Oily hair treatment – what to do with oily hair how to wash hair and how to care

The problem of excessive greasy hair faces a large
number of women around the world. Get rid of such trouble
You can use many tools, from professional medical to
famous folk, but above all you need to properly
establish the cause of excessive greasiness. Knowing
cause, you can easily eliminate the problem itself.
Greasy hair

Causes of oily hair in women

The content of the article:

  • Causes of oily hair in women
  • Oily hair treatments
  • How to treat greasy hair at home
  • Means against oily hair
  • Vitamins from oily hair
  • How to wash greasy hair
  • Top 5 Professional Shampoos for Oily Hair
  • How to cure hair from fat content by folk remedies
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Before you start using any means to
eliminating and combating increased hair greasiness is important
determine its cause. Otherwise, the treatment will not give
no effect either will be valid only for a moment
use of a particular means. Most common
Causes of oily hair in women:

  • increased glandular activity of the scalp;
  • lipid imbalance;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • thyroid problems;
  • problems with the digestive tract;
  • long-term use of certain drugs, for example
  • eating junk food – fatty, fried, spicy,
    salty; Diet
  • mismatched hair care that includes
    shampoos, balms, masks, sprays, hair oils, contraindicated
    this type of hair;
  • seboric dermatitis;
  • stressful situations; stressful situations
  • pregnancy;
  • menopause;
  • irregular shampooing;
  • poor quality of water used for washing is especially harmful
    hard water;
  • frequent or improper staining, use
    substandard means during procedures at the hairdresser;
  • synthetic hats can also cause
    excessive oily hair.

Disruption of lipid metabolism and increased activity of sebaceous
glands, as a rule, are closely related to each other and flow one of
other. They are the main cause of oily hair as a result
some kind of disease, or a poor lifestyle, diet, or

To establish the exact reason, it is recommended to visit
specialist and, if necessary, carry out the designated

Oily hair treatments

A large number of women whose hair is subject to rapid
greasy contamination and oiliness, try to wash their hair more often. it
quite natural, because the kind of greasy hair does not look very
nice, but such a procedure as frequent washing of the head is not
solve the main problem, and sometimes aggravate it – hot
water can provoke an increased secretion of subcutaneous fat that
make hair even more fat.

The best way to conduct such cleansing activities for
hair prone to fat, strictly as they are contaminated, approximately
1 time in 4-5 days. Use for
Purification you need correctly selected tools with a pronounced
degreasing effect. Oily hair products
should weight them, so you should pay attention to the composition and their

Standard procedures to help eliminate excess fat
hair in the initial stages of its appearance:

  1. Wash your hair no more than once every 4-5 days, not
    using too hot water.
  2. 3-4 times a week you should rub the scalp with a mixture of
    5% boric acid and a couple of droplets of lemon juice and
    alcohol. This should be done with a cotton pad, dividing
    hair on the partings.
  3. Brush your hair several times a day without
    forgetting to periodically wash the comb with soap and water.
    Therefore, brushes with natural bristles will not work.
  4. Adjust your nutrition and motor
    activity – it is worth eating more vegetables, fruits,
    lean meat and fish dishes, rejecting malnutrition,
    avoid stress whenever possible, be sure to get enough sleep and walk on
    fresh air every day.
  5. In the cold season, do not neglect wearing
    quality natural headgear, as cold
    adversely affects the condition of the hair and scalp. Same
    concerns and the warm season – it is worth protecting your head from the scorching
    sun rays.

Following the above rules will help to establish
blood circulation, while clearing the head of fat and greasy shine.
These procedures are recommended to be performed at any degree.
oily hair, but the best effect is achieved on
the initial stages of the appearance of excess greasiness.

How to treat greasy hair at home

Treatment of oily hair may well be organized.
at home, without resorting to expensive salon procedures,
saving not only money, but also time.

To get rid of greasiness at home, you can use:

  • use of special selected shampoos, including
    solid as well as therapeutic and
    cleansing soap, for example with antiseptic
    action – “Tar”, “Borne”; Tar
  • applying self-made masks and applications
    natural rinses, such as calendula tincture,
    chamomile, sage, plantain, St. John’s wort; tincture of calendula
  • brushing occasionally with unnatural
    bristles and non-metallic teeth; hair
  • wearing tight hair should be avoided;
    irons, ploek and hair dryer for styling. If hair dryer is used
    for drying, it is important to adjust the medium mode so that the air does not
    overdried the skin, because after drying the subcutaneous fat will be
    produced with a vengeance; a girl dries her hair with a hairdryer
  • it is not recommended to wear hairpins, rubber bands,
    headbands and any jewelry of this kind with metal in
    composition. hairpins

By following these simple hair care tips, you can
control the fat content of the skin, reducing it with
using available tools and natural ingredients in
the composition of shampoos, masks and rinses.

Means against oily hair

In order to get rid of the problem quickly polluted
hair, it is important not only to clean the skin
head, but use the right tools for it,
effectively removes skin particles and subcutaneous fat. Strong
exfoliating agents are generally not quite suitable for
This type of hair, so you need to use more
soft, but no less effective means.

  1. Soap. With problems with excessive greasiness
    often apply different types of not only shampoos, but also soaps. One of
    the most effective in dealing with this ailment is
    “Tar” soap. Natural ingredients such
    product does not load hair harmful chemicals, effectively clean and
    disinfect the skin. The only downside to use
    such a tool is not the most convenient form of release in
    The bars and peculiar smell. Duration of use –
    no more than two weeks in a row, after which it is recommended to do

soap for hair

  1. Aspirin. Aspirin is known for its property.
    eliminate excess fat from the scalp, significantly improving the condition
    hair. In addition, aspirin regulates and normalizes
    production of subcutaneous fat. Way
    Application: 1 tablet of this medicine is crushed in
    powder and mixed with any mild natural shampoo, after
    what this mixture thoroughly washed hair and scalp.


Important. Before using soap or aspirin
It is necessary to ensure that there are no allergies and any wounds or cuts on
skin. Flush these funds should be very carefully.

Vitamins from oily hair

In vitamins badly needs not only the human body, but also
hair. For each type of hair there is a complex of vitamins,
that will have a positive effect, nourishing and saturating
both the skin and the hair itself are all necessary
trace elements and minerals.

  1. Omega 3. Widely known fish oil today
    presented in the form of capsules that must be taken orally for
    to compensate for the lack of nutrients, in particular
    Omega 3 and Vitamin E, in the body. Prevents many
    problems with hair and skin, including eliminating
    greasiness and regulating lipid balance, as well as strengthening and nourishing
    hair from the inside. Omega
  2. Zincteral Drug based
    zinc very effectively stimulates metabolic processes in
    the body, normalizing the secretion of sebum and
    strengthening general immunity. Zincteral
  3. Vitamins of group B, C, and also iron.
    Vitamins B

Vitamins are desirable to use not only in
pill form, but also by inclusion in the diet
products rich in these nutrients and trace elements:
be sure to add fish, fruits and vegetables to the menu, as well

Do not forget that the drugs in pills and capsules
for oral administration must appoint a doctor, especially when
the presence of any chronic diseases and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
Take vitamins best after meals so as not to harm the stomach.
Read more about remedies for oily hair.

How to wash greasy hair

To wash oily hair are suitable as special,
professional shampoos, and some mass-media products. AT
purchase of detergent in a regular store
should carefully read the instructions and
composition, making sure there are no inappropriate
components, such as parabens, sulfates, fragrances and others.

Very good if the composition will be natural
extracts or oils.

From regular shampoos that are easy to find in many online
supermarkets can allocate the following funds:

  1. Burdock shampoo. Inexpensive remedy for
    natural based, suitable for daily
    application. Burdock shampoo
  2. Green Mama. Eco shampoo with mint, not containing
    chemical aggressive components. Mint is a great refreshing and
    cleans the skin and hair. Green Mama
  3. Wella regulate. The basis of this tool –
    natural clay. Can use every day
    since getting used to Wella Regulate does not occur. Wella Regulate
  4. Nouvelle. Nettle extract included
    active ingredients of this shampoo, deep and soft
    cleans and removes greasiness, reducing the production of subcutaneous fat.
  5. Lush Ecological juniper shampoo,
    citrus and oils improves lipid balance,
    qualitatively, quickly and for a long time clearing hair.

The composition of active ingredients in natural shampoos,
As a rule, natural ingredients are included, and
as flavors and moisturizers are
oils and husks
from plants. By minimizing chemical
components, such means are not addictive and very rare
allergic reactions.

Top 5 Professional Shampoos for Oily Hair

Among professional products for the care of oily hair
The following shampoos are most effective:

  1. Friderm. The main active ingredient is
    tar, eliminating not only greasiness and fat, but
    and possible associated symptoms – itching and dandruff. Possesses
    antiseptic and hypoallergenic property. Friederm
  2. EsraSys. Korean remedy, effective
    coping with the problem of fat head. Composed
    natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Do not confuse
    hair acting very soft and delicate. EsraSys
  3. Angel. Concentrated shampoo, which
    consumed very sparingly. Seaweed and marine
    collagen struggling with the main problem, and thermal water
    softens the hair. Angel
  4. Matrix. Normalizes the work of the subcutaneous glands,
    produce fat and also disinfects without drying
    hair. At the core – lemon extract. Matrix
  5. Phytodess. French shampoo with ginseng and
    other natural ingredients: mint oil, nettle
    hoods and green clay. Not only cleans, but also regulates
    fat production, normalizing lipid balance. Displays harmful
    substance relieves dandruff. Phytodess

Hair prone to greasiness is highly recommended.
After washing, rinse with a useful balm or

Conditioners for greasy hair can be purchased at the store or
cook by yourself:

  • Apple vinegar. In 1 liter
    warm water dilute 1-2 teaspoons apple
    vinegar and rinse the hair with this liquid. amount
    vinegar is determined based on the length of the hair; Apple vinegar
  • citrus juice. Squeeze one lemon and mix
    with 1.5 liters of water. Instead of lemon, you can
    use a medium-sized grapefruit; citrus juice
  • Balsam conditioner Planeta Organica with oil
    black cumin. Tones, strengthens and regenerates. AT
    based on many natural ingredients; Planeta Organica with black cumin oil
  • Balsam Conditioner Ecolab. With glycerin,
    extracts of green tea, bergamot, verbena and ginger. Ecolab rinse

In order to preserve the freshness of the hair, their healthy appearance and
shine for a long time, it is important to use not only good shampoo, but also
rinse each time after washing.

How to cure hair from fat content by folk remedies

You can get rid of excess greasiness with the help of folk
means, known for their naturalness and availability:

  1. Coconut oil for oily hair. Not all oils
    can be used with oily hair or skin, however coconut
    oil is a universal remedy suitable for any type.
    hair, including those prone to the problem with greasiness. Application:
    pre-slightly warming the bottle with oil in warm water,
    distribute it over the entire length of the hair, avoiding contact with the skin and
    leave so, covered with a towel for 30-50 minutes.
    This oil can also be added to masks and sulfate-free soft.
    shampoos Coconut oil for oily hair
  2. Lavender oil. Lavender oils possess
    very pleasant aroma and moisturizing, soothing and healing
    action, so they are usually added in the manufacture of various
    masks, including at home. Ratio: 1
    a teaspoon of shampoo, balm or a diluted mask
    take 4 drops of lavender oil.
  3. Colorless henna. This product is very good
    dries hair, making it more airy, voluminous and fresh.
    This means is issued in the form of powder which needs to be dissolved
    warm water. Proportions are calculated based on the length of the hair, following
    so that the mass turned out by consistency as a watery sour cream.
    Split hair into strands and gently apply a mask of colorless
    henna on hair, then cover with a towel and leave for 15-20
    minutes before flushing. If the skin is too sensitive or
    irritated, with the use of such a mask is to wait. When
    if the hair type is mixed: oily at the roots and dry at the tips,
    mask with colorless henna you need to drop a few drops of coconut oil
    for moistening.

Important. Henna, even colorless, may change slightly
hair color, so for dyed hair this procedure is not

Colorless Henna

  1. Lemon. Excellent rinse aid for
    fight and prevent greasiness. Lemon juice is diluted with 1
    liter of water, sometimes you can add a little more water. Lemon
  2. Flour from oily hair. Peculiar dry
    shampoo can be made from flour. The way that saves when there is no
    time to wash your hair with the traditional method. Two teaspoons
    flour should be lightly sprinkled on the roots, then thoroughly comb
    flour Flour tends to absorb fat, so
    after combing the hair should look much fresher.
    Flour from oily hair

The greatest effect can be achieved by combining
use a good shampoo, conditioner and, from time to
time applying folk remedies. Where would you like to treat fatty
Hair? In the salonHomes

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinion Ester Hairdresser-makeup artist from Jerusalem

Increased hair fat after taking antibiotics,
how to be?

Antibiotics, changing the microflora, have a negative effect on
hair, increasing their fat content, making it more brittle, dull
and sometimes even provoking a fallout. It is important to know how to improve.
their condition.

  • The first step in the restoration of health
    and the beauty of hair is the intake of vitamin complexes, especially
    Omega 3 and B group vitamins;
  • The second stage is the use of firming and
    regenerating nourishing shampoo along with a good
    balm conditioner;
  • The third stage – nourishing masks based on
    coconut or lavender oils once a week;
  • The fourth recommendation is to comb only
    wooden comb during this period.

How many times a week do you need to wash your hair to
get rid of fat?

Purification of oily hair should be carried out.
regularly and correctly selected means, however
it should be noted that washing is too frequent, especially inappropriate
shampooing can only aggravate the problem by draining the skin and
forcing the greasy secret to stand out even more. Therefore,
it is best to wash your hair as much as the actual pollution
just to freshen up. 1-2 times at 5-6
days will be enough to cleanse the fat
hair without harm to them.

Oily hair gives its owners a lot
trouble: despite regular cleansing procedures,
thorough washing of the head and use of all necessary detergents
means, such hair very quickly lose a fresh look,
grow dull, appears treacherous fatish gleam, and
sometimes unpleasant itchy sensations.

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