Olive oil and lemon for a good morning

Today we will tell you about a wonderful healing remedy that
has been known since ancient times and of which everyone should know. You know
whether you, what effect on health has an ordinary tablespoon
olive oil and lemon? Let’s figure it out together!
tablespoon of olive oil and lemon in order to improve
your health.

Olive oil is known to be the main ingredient.
Mediterranean diet. It supplies fatty acids that
allow you to fight, for example, with the so-called bad cholesterol;
it is also a great way to flush out toxins.

This method was called by the Greeks and Romans “liquid gold”, they
recognized its high value. Olive oil should be important.
element in our daily diet. But do you know what
it is the time of day you can get the most benefit from olive
oils? It turns out that morning. Next we will explain why.

1. To combat constipation

This method is ideal for use for this purpose. Olive
oil mixed with lemon is an excellent oil for
digestive secretion. Such a mixture will activate the function
liver and gallbladder. This simple tool protects us.
from the inside, acting as a powerful antioxidant that helps
get rid of toxins, cleanse the body and improve its performance. is he
stimulates digestion and helps remove what our
to the body.

2. To protect the heart

As already mentioned, olive oil is rich in fatty
acid. These elements are useful because they activate blood circulation and
remove excess bad cholesterol. It is also beautiful
anti-inflammatory agent that is combined with lemon
delivers us the necessary vitamins. That is why the use of
This mixture is recommended not only for adults, but also for children.
To do this, use a teaspoon of olive oil with three
lemon drops. Why not try?

3. As an adjunct to joint problems and

The secret of these products is known to be their
anti-inflammatory properties. You need to be consistent and
take the mixture daily on an empty stomach to get rid of the pain in
joints. It is very useful to start the day with this “liquid gold”.

4. To maintain the balance of bile of the liver and gallbladder

This is one of the most important factors. Many times
there is a feeling of swelling, heaviness, fatigue and apathy. So
the body may react to “intoxication” for poor nutrition or,
perhaps through certain problems of the output system that before
It occurs during the overload of the liver and gallbladder. what
can be done in this case?

To overcome the exhaustion and discomfort that most
you can feel in the morning, there is nothing better than taking a dining room
a spoonful of extra-virgin olive oil and lemon. Every organism
individual, so you need to monitor their well-being when
you begin to use the remedy, although almost always no
no side effects.

It is useful to consume oil with lemon, if you notice that
wake up with a sour taste in your mouth. Many people have
cases of sleep disturbance, through which digestion slows down and sometimes
headache occurs. The body is exposed
toxins that need to be removed.

In such cases, a teaspoon of olive oil with
three drops of lemon juice. It should be taken immediately after
waking up even before taking a shower or engaging in other
morning affairs. After half an hour you can have breakfast as usual. You
see how your well-being improves!

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