Ombre Blonde Coloring – 29 Fashionable Photos shades, pink, ashen, honey on square, with bangs and as do at home

Ombre hair dyeing technique

Ombre hair dyeing technique is popular throughout
the world. Depending on the colors used, it may
look completely different. Gentle and feminine option –
ombre blond. For such painting can be used as natural,
and more unusual shades.


The content of the article:

  • Features
  • Advantages and disadvantages of ombre-blond
  • Popular Types of Ombre Blonde
  • How to choose an ombre for hair of different lengths
  • How to choose a shade?
  • Ombre technique at home
  • How to care?

Features ombre

Ombre blond staining looks gentle and airy. Him
the peculiarity is that the transition between the tones used
non-contrast. Transition can be created as from dark
shade in light and vice versa.

Painting allows you to create the effect of sun-brightened
strands and beautiful modulations that emphasize the original blond and
make it even more beautiful. Where are you going to make an ombre?

Advantages and disadvantages of ombre-blond


This ombre is perfect for girls who are not
They want to leave the blond, but they want to try something new. It
has the following advantages:

  • With this painting there is no problem of regrown roots,
    therefore, it is enough to visit the master every few months.
  • Staining errors can be easily eliminated by toning.
  • The procedure is gentle, especially if the hair is initially sufficient.
    light, because only part of it is colored.
  • In the future, the blond can easily be painted in a different color.
  • Painting is suitable for girls of any age, goes well with
    any length, shade and structure of the strands.

Ombre flaws may be noticeable if the hair is dark
the colors are lightened in blond – the aggressive effects of dyes are all
can affect their condition. Also at home
carry out such staining is not easy, but in the salons of its value
may be quite high.

Popular Types of Ombre Blonde

Features ombre

To create transitions can be used any tone of the blond.
A wide range of colors allows you to choose the perfect look.

Natural shades

Natural shades allow you to grow regrown roots
imperceptible. They shimmer beautifully, allowing you to emphasize the features

Used honey, wheat, sand tones that are good
combined with light brown, chocolate, coffee, caramel.
It is important that both colors are either warm or

Nude shades


Pastel and nut tones are used for such staining.
You can combine them with any shade of light brown. Smooth transition and
maximum naturalness are the main ones
features ombre-style nude.

Combination of pearl and graphite

The combination of pearl and graphite

Pearl tones look great on a cold ash-brown.
This painting adorns both straight hair and large curls.
Shades with a grayish tint are suitable for girls with cold
color type.

Platinum blond

Platinum Blonde

To create a platinum blonde using the ombre technique, you need to lighten
and tint the hair. This option looks good on blond strands,
not having a yellow tint. Platinum ends fit
owners of fair skin.

Pink Blonde

Pink Blonde

The pink tones refresh the original color and make the image delicate and
puppet. Shades can be both gentle pastel, and more
bright. It is necessary to consider that color coloring
focuses on facial features, therefore only suitable
unless they need adjustment.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry shade looks more natural than pink. is he
It has a warm undertone, so it suits girls with an appropriate
color type. This coloring looks good on blond curls or
pure blonde.

Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde

Ash tones look good on blond strands without yellow
podtona and light-skinned girls. This is a great option for both
long hair and for a bob haircut.

Warm blond

Warm Blonde

Warm blond ombre technique – one of the current trends of the season.
It can be done on red or brown hair. Are used
wheat, honey, beige shades.

Cold blonde

Cold Blonde

Cold blond colors (ashy, platinum and so on)
suitable for girls with a Scandinavian type of appearance. Use them
can be as on light brown hair, so and chestnut with cold

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

Honey shades are warm and go to the owners
dark skin and brown eyes. They can complement the wheat-blond,
chestnut, chocolate.

Beige blond

beige blond

Beautiful and natural look painted in beige tones. Transition
in this case it is worth doing as smooth as possible, in the classic

How to choose an ombre for hair of different lengths

Different hair length

Light ombre can be used for hair of any length.
Consider its features.

Long curls

Long hair

Long hair gives the most room for experimentation.
They can create complex multi-color staining using
similar or contrasting tones. Beautiful transitions and shine
Blonde in the sun will make the image stunning.

For medium strands

medium hair

Light ombre is an excellent choice for medium length hair. Good
Looks classic technique. You can also make the transition abrupt,
not smooth. It is worth paying attention to unusual tones, for example,
strawberry or platinum.

Short haircut

Short Ombre

On short haircuts, it is enough to make an ombra as usual.
complicated. You can select individual strands or create on hair
glare. It is not recommended to use more than two tones.
Owners of creative haircuts fit color shades.

How to choose a shade?

How to choose a shade?

To choose the right shade, you need to take into account the current color.
hair, haircut, as well as eye color and face type.

By type of haircut and hair color

By type of haircut and hair color

The main factor is the original hair color. Also counted

Blond car

Blond car

On the square, both natural and brighter look good.
staining. Popularly classic ombre in combination with this
haircut. Platinum, graphite, will look stylish
pearl tones.

Blond with bangs


As a rule, bangs are left the same color as the hair roots.
But if it is long and asymmetrical, it can be separately
it is painted in the ombre technique. In this case, it will become an accent image.
If the hair is light brown without yellowness, you can make a cold ombre blond
With a bang. With the original warm tint, you can pay attention to
beige, honey, strawberry colors.

Dark hair


Dark hair often uses a classic – transition to
light coloured. Transition can be started both from the root zone and
closer to the tips. You can use any shade of blond, but
It is important that it is in harmony with the main color.

There is also the option of an inverted ombre, in which
lighten the upper part of the hair, and the tips remain dark.

Brown hair


On blond hair, you can make an ombre blonde with darker
the roots. Ashy, pearl, goes well with light brown
platinum, or warmer: wheat, honey. Need to
consider which subtone has the original color.

Red hair

Warm shades of blond

Red-haired girls should pay attention to the warm shades
blonde In this case, pinkish and reddish shades are permissible.
tones with yellow and orange tint. You can experiment with
natural and nude shades – they soften the image.

By type of face and eye color


To choose the right shade you need to consider the color of the eyes
and color type of appearance in general:

  • Natural colors will suit light-skinned girls with light
  • Platinum goes to ladies with cold appearance and fair skin. is he
    beautifully emphasizes blue eyes. The same goes for ashen
    blond and silver ombre.
  • Wheat, honey, golden blond goes well with warm
    skin tone and brown eyes.
  • Copper blond beautifully complements dark eyes and a little dark
  • If the skin is light or medium in color, chestnut will do.
    blond It also blends harmoniously with brown and green.
  • Caramel blond and dark strawberry shade fits tan
    young ladies with dark eyes.

Ombre technique at home


If staining is done at home, you need to consider
all the rules. Dark strands will need prior brightening.
If they are initially light, only

Professional coloring with hare (step-by-step instruction):

The ombra staining process is quite simple and requires the use of
only a few skills in the colorist. Putting paint is important to get
smooth transition from dark to light. The master in the cabin is capable
make an ombre procedure in an hour. In order to produce
professional staining, you must comply with a certain

  • Hair must not be completely clean before dyeing.
    it is better not to wash your hair for two days before the procedure. Natural
    a protective layer on the skin, will create a barrier and will not allow chemicals
    penetrate the hair follicles.
  • For an ombre hair dye technique, you will need a dye
    necessary dark shade and brightening powder.
  • Dark dye is applied to the hair roots and stretched over
    most of the curls, while the ends do not need to paint over.
  • Depending on the type of hair dye, you need
    wait 25-35 minutes and wash off the coloring composition from the hair. For
    hair washing is best to use shampoo deep cleaning,
    it will free the scalp from chemical compounds and wash it off thoroughly
    dye residues.
  • After the top of the head is colored, it is necessary
    dilute the brightening powder according to the scheme indicated on the package.
    Apply the composition you need in a row from the ends to the middle length,
    drawing “ticks” on the place where there will be a transition. In order
    to get a smooth transition, you must carefully draw
    him. Ticks allow you to get rid of a straight line and give
    staining natural look. In order to better understand
    how to apply the ombre technique, see the master
    class on video.
  • Depending on the structure and type of hair, powder should be kept
    on the curls from 10 to 20 minutes, after which, wash off with warm
    water. The brightening composition must be washed off with deep shampoo
    cleaning, it will get rid of particles of powder that
    capable of a long time to destroy the hair structure.
  • If desired, the result can be toned, this
    help make the transition even smoother.

The house coloring technique looks as follows.
in the following way:

  • The ends of the hair are stained with the chosen light paint and
    wrapped in foil.
  • Then you need to take a comb, dip it in paint and smear it
    strands in transitions.
  • The paint is aged for the required amount of time, then the composition
    washed off, and the strands are dried with a hairdryer.

The main difficulty with home staining is
smooth transition. To achieve this, you can use the comb
or twist the strands in the harness. Another option – equipment with braids.
It is done like this:

  • Hair to the middle you need to braid in pigtails and fix
    small rubber bands. Pin braids with metal hairpins
    can not.
  • Braided pigtails are soaked with paint. In this case
    the transition will be as smooth as possible.

How to care?

hair care

If the hair is brightened, it is important
properly care for them, because even with partial staining
it’s all the same stress for them. Choose a good series of products for
dyed hair which will contribute to their restoration and
prevent fragility.

Cosmetics for hair is better to choose without sulfates, as they
wash out the color and negatively affect the structure. Try
refuse a hair dryer and minimize the use of thermometers.
It is also recommended to use regenerating masks.

Ombre Blond is a gentle, stylish and beautiful coloring option.
With the right selection of colors, it goes to almost everyone and allows
create the perfect image. Subject to all rules staining
can be done at home.

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