Olive oil for the face – a gift The mediterranean

Olive oil for skin is a true gift of nature, an elixir
youth and beauty. Cosmetology is impossible to imagine without it.
useful and wonderful product that in the Mediterranean region
the seas are called “liquid gold”. From time immemorial, fruit oil
Olives were used as an effective cosmetic.
In our time, olive oil has not lost its relevance and also
claimed as many centuries ago.

Olive oil in cosmetology occupies a special honorable niche.
What other remedy has so many useful properties?
able to care for the skin and prolong youth and beauty.

In this article we will learn about the beneficial properties of this product, about
its use as a cleansing agent and what effect
has olive oil for the face of wrinkles.


  • The composition of olive oil
  • Impact of olive oil on the skin
  • Indications and contraindications for use
  • Recommendations for use
  • Application Methods
  • How to make a cream with your own hands

The composition of olive oil

Olive oil – a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, macro and
trace elements. It is not for nothing that has gained such popularity, because
its composition causes benefits for the skin and the whole body.

Thus, the composition of this product includes:

  1. Monounsaturated fats. They have a beneficial effect on the body
    whole, because they are the most “beneficial” fat that
    promotes weight loss when taken inside and
    improve skin when used externally. The most
    A known representative of monounsaturated fats is oleic.
    acid (Omega-9). This type of fat is erucic,
    acetic acid, palmitoleic and eicocenic acids. This list
    11 more monounsaturated fatty acids can be continued.
    Monounsaturated fats can improve vascular tone, give them
    elasticity and flexibility, prevent stroke and heart attack, reduce
    the level of cholesterol in the blood to its normal values.
  2. Squalene. This carbohydrate belongs to the carotenoid group.
    Squalene used to be harvested from shark liver. And now they mine it.
    some vegetable oils: olive, cotton, argan,
    flaxseed. Squalene improves skin characteristics, makes it
    elastic and elastic, perfectly moisturizes and protects the surface
    layer of the epidermis from negative environmental factors.
  3. Vitamin E or tocopherol. This vitamin is the best remedy.
    for youth and health of the skin. It improves the condition
    skin, is involved in the synthesis of elastin and collagen, has
    powerful antioxidant action and neutralizes the action of free
    radicals. Able to eliminate fine wrinkles and do less
    pronounced deep, contributes to the clarity of the contour of the face and
    prevents it from sagging.
  4. Vitamin A or retinol. Another “magic” remedy that
    promotes youth and health of the skin. Participates in
    the regeneration process, eliminates wrinkles, creases and creases on the face,
    has a pulling effect and also has a powerful
    antioxidant action.
  5. Iron. Participates in the process of blood formation and restores
    oxygen deficiency in the cells of the epidermis. Makes skin smooth and
    gives the face freshness.
  6. Vitamin D or Calciferol. Improves cell metabolism and
    promotes exfoliation of keratinized scales.
  7. Vitamins of group B. Provide a protective function, accelerate
    cell division processes and promote acne treatment

Impact of olive oil on the skin

The healing properties of this product can have the following

  • perfectly moisturize the epidermis;
  • soothe and soften the skin;
  • involved in cell regeneration;
  • protect against UV rays;
  • restore the skin after radiation burns and harmful
    UV exposure;
  • saturate skin cells with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial
  • with regular use, eliminate the “crow’s feet” wrinkles
    around eyes;
  • restore the affected cells of the epidermis;
  • promote the exfoliation of dead cells;
  • eliminate swelling of the face, especially in the eyes and eyelids;
  • reduce the activity of sweat glands;
  • Improve the appearance of the skin (reduce the depth
    wrinkles, smooths the epidermis, makes it elastic and

It is useful to use the product for dry face tone, especially in
frosty, windy weather. It eliminates the feeling of tightness on
face, irritation, redness and peeling. Also the product is useful.
for adult fading skin, because it is able to tighten and
rejuvenate her. Even oily skin improves its performance when
using this tool. When used, the sebaceous glands
“understand” that there is an excess of fat, therefore reducing the production

Indications and contraindications for use

This product is recommended to use especially for those who
spent holidays in hot countries, under the scorching rays of tropical
the sun Oil very well eliminates the effects of excessive
ultraviolet irradiation.

In addition, its use is shown in the following cases:

  • dry and tight skin;
  • the presence of lesions peeling and irritation;
  • UV damage to the skin;
  • age fading of the skin (wrinkles, flabbiness,

Even such a safe and useful product has a number of
contraindications when it comes to using it as
external means.

  1. If the oil has been used for a month
    funds, it should be changed to another. Application within
    a long time can form a protective film on the epidermis,
    which will interfere with skin air exchange. As a result, on the face
    black spots will appear, and sebaceous ducts will be blocked with sebum.
  2. For dry and oily skin, do not use the product in a clean
    form, it is better to combine it with fruit oils (orange,
    grapefruit, lemon), either with skim milk, yogurt or
  3. It is impossible to immediately apply a cream on the face after removing the funds.
    The resulting film will not allow the cream to be absorbed, and the oil
    mixing with it will worsen the skin condition.

If you use the product correctly and follow all the rules
application, the skin will thank you youth and beauty.

Recommendations for use

The rules for applying this product are very simple, they need only

  1. For cosmetic purposes, choose cold oil
    spinning, which is rich in nutrients and vitamins.
  2. Product must be at room temperature before use.
    or slightly warm. To do this, it is placed in a water bath and slightly
    warmed up. You can also heat up the bottle by holding it in
  3. Be sure to check the product for allergies. For this
    lubricate the skin on the inside of the wrist and wait 15
    minutes If there is no redness and swelling, then the product can be safely
    use as a component of masks.
  4. Remove the oil mask is best water with lemon. Dilute in
    a glass of water two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon. Moisten in
    wadded disk solution and wipe the face until the mask is completely removed.
  5. If with the help of this product you need to solve a certain
    problem, then oil masks do every other day. As
    prophylactic agent it is used once a week.
  6. In a month, the care product must be changed to another. It is impossible
    use it for a long time. Taking a break, you can
    use again.

Application Methods

This product is universal, so it can be
use for different purposes:

To cleanse the skin

You can use the tool to cleanse the skin. For this
it is slightly heated in a water bath. Small oil container
placed in another container with hot water. Then cotton pad
moisten and wipe their face. Facial cleansing is carried out twice in
day: morning and evening. With dry skin, the product can not be removed, but
leave overnight. During this time, it is even better soften and moisturize.
skin covering. In the morning after cleansing, the face should be wet.
a napkin to eliminate excess funds and shine.

As a compress

Compress will help make the skin elastic and resilient,
improve skin turgor, tighten it and eliminate the first signs
gravitational ptosis. You can also eliminate the appearance of small
wrinkles and make less noticeable deep folds and creases.

First you need to prepare pieces of gauze to support
oval face. Then the procedure is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Thoroughly clean the skin.
  2. Moisten gauze in oil, which is heated in a water bath.
  3. Apply gauze to chin, securing it on the head.
  4. You can cover the compress with a woolen cloth or towel.
  5. Leave a compress for 20 minutes, and remove the residues
    paper napkin.

For the skin around the eyes

Not every product can be applied to the skin around the eyes.
However, little olive oil is one of the means that can be used.
in the periorbital zone. Means will moisten a gentle and delicate zone,
and will also eliminate the crow’s feet wrinkles. For applying the product
warm slightly and apply gently with fingertips around
eye. After 40 minutes, blot your eyes with a napkin, but you can leave
him and all night.

For lips

Olive oil is perfect as a care product.
for lips. It will soften them, make them tender, eliminate cracks.
The product is applied with fingertips on the lips and left for half an hour.
The residue is removed with a napkin.

For hands

Excellent tool for the skin of hands, which can replace the cream.
Well softens and cares, especially in winter, prevents
cracks and peeling on the hands. Apply at night on the skin of the hands,
wear cotton gloves and go to bed. Overnight all butter
absorbed into the skin, make it soft and tender.

For nails

Heat the product in a small container, add lemon juice and
put your fingers into it. This procedure contributes to the brilliance and strength.
nails. She will make them healthy and pink. Also with oil
You can clean your nails, namely, to eliminate cuticles and agnails.

How to make a cream with your own hands

This cream can be used to soften the skin, for its
cleansing, as well as a component of masks. He can become
the main product struggling with age manifestations. To
prepare the cream perform the following steps:

  1. We take beeswax, grind it. One tablespoon
    beeswax heated in a water bath.
  2. In melted wax bring four tablespoons of olive
  3. Add five drops of any essential product.
  4. Thoroughly mix the composition until it is completely cooled.
  5. The cooled mixture is transferred to a glass container
    pre wiped with alcohol.
  6. Keep the cream in the fridge for two months.

In the manufacture of the cream must keep the recipe. Exactly
this sequence will enhance the efficiency of the cooked

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