Normal highlighting – performance technique, pros and cons, photos before and after, how much is held and to whom it goes

One day in the life of every woman comes the very moment when
the soul desperately demands any changes. And highlighting in such
case is the most accessible and obvious option that will allow
any fair sex completely change the image and
refresh the image.

What it is?

The content of the article:

  • What it is?
  • History of creation
  • Who is the classic highlighting?
  • Can I do during pregnancy
  • Pros and cons, harmful or not
  • Classic highlighting scheme, execution technique
  • On dark hair
  • On light brown and dark blond hair
  • On blonde hair
  • On red hair
  • On gray hair
  • On brown hair
  • On the square
  • On wavy and straight
  • FAQ
  • Beautiful shades and colors
  • Highlighting at home
  • Before and after pictures
  • Hairstyles with classic highlighting
  • Prices in salons and private experts
  • Reviews
  • Hair care after highlighting

Conventional or so-called classic highlighting by right
considered the most popular staining that is
painting individual strands all over the head in different tones of one

Thanks to this technique, all these shades seem to merge into
one, and you get a beautiful play and even glare on your
hair. classic highlighting

It is also worth noting that the classic highlighting
provides for two possible options: frequent and rare.

The difference between the two is that in the first case you are hardly
You will see a sharp and noticeable contrast, but the second one suggests
just a few dyed strands that will differ by
color from the main part of your hair.

History of creation

Virtually every woman of the fair sex at least
once in a life made highlighting, however not everyone knows
who and under what circumstances was loved by many
staining. beautiful hair

It all started with the fact that Jacques Dessange noticed that when
long stay in the sun at the girls interestingly burned them
curls in such a way that some individual strands become
non-mainstream hair color.

He considered that this effect looks fresh and original, and
because tried to recreate it artificially. As you can see,
it turned out.

Who is the classic highlighting?

It is considered that such staining is
all And this is true! The overall effect depends on
Your chosen color and haircut, but one thing is for sure:
having made highlighting once, you will fall in love with it
forever and ever. different hair types

If you are the owner of thin and absolutely not voluminous hair,
This highlighting will be a real salvation for you, because
visually add volume to your locks. Where do you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

Can I do during pregnancy

When a girl is in an “interesting position,” she is still
I want to look stylish, fresh and well-groomed. And then there is
The main question is whether it is possible to highlight hair during
pregnancy? Of course, on the one hand, pregnancy is not
a disease, and therefore you should not give up your favorite procedures,
which are so uplifting. pregnant girl

And even some doctors have nothing against staining,
because they claim that the substances in the paint cannot
hurt your future baby. However, before you decide on
such a change of image, please note that thorough research on this
a topic that could be trusted is still not done, but
because the risk is the place to be.

Also during pregnancy, many women become aggravated.
sense of smell, and therefore sharp smells can cause emetic urges,
nausea, headaches, dizziness and many more not very
pleasant moments that I would like to avoid.

This problem is especially urgent in the first
trimester. It is also worth noting that hormonal
the restructuring inherent in all pregnant girls and women is affected and
on your hair: the dye may either not lie at all, or even worse –
lie down stained.

And in the end, instead of a smart head of hair and such an interesting change
image you get absolutely not what you dreamed.

Pros and cons, harmful or not

As with any procedure and classic highlighting there are a number of
advantages and disadvantages, consider them in more detail.


  1. Highlighting is considered one of the most benign types
    staining because not all are subject to clarification
    your hair, and only a small part of it – about 20-30% of the total
  2. It will help you add volume visually.
  3. If you want to achieve the most natural and
    natural effect, then highlighting will suit you best.
  4. Tired of constantly tint the roots? Then give back
    preference for this particular type of staining. When highlighting
    the regrown parts are hardly noticeable, so you can
    refuse to visit salons regularly. On average you
    You will need to update your hair once a couple of months.
  5. Also worth noting is quite low
    cost relative to other popular this season
    types of coloring like balabaz, ombre or shatusha.



  1. If you hope to spend on changing the image no more than an hour, then
    highlighting is definitely not for you. And if they did decide, then
    Get ready to spend at least two hours in the cabin, or even
  2. Despite the fact that it is considered gentle, harm to hair
    it nevertheless causes highlighting, and therefore, in order not to dry out curls and not
    get ugly hanging icicles instead of chic hair
    strands, you will need to pay more attention to care, and specifically –
  3. It is almost impossible to perform well at home.

Classic highlighting scheme, execution technique

One of the most popular ways to perform highlighting –
coloring through the cap.

  1. You will wear a special hat with holes on your head.
  2. Through these holes, with the help of a hook, individual
  3. A flat brush on the strands will cause paint.
  4. After a certain amount of time, you will wash your hair.
    twice: first without taking off the cap, and then without it.

coloring through the cap

On dark hair

If you are a hot brunette, then highlights are brighter
shades will add the missing “flavor” to your image:
contrast will set you apart from the crowd and attract you
Attention. On dark hair

On light brown and dark blond hair

Light brown and dark blond hair may appear normal and
inexpressive, however, the classic highlighting will transform them to
unrecognizability, will add to the image extravagance and special
charm. blond

On blonde hair

Blondes who want to change their image without resorting to cardinal
measures, highlighting is also suitable. It will help diversify
hairstyle and create a stylish trend image. On blonde hair

On red hair

Highlights on natural red hair – perfect
a way to highlight their natural beauty, and bring in the image
refinement and femininity. On red hair

On gray hair

If a man is gray and makes him more attractive, then
for a woman, the appearance of gray hairs is a real tragedy! but
do not panic, this season one of the most popular
is the procedure of highlighting it on the gray curls. On gray hair

On brown hair

Brown hair is less likely to be dyed,
because to kill such a shade is quite difficult. However, those
who nevertheless decided on highlighting, will be pleased with the result:
golden thin strands will shine under the sun
rays. On brown hair

On the square

If you are the owner of short hair and many are not available to you
trendy hairstyles, highlighting, which will add new colors to your
the image will be a great stylish solution. car

On wavy and straight

Highlighting will not only add volume to straight hair, but also
make curls more expressive. In other words, such
staining is suitable in both cases. wavy and straight hair


Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?

No, the paint is applied to a dirty head.

How much is this coloring?

The price depends on the length and thickness of your hair. be ready
leave in the cabin from one and a half to five thousand rubles.

How much time is being done?

Also depends on the length and thickness of the hair, but on average you
have to spend two to four hours.

How much is holding up?

You will have to update your hairstyle every couple of months, however
not that the paint will wash off, but the fact that you just grow back
hair and roots of a different color will not look very
aesthetically pleasing.

How often can you highlight?

Since highlighting is discoloration of the strands, it dries
your curls, and therefore part of the staining is not worth it just
because you ruin the quality of your hair.

Beautiful shades and colors

It all depends on the color of your natural hair. For example, if you
– dark-haired, then look at the deep brown, coffee
or chocolate shades. If you are a blue-eyed blonde,
Prefer milky, ashen or silver tones. AND
choose warm red colors if you have brown eyes and bright
wheat curls.

Highlighting at home

The first thing to consider is the complexity of the procedure. Not every master
colorist will cope with this task and will be able to make you
highlighting. Therefore, before undertaking staining
on your own, think twice.

If you do decide, prepare the necessary materials,
including paint (give preference to professional
means if you do not want to burn the hair) and oxide
(use better 3 or 6% oxide, since it is the most
successfully removes ryzhinu and relatively sparingly affects the
head of hair), flat brush, cap with holes and a comb
with narrow pointed end. at home

  1. Comb your hair and put a hat on your head.
  2. Pull through the holes with the narrow end of the comb.
    thin strands.
  3. Apply a dye to the curls with a flat brush and
    leave for 30-40 minutes as written in the instructions
    to paint. Important: you do not need to overdo it! Result
    will not be better!
  4. After half an hour, wash the paint off the hair, without removing the cap, after
    Why wash your head again, but without it.

The price of home coloring is much lower
but it’s impossible to say the exact cost:
depends on which paint you choose. On average from 600
rubles and above.

Before and after pictures

A great example of highlighting for short hair with deliverance
from redheads. for short hair with getting rid of redhead

On the brown-haired, this coloring looks especially stylish and
seductively. on brown-haired with curls

No less stylish look highlights on straight hair medium
lengths straight hair of medium length

Hairstyles with classic highlighting

Stylish and incredibly beautiful square on dark hair with more
light strands. dark hair with lighter strands

No less stylish looks elongated caret with highlighting
pleasant wheat or milky color. extended caret with highlighting

Prices in salons and private experts

Prices for highlighting may vary significantly, depending
on the length of the hair and on the qualification of the specialist, whether it will be private
specialist or you will do the procedures in the beauty salon. Below
prices in beauty salons, source

Lower cost services from private professionals in Moscow according to


A few reviews from the popular
resourcehttps: //

Hair care after highlighting

In order for your new hairstyle to please you as much as possible
longer, you need to properly care for your hair. So how is it
to do?

Firstly, it is very important to correctly select the shampoo and
balm: a prerequisite is the mark “for
colored hair “. Such products most often do not contain oils,
which wash off any paint. care

Secondly, moisturizing is very important
stage: use masks, sprays and indelible

Also refuse to comb wet hair and not
go to bed with a wet head.

Highlighting is a stylish solution that will help you dramatically
change the image, with minimal harm to your

Properly care for your hair, do not part with
staining, and then your curls will delight you and
admire others.

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