure that face-free mesotherapy is justified
hope her adhere to the following skin care rules in
first week after the procedure:

  1. do not visit pools, beaches, baths, solariums, spas;
  2. do not actively engage in sports;
  3. do not abuse alcohol;
  4. do not use decorative cosmetics;
  5. do not sunbathe.

If you ignore these rehab rules
period after non-injection mesotherapy face, will have
face very unpleasant consequences.

On a note. Non-Injection Mesotherapy
faces it is desirable to do in the cold season, so as not to
harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin.

Rules of the rehabilitation period after non-injection mesotherapy of the face

Complications after needleless mesotherapy

Complications after non-injection mesotherapy
faces – a rarity, but, nevertheless, you should be about them
informed. Most often due to improper skin care
after the procedure or lack of professionalism of the beautician arise
following problems:

  • hyperemia;
  • swelling;
  • allergy;
  • exacerbation of infections or inflammation;
  • bruises, bruises;
  • seals under the skin;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • skin infections: necrosis, staphyloderma, streptoderma,
  • posttraumatic fibrosis – scars;
  • skin atrophy;
  • posttraumatic lymphostasis;
  • degenerative changes;
  • systemic lesions: lupus erythematosus, psoriasis.

To ensure that face-free mesotherapy is successful and not
disappointed with your results, listen to the whole cosmetologist.
If he is a professional in his field, he will never advise
bad So competently choose a salon and a specialist. And then
age will stop pestering you with new wrinkles in the mirror, and from
there will be no trace of internal complexes. If you are afraid of syringes
and injections, you should not abandon the rejuvenating know-how
modern beauty industry. This is your chance to say “Stop!” and
feel fresh and young again.

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