Nourishing hair mask with coconut oiled

Beautiful and healthy hair plays a huge role in each life
women, maintaining her good mood and confidence.
Coconut Hair Mask helps to avoid many
problems regarding gloss and smoothness, silkiness and
elasticity. To decide how to create
cosmetic mixture yourself, you need to turn to experience
experts. To obtain the maximum effect should be
preliminary procedures, pick up additional funds


  • Why precisely coconut oil?
  • Secrets of use
  • Mask Recipes

Why precisely coconut oil?

The useful component is extracted from coconut pulp. He possesses
excellent auxiliary properties for a long time not
spoils, since after receipt does not react with air.
Today, brands offer several types of oils –
refined and unrefined. To make the most of
useful substances of the product, it is desirable to stay on the second type
oils. It is believed to contain more nutrients.
components, rather than refined.

In cosmetology, coconut oil is most often used to care for
hair It restores damaged in a short time.
the structure of the curl, warning it dry and brittle. Natural
The substance effectively acts on the scalp, preventing
dandruff. After applying the oil, hair gets more
saturated and bright color. It is able to delay protein
compounds in structures, which is especially important for weak, thin
and dry strands.

Those who want to make their hair perfectly straight are also better.
resort to coconut oil. Curly curls lend themselves well
exposed to natural matter, leveled and not exposed
aggression of external factors. Each hair is covered with oil, and
the scalp is protected from microbial exposure. Means
regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, has
anti-inflammatory property.

Secrets of use

Any woman should remember that only an integrated approach to
this problem will give a good result. Hair care not
an exception. Mostly cosmetic defect develops on the background
deeper disorders in the body. Therefore, in parallel with the mask
from coconut material take vitamins, fish oil. Often
resort to a mixture of several types of oils with coconut: jojoba, roses,
almond This enhances the effect on damaged areas.
Natural substance makes hair heavier. To avoid
unpleasant feeling of fatness, you need to thoroughly wash the product,
resorting to the services of cosmetics. If fat is badly removed
from the roots, should not be applied to the substrate. Can
limit the distribution of the mixture over the entire length of the hair.

The important point is to heat the coconut oil to water.
bathhouse However, do not use with this microwave. After
bring the right amount of the mixture to a certain temperature
substance impose on hair. And they can be as dirty
so and clean. Although there is an assumption that conduct such
the procedure is necessary only on washed curls. Important role
plays the right choice of oil. Its composition should not have any
flavors and chemical additives. It can damage the hair.
It is worth trusting only 100% oil. Compliance with such rules and
therapeutic course requirements will make hair healthy and
beautiful The number of procedures should vary within 10
masks (1 or 2 masks per week). After the course is a break.

Mask Recipes

  1. Coconut oil’s most famous hair mask consists of
    pure substance, without additives and impurities. The tool is heated and
    immediately applied to the entire length of the strands. Amount of oil – from 2 to 5
    spoons. Distribute the product evenly with your fingers. Sometimes used
    comb with large teeth. After applying the hair is collected in
    bundle and leave under the influence of a substance for several hours.
    Wash off the product several times with shampoo.
  2. Hair mask with coconut oil and sour cream is useful for
    strands of dry type. However, not all women like fermented milk
    products on the hair. Therefore, coconut is most often used along with
    wheat germ oil. The proportion is 1: 1.
  3. If we are talking about lavender essential oil, it is necessary
    combine 3 spoons of coconut material and 3 drops of oil from
  4. Also a very nourishing mask for dry strands will be the mixture.
    olive and coconut oil. The ratio of materials – 2: 1 (2
    parts of coconut and 1 part olive). As an extra
    means you can add lavender, rosemary.
  5. In order to stimulate the growth of new hairs, use
    Bay oil (obtained from bay leaves). It must be mixed with
    coconut oil in proportion: 1 spoon of the first and 1 drop of the second
    substances. Thoroughly mixed contents applied to the hair,
    especially the roots, it is left for several hours. After
    systematic procedures after 2 weeks you can find a new
    “undercoat” hair. The product from the bay leaf is often added to
    shampoo (10 drops of oil per 100 ml of product).
  6. Coconut oil mask with honey is also popular.
    among women. This nutritional blend enriches curls with beneficial effects.
    elements, moisturizes them throughout the length. Place 1 spoon in the bowl.
    honey and 2 spoons of coconut material. Duration of the procedure – 1
    hour. A mask that will strengthen brittle strands may consist of 1
    yolk and 3 spoons of coconut oil. Products are thoroughly mixed and
    applied to the hair for several hours.

However, before cosmetic and therapeutic
procedures with hair, it is better to consult a qualified
a specialist.

This will not only save the health of the woman, but also save the family

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