Non-surgical breast augmentation – is it possible this?

Many women, fearing surgery, resorted
to various methods of breast augmentation, including
“popular” that are completely ineffective, but not as scary as
surgeries. “Something” to be afraid of is normal, but not
it’s ok to be deceived about this “something.” Let’s consider,
what unconventional methods suggest improving the condition
mammary glands.


  • Creams and ointments
  • Hormone therapy
  • Physical exercise
  • Own fat transplantation (lipotransfer)
  • Breast augmentation with fillers
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and breast augmentation
  • Diet and special nutrition
  • What is the reality?

Creams and ointments

Creams and ointments, which include phytohormones and
phytoestrogens can significantly increase breast size.
Improving the condition of the mammary glands with the help of herbal medicine takes
leading positions in the top of non-surgical correction methods
mammary glands. Various ointments, gels and creams, which include
phytohormones and phytoestrogens enter, promise substantial tissue growth
mammary glands. But let’s see if this is true

Phytohormones are plant hormones that cause them
growth and development. Numerous studies have proven that
phytohormones are effective only for the plant itself, but
no way for a man. At least for the reason that they do not find
appropriate response in our body. After all, how to act
hormones in the body? They are associated with special protein
structures called receptors. To activate
receptor, the signaling molecule must have an appropriate
structure. When herbal hormones get into ours
organism, they are not recognized by our receptors, as their
molecules have a different structure. Plant hormones (phytohormones)
and human hormones are very different from each other
its structure. In this case, it is said that the key does not fit
the castle.

Moreover, it is impossible to enlarge the breast with creams, ointments and
emulsions containing phytohormones. Since, firstly, creams do not
able to penetrate the barrier – protective layer of our skin, and
secondly, such a cream can not be effective in the above
reasons. This is the most common and awkward myth of all
existing myths.

Almost the same goes for phytoestrogens, which are not at all
are plant hormones. Phytoestrogens are substances that
in the human body imitate the action of hormones, not being them.
This is a group of natural nonsteroidal plant compounds that
can sometimes cause estrogenic and sometimes antiestrogenic

Phytoestrogens can actually cause estrogen-like
response in our body. Above we said that the signal molecule
and the receptor fit together like a key to a lock. However to any
the lock can pick up a master key by accidental coincidence.
This is the master key are phytoestrogens. However, this should
comply with certain conditions.

Phytoestrogens demonstrate their estrogen-like properties.
only in the right concentration, which should exceed
concentration of our own estrogen several thousand times.
Since the phytoestrogen content in a plant is completely
insignificant, and its action is very weak, then the preparations, in composition
which include phytoestrogens are completely useless. AND
then it concerns those cases when phytoestrogens enter our
the body with food or as food additives. Well, what about
creams that need to be rubbed into the chest to increase it? Alas,
phytoestrogens, even assuming that they are in a cream, do not
able to be absorbed into the skin and can not have
estrogen-like action.

Therefore, lovely women, do not let yourself be deceived, do not
Acquire preparations with phytohomons and phytoestrogens, they
completely inconclusive. Parasitizing on the brand “phytohormones and
phytoestrogens “developed a whole industry, which, raking large
money, deceiving gullible consumers.

Hormone therapy

Another question is whether hormones affect the increase in
chest? Naturally, in women during puberty in the blood
female hormones begin to flow, leading to the growth of dairy
glands. However, this does not mean that increasing their number
can increase bust. Back to our receptors and
signaling molecules. Each cell has a certain amount
receptors for interaction with the signaling molecule (hormone).
Once each key (receptor) has its own key (hormone),
then the amount of incoming hormones from the outside does not make sense, since
all niches are occupied and there are no free ones left. In our body action
All hormones are interdependent. Increasing level one
hormone – means the instant response of another. And as a result
unpredictable and, without any doubt, dangerous consequences.

Moreover, small breasts do not mean that a woman
needs additional hormones or her breasts have not grown due to
lack of estrogen. If a woman does not have gynecological problems,
the amount of her hormones is normal. Shape, size and chest volume
caused by heredity, not the amount of hormones in
the body. Uncontrolled hormone drugs harm
only the health of the woman, but will not increase the small breasts and will not change
its shape.

Physical exercise

We must remember once and for all: the mammary glands do not contain muscles.
Therefore, contrary to common misconceptions, no physical
exercises, power loads, running and other sports are not capable
increase or tighten the chest.

Exercise can help increase volume.
pectoral muscle, which is located on the front surface of the chest
(not to be confused with the mammary gland itself). Under the pectoralis major muscle
is a small muscle of a triangular shape. Eliminate beginning
ptosis (omission) of the mammary glands is possible only in cases where
they are small in size. But if the mammary glands have
significant volume, size and weight, and in fact it happens at all
young girls because of hereditary predisposition, to improve their
shape or pull them up with exercise completely
not possible. On the contrary, some sports, for example
running or jumping rope may provoke milk ptosis
glands and stretching the skin of the breast. Since the oscillatory movements of the chest
promote stretching of the skin.

In addition, women with large breasts is difficult to do.
sport, it interferes with running and other sports. but
strong and pumped muscles of the chest are able to visually
lift the female breast and make it bigger, especially if
Do not forget about the correct posture. It is due to the strong muscles and
a flat back creates this effect. In other cases, however
the woman did not train, the small breasts will not be larger, but
Sagging does not tighten to the desired level.

Own fat transplantation (lipotransfer)

Lipotransfer – injection method, which allows to increase
Breast using transplants own fat. Autologous fence
(own) fat is produced from the zones where it occurs
the largest deposition. As a rule, this is the buttocks, thighs, abdomen.
This method can really increase the breast, improve its shape.
and volume, but it has some drawbacks:

  1. Despite the fact that when lipotransfer use biological
    material of the human body, after a certain time he
    biodegradable (absorbed). For this reason, a woman will have to
    repeat this procedure several times to achieve the desired
  2. Amazing is the fact that own biological
    the material (fat) can be torn away, that is, it does not settle down on the new
    place that may cause lumps, lumps or cysts
    mammary glands. Thus, the main advantage of this method
    is his fault.
  3. There is an erroneous opinion that with the help of lipotransfer
    kill two birds with one stone: eliminate excess fat in problem areas
    (on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks) and enlarge the breast with it.
    This opinion is fundamentally wrong. When collecting fat, it is sucked away far.
    not all fat, but only a small part of it. It is not worth it
    forget that the bulk of the subcutaneous fat is still
    remains in the so-called depot, that is, at its former
  4. In addition, for the transfer of biomaterial must be used
    live and intact adipocytes (fat cells). For the fence
    adipocytes need to apply special technical equipment and
    special technology that will help gently remove fat
    cells and eliminate their contact with oxygen, which is capable of their
    to destroy.
  5. There is a slight increase with lipotransfer
    mammary glands. Approximately one size, or even less. I.e
    This method is not suitable for women who want to substantially
    increase breast size

Breast augmentation with fillers

Let’s say right away that the breast augmentation procedure with fillers or
the use of lipotransfer are minimally invasive injections
procedures. This means that during these procedures
use anesthesia, usually intravenous anesthesia, but not
conduct large-scale surgical interventions.

To increase the mammary glands and improve their shape using
based fillers:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • silicone;
  • polymethyl methacrylate;
  • polyacrylamide.

In order to understand how effective fillers are in question
increase breast and improve its shape, you must call them
Advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of fillers are very obvious:

  • instead of the traditional cuts made at full
    surgery, produce only a few punctures
    a needle;
  • use local rather than general anesthesia;
  • fillers increase not so much breast size as they improve
    its form, the breast gets the “girlish” volume;
  • unlike implants, the gel is not felt at all by touch
    and not noticeable when you change the position of the body;
  • lack of rehabilitation period;
  • short time of operation, the operation lasts from
    force 40 minutes;
  • minor complications that are easier to eliminate.

Disadvantages of fillers:

  • fillers show their creative properties only if
    elastic skin and small breast size, i.e. they improve
    breast status in young women;
  • hyaluronic acid based fillers dissolve during
    half a year, so the procedure will have to be repeated again and again;
  • with the introduction of fillers there is also a risk of
    capsular contracture (as when installing implants), but in
    In this case, the complication is eliminated with the help of a special massage.
    or resorbable hyaluronidase injections;
  • the formation of lumps in the mammary glands is also eliminated by
    massage and hyaluronidase injections;
  • fillers slightly increase breasts, i.e. they do not
    able to replace endoprostheses if a woman wants to increase the bust by
    several sizes;
  • the price of fillers is comparable with silicone prostheses;
  • injections are not suitable for stretched and lowered

However, it is worth noting that all of the above positive
moments apply only to hyaluronic acid based fillers.
Non-absorbable silicone-based polymethylmethacrylate fillers
and polyacrylamide do not biodegrade (do not dissolve and are not displayed
independently from the body). They can also migrate from
chest in other organs or arbitrarily move inside the body.
This fact can cause inflammatory processes that
manifest fibrosis (proliferation of connective tissue). Traces from
fibrosis remains under the skin forever, and with time, when the skin
will begin to thin, will be contoured through the skin in the form of
ugly scars.

Thus, after weighing all the pros and cons, only the woman herself
can come to the necessary conclusions and the adoption of something important for her

Stimulation of blood circulation and breast augmentation

Breast massage

Let’s clarify what determines the size and volume of dairy

  1. The size and volume of the mammary glands depends on the thickness
    subcutaneous fat that envelops the female
  2. The degree of development of the mammary glands is directly dependent on the action
    sex hormones.
  3. Well developed and trained chest muscles serve
    perfect breast carcass, subject to regular
    workouts for a long time. But here there is one
    important condition: only the mammary glands can hold the pectoral muscles
    small size. Large heavy chest sags under
    own weight, and no matter how trained chest muscles,
    they cannot keep it at the necessary level.
  4. Hereditary factor plays a major role in the structure and
    chest structure. That is, the size, shape and volume of the breast gets
    woman “inherited.”

And now let’s look at what affects breast growth:

  1. On the growth of glandular tissue that makes up the mammary gland
    primarily hormones. Woman has hormones
    varies throughout life: from adolescence to menopause.
    Consequently, the shape and size of the breast never remains constant.
    Moreover, these fluctuations have a significant intensity. Every month
    before and after menstruation, the mammary glands undergo
    significant changes that affect the size and shape
  2. The amount of adipose tissue is affected by an overall increase in body weight.
    It is easy to notice how, after significant weight loss, breast
    flattened, sags, like an empty bag. And in the opposite
    case, after an increase in body weight, breast, respectively
    increases in size. Since the mammary glands are composed
    mainly from adipose tissue, fluctuations in body weight
    proportional to the size and shape of the breast.

Thus, there is much doubt about the correlation between
stimulation of blood circulation and breast augmentation.

It is safe to say that breast augmentation with the help of massage –
This is an unbelievable fiction. Any kind of massage relaxes the muscles,
increases blood flow, improves blood circulation and skin condition,
but can not increase anything. Even a special massage, like
“manual stimulation of the erogenous zones of the breast” – does not contribute
increase the size of the mammary glands and is treated by experts as
some nonsense. Light rubbing of essential oils into the breast skin
helps make skin silky soft to the touch, but no more

Diet and special nutrition

Here, immediately remembered entrenched in many heads
stereotype about cabbage leaf. However, in our time there is still
enough people holy believers in magical power
cabbage. It is still unclear what this sample is based on.
statement. Why did cabbage play such an important role in
the issue of breast enlargement. No one disputes the usefulness
this product, but no logical and, especially, scientific
There is no relationship between cabbage and bust enlargement, and never
It was.

It is also believed that the diet, which includes legumes
culture, promotes breast augmentation. And all because of the notorious
phytoestrogens. Yes, the usefulness of products such as soy, lentils,
beans are not denied by anyone, as they contain many valuable
substances: vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and nutritional
vegetable protein. But, as mentioned above, phytoestrogens do not
can affect the growth of the mammary glands. Concentration
phytoestrogen in these products is quite insignificant and to
meet the needs of the human body in estrogen,
you need to eat a huge amount of them. Therefore, no beans
cultures, neither cabbage, nor other products are not able to create
such a miracle. It is possible to increase the size of the breast in another way – to increase
body weight. Gaining a couple of pounds, any woman will notice
a significant increase in the mammary glands.

What is the reality?

And the reality is that the volume, size and shape of dairy
glands caused by hereditary factors. Just like
hair color, eye incision and anatomical structure of the body. Can we
affect hair color? Yes, by staining them. Similar
things are with the mammary glands. Change their size and shape
possible only with the help of plastic surgery. Otherwise nothing
will be able to affect their structure, size and shape. but
regular exercise will help improve body parameters,
strengthen the muscles of the chest and back, which will immediately affect
bust condition.

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