Oily hair – how to fight at home conditions, popular recipes and cosmetics

The problem of increased fat content of hair and scalp occurs
often. You can cope with it by using
self-made, at home, funds for
hair, aimed at cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing curls and
skin. Hair care at home

The main causes of oily scalp

The content of the article:

  • The main causes of oily scalp
  • How to deal with oily hair
  • Folk recipes to eliminate oily hair
  • TOP 10 best professional anti-fat products
  • Home treatments against fat
  • Useful tips for oily hair care

The root cause of increased oiliness of the hair and scalp is
hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands.

By increasing the production of subcutaneous fat, the scalp
begins to shine, gradually shine goes to the roots
hair and below. The appearance of the hair loses its volume,
freshness and tidiness. wrong hair care

Violation of the sebaceous glands often occurs as follows

  • endocrine or hormonal problems;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • wrong hair care;
  • eating junk food in big
    amount, especially fatty, fried, salty or
  • lack of vitamins;
  • wearing tight or synthetic hats;
  • shampooing with too hot water;
  • feature of the structure of hair and skin, which is transmitted by

In addition, the active ingredients of many modern
hair care products are chemical
compounds that adversely affect the skin and hair, accumulating in
body and often provoking a lipid imbalance that
may also trigger an increase

To determine the exact cause of this problem,
It is recommended to visit a specialist and make the necessary

How to deal with oily hair

In the fight against excessive greasiness is of great importance
used means. It is undesirable to apply care and
cosmetic products with lots of chemical additives
in the composition. shampoos from oily hair

In order to get rid of the problem of hair greasiness,
you must first use safe natural
shampoos, balms and other care products that do not have
harmful inclusions. It is best to choose as much as possible
natural products.

One of the most effective methods in dealing with elevated
greasiness is the regular use of traditional folk
means for cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the scalp and hair:

  • homemade shampoos and balms;
  • masks made from natural ingredients – clay, honey and oils;
  • peels with salt;
  • herbal conditioners;
  • taking vitamins, iron and fish oil.

salt peeling

In addition, to eliminate fat content, it is important to include in your diet.
more vegetables, fruits and fish, and actively move on
fresh air. Soft combs recommended
with non-metallic and non-natural bristles to be
the ability to periodically wash them with soapy water. Winter is important
cover your head from snow and frost, and in summer from the sun and its
scorching rays. Frequency of washing hair prone to rapid
pollution should not exceed 1-2 times at 5-6

Folk recipes to eliminate oily hair

The use of natural ingredients in the fight against excessive
greasiness allows you to achieve excellent results in the form of fresh,
clean hair, gently scrubbing the skin and adjusting lipid

By combining different ingredients, you can every time
prepare means in a new way, thus avoiding
getting used to any one component.

The main components that can be used in masks and
homemade peelings:

  1. Clay. Blue, white or green clay
    perfectly removes high fat content, cleansing and delicately
    drying the skin. Strengthens hair, making it more
    bulk. Method of preparation: dilute with water
    until consistency is not very thick cream, add the yolk or
    a drop of essential oil, stir and apply to the hair from the roots to
    tips Put on a shower cap and wrap a head with a towel.
    After 15-20 minutes, rinse with a mild shampoo. After
    It is recommended to use clay based masks.
    Moisturizing balm for easier combing. Clay
  2. Honey. This unique product is not only
    restores the sebaceous glands, cleanses the skin and roots
    hair from subcutaneous fat, but also nourishes, soothes and
    heals. In addition, honey has a strong antiseptic
    action that allows you to effectively apply it in the fight against
    oily hair and oily seborrhea. Way
    cooking: Melt two teaspoons of honey, add
    one teaspoon of aloe juice and lemon juice, mix and
    apply on scalp. After half an hour wash off with herbal
    rinse aid. honey for hair
  3. Scrub for oily hair at home
    conditions. Exfoliates, disinfects, improves
    blood circulation and lipid balance. Preparation: two
    tablespoons of olive oil mixed with two tablespoons
    salt and gently rub the mixture into the roots.
    The duration of the rubbing is not more than 3-4

Peeling tips for scalp:

  • This procedure is performed on wet hair before washing.
  • contraindications – very sensitive skin,
    scratches, cuts and any other injuries of the skin;
  • at any unpleasant sensations, for example, at
    burning, olive oil in the composition can be replaced by
    natural kefir or yogurt;
  • frequency of use: 1 time per week.

scalp peeling

Cooking rye shampoo do-it-yourself for fatty

Ingredients Required:

  • slice of rye bread;
  • 1/4 cup water;
  • tablespoon powdered mustard.

slices of rye bread

Method of preparation and use:

  1. Soak bread in water, adding mustard.
  2. Wash the resulting mixture head, rubbing into the skin.

DIY shampoo making clay

Ingredients Required:

  • blue clay – 5 tablespoons;
  • essential oil of grapefruit or lemon and mint – 2-4
  • mustard powder – 5 tablespoons;
  • Soda and salt – one tablespoon.

blue clay

Cooking method:

  1. Dilute clay in warm water until creamy.
  2. Pour the mustard powder, salt and soda. To mix everything.
  3. Drip the essential oils and mix the mixture again.
  4. Apply on the skin, roots and the entire length of the hair massaging
    movements, then wash off.

The manufacture of herbal home rinse


  • dry oak bark – 3 tablespoons
  • liter of boiling water.


Preparation and use:

  1. Oak bark pour water and boil about 15
  2. Allow to cool at room temperature.
  3. Strain and drain the broth.
  4. Rinse the hair with the resulting liquid after washing.

Milky Herbal Conditioner


  • St. John’s wort – 3 tablespoons;
  • liter of milk.


Preparation and use:

  1. Pour milk over the grass and cook for 15 minutes on the weak
    on fire
  2. After the broth has cooled, strain.
  3. Rinse hair with milky-herbal mixture after shampooing,
    then wash your hair again with water
    (preferably boiled).

A simple balm conditioner for shine and freshness

  • Dilute half lemon juice with liter
    boiled water.
  • Rinse the hair with the resulting liquid after washing.
    Flush this balm is not
    need to.

lemon juice

Applying these tools regularly, the hair will get
healthy appearance, will become stronger, and the problem is excessive
greasiness will come to naught.

TOP 10 best professional anti-fat products

A review of professional anti-greasy hair products will help
select the appropriate means optimal in proportion

  1. Shampoo. One of the best shampoos for fatty
    Hair is Vichy Dercos (production
    France). This tool not only cleans the skin quality
    and the roots of fat, but also normalizes sebum production, while maintaining
    lipid balance. Cost: about 800 rubles.
    Vichy Dercos
  2. The second shampoo recommended for use with problems with
    fat hair, from the budget segment: Green Mama with
    extracts of herbs and black currant (production
    Russia). The natural composition and environmental friendliness of this tool
    gently cares for the scalp and hair, cleansing well and
    rinsing curls. Price: about 200 rubles.
    Green Mama
  3. Lotion. A reliable helper in saving
    the freshness of hair and the elimination of greasy shine is lotion
    Kapous Treatment (manufacturer Italy). Restores
    the balance of the scalp, soothes and protects the roots from pollution.
    Apply after washing the head with massaging movements. Cost:
    within 300 rubles. Kapous Treatment
  4. Rinse DNC “French Vinegar”
    (manufacturer Latvia) is distinguished by its natural composition, which
    normalizes the sebaceous glands, strengthens the hair and makes them
    fresher and softer. This tool must be diluted with water in
    proportions 1 tablespoon of funds per liter of water. Neutralizes
    negative impact of hard water. Cost: from 200
    rubles. DNC French Vinegar
  5. Mask Scalp Treatment by Moroccanoil (country
    producer Israel) on the basis of oils argan and lavender carefully
    cleans, nourishes and protects curls from the damaging effects
    external environment and UV rays. Restores healthy shine to hair
    and silkiness. Cost: about 2000 rubles.
    Scalp Treatment by Moroccanoil
  6. Spray Full Force from Ollin Professional (country
    manufacturer Russia). As part of aloe juice, which regenerates,
    disinfects and moisturizes as well as panthenol, which makes curls
    obedient and gentle. Cost: about 450 rubles.
    Full Force by Ollin Professional
  7. Balsam Estel Curex (made in Russia).
    Preserves not only freshness, but also the volume of curls. Can apply
    daily, including before laying. Price: from 250
    rubles. Estel Curex Balsam
  8. Argan Oil of Argan Oil of Morocco from OGX
    (US production) is considered one of the most beneficial for fatty
    hair type. Completely natural composition nourishes the curls and skin,
    normalizing lipid metabolism, fortifying hair and healing them.
    Price category: within 600 rubles.
    OGX's Argan Oil of Morocco
  9. Flawless Mousse by Macadamia Natural Oil
    (manufacturer USA) will help to lay your hair without weighing it down or
    hurting them. In addition, facilitates combing after washing and
    reduces drying time with a hair dryer. In the composition of macadamia oil and argan.
    Price category: about 1800 rubles. Flawless Mousse by Macadamia Natural Oil
  10. Elixir for hair Asia SPA from Orofluido
    (Spain) envelops the hair without the formation of a film, giving
    curls well-groomed appearance and healthy shine. Does not increase fat.
    Suitable for use after blow-drying. Cost: in
    within 780 rubles. Asia SPA by Orofluido
  11. Nioxin growth booster (USA) boosts
    blood circulation, stimulating hair growth, nourishing the scalp and
    hair follicles gently exfoliate the scalp and nourish it.
    Price: 1700 rubles. Nioxin Growth Enhancer

Read more about pharmaceutical remedies against hair oily

Home treatments against fat

In order to get rid of fat content for a long time, it is recommended
Use of the following home procedures:

  • use safe
    shampoo homemade 1-2
    times a week;
  • Be sure to use home rinses
    manufacturing each time after washing the head;
  • salt peeling – once a week with strong
    fat and 1-2 times a month with an average degree of fat;
  • nourishing and cleansing masks with oils,
    clay and honey;
  • reduced use of hair dryer by
  • the use of moisturizing balms, mousses or
    oils after blow-drying;
  • regular combing of the hair in order to
    remove the accumulated subcutaneous fat from the roots and scalp.

For combing it is recommended to use a wooden comb with
a drop of essential oil previously applied to its teeth,
suitable for greasy hair: citrus, mint, oil
tea tree or lavender. Home treatments against fat

Express way to get rid of oily hair at the roots

To quickly bring hair in order, giving them a few
minutes fresh and neat look, you can use the following
proven method:

  • dissolve hair and take it apart;
  • take a pinch of flour or baby powder and gently
    apply on the entire scalp, parting;
  • carefully comb out all the flour or powder,
    trying to give hair volume as when laying;
  • do not too tight hair.


Flour perfectly absorbs sebum, however when used
This method is important not to overdo it with the amount of flour and
be lazy to comb it properly.

This method is perfect in cases where there is no
time to wash your hair. Powder or flour fine
will play the role of dry shampoo.

Useful tips for oily hair care

The main rule in the care of hair prone to fat and
fast salting, is to use a mild shampoo,
not weighting the curls and not clogging the pores of the skin

It is equally important to moisturize hair and skin and not to use
means prone to draining them. Excessive
dryness only causes the sebaceous glands to work even more

It is important to regulate the balance of the scalp with
use of natural or professional safe products.
salt peeling

It is very useful to make a salt peeling, however
this procedure must be done very carefully and not too

Avoid products with silicone, sulphates, parabens,
fragrances and dyes or flavors in the composition.

Rinsing hair on a regular basis with herbal
infusions or lemon balm that does not require rinsing, transform
curls, not only ridding them of fat, but also giving
healthy shine and strength.

Curls prone to rapid pollution and greasiness, with
constant proper care aimed at normalizing lipid
balance and adjustment of the release of subcutaneous fat will quickly acquire
healthy fresh look.

Natural homemade products will help
not only get rid of the problem of oily hair itself, but also become
effective prevention against excess greasiness

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