Olive oil on guard your beauty hair

olive oilNot by chance
the legendary Homer once called olive oil liquid gold. ABOUT
the stunning effect of this wonderful product is known from deep
antiquities. Even ancient Egyptian beauties used it for
make their hair look healthy and silky. In what
the secret of olive oil?

The secret of olives

Olive oil is a rich source of all vitamins and
trace elements that every person needs every day.
The content of vegetable protein, protein, amino acids and
Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F and K provides unique properties
product that for many centuries has been widely used in
cosmetology. Another undoubted plus of olive oil
is that it causes allergy only in exclusively
rare cases. In addition, it is a powerful natural antioxidant.

This is why olive oil is one of the most effective.
means of dealing with various problems caused by the condition of the hair
– their weakness, loss, fragility and dryness. Without
exaggerations it can be said that olive oil for hair is nothing
nothing but a panacea. As they say, seven troubles – one answer.

Healing Masks with Olives

Olive oil is already on its own without any additional
ingredient is a ready-to-eat mask. All from you
you need to – it is slightly warm the product, and then rub into the skin
head and apply on hair. Then it is recommended to wrap warm
head scarf or towel – so the healing effect will be stronger.
Do this simple mask at least once a week – and your hair
very soon they will look brighter and more well-groomed, they are literally
sense of the word will shine health and beauty.

If you have time and desire, you can try more complex ones.
hair masks with olive oil that require for their
making additional components.

So, to accelerate hair growth and strengthen them as well as possible
A mask consisting of two tablespoons of olive oil and
a teaspoon of lemon juice. All ingredients must be mixed.
and heat a little, then apply to the roots and distribute
the entire length of the hair. The head then needs to be wrapped with plastic and
wrap a towel over it. Procedure time – from forty minutes
up to three hours.

If your hair has noticeably weakened and started to thin, then quickly and
effectively cope with the problem of the following mask. For her
making you will need two yolks of chicken eggs and five spoons
olive oil. All products need to be mixed and applied.
the resulting mixture on the hair for half an hour. It would seem
an elemental remedy perfectly strengthens the hair and accelerates their growth.
A powerful restorative effect has a mask of olive
oil and honey. Three tablespoons of oil should be thoroughly mixed with
two spoons of honey – and a wonderful tool is ready! It remains only to
apply it on your hair for fifteen minutes. Head during this
Time must be warmly wrapped.

The following mask – real salvation for those who are not hearsay
the problem of split ends is familiar. According to statistics it is overwhelming
most of the beautiful half of humanity. For
making it is necessary to mix two tablespoons of olive
butter, one spoonful of vinegar and the whipped yolk of one chicken egg.
After this means it is recommended to warm slightly in a water bath.
and apply on split ends for 30-40 minutes.

Olive oil is also used to solve such a serious
problems like hair loss. One tablespoon of oil is needed
mix with two spoons of slightly warmed up alcohol. Instead of him
with the same success, you can use brandy or vodka. Manufactured by
the mask should then be rubbed into the scalp and applied over the entire length
hair. For a noticeable effect, the tool must be applied.

Very effective in the fight against hair loss mask of
olive oil with the addition of hot red pepper tincture.
However, when using it, it is important to take precautions.
otherwise, the result may be completely different.
how you dreamed. First of all, you need to check the mask on
individual intolerance – put it on a small open
skin area and follow the reaction. In addition, you can not allow
hitting means on the mucous membrane, especially

Summing up, we can say that today no one doubts
in the use of olive oil for hair – reviews on the forums, letters
readers of women’s magazines and personal experiences of millions of women
are irrefutable proof of that. So why not
to experience the healing power of this gift of nature for yourself? Especially,
that no olive-based mask requires for its
no significant material costs, neither time nor
forces Being beautiful is not difficult at all!

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