Ombre dyeing on blond hair – 33 photos, types and TOP fashionable shades: pink, red, ashy, purple

Girls with light brown hair look very cute and feminine. But
this color sometimes seems boring. To diversify
appearance, give the image brightness, while not exposing the hair
full staining, many girls choose the technique ombre. it
partial painting of strands, which is also called balayazh or shatush.
Consider the appropriate options ombre for fair-haired beauties.
Ombre for blond hair

The pros and cons of staining

The content of the article:

  • The pros and cons of staining
  • How to choose an ombre shade on light brown hair?
  • Types of ombre for light brown hair
  • Choose a suitable ombre depending on the length of the hair and
  • Technology of coloring brown hair at home
  • Features care after staining
  • What technique is better: balayaz or ombre?
  • Hairdressing tips for the perfect ombre

The technique of partial dyeing ombre hair has many
advantages, namely:

  1. Increase volume. Ombre staining
    visually increases the volume of hair, creates a thick effect
  2. Naturalness Everyone knows that curls in
    warm season fade, so they have an uneven color.
    Ombre – this is exactly the technique that makes the appearance more
  3. Good opportunity to experiment.
    Thanks to this staining of strands, fair-haired girls can
    check whether they are dark or blonde hair without being exposed
    full painting.
  4. Fashion. Ombre is a very fashionable trend on
    present day. Many famous personalities choose just such
    painting technique.
  5. Versatility. Ombre can choose women
    any age, profession, with different hairstyles – short
    haircut, with bangs, long curls.
  6. Gentle staining. Chemical exposure
    exposed only tips curls.
  7. Frequent correction is not required. Many
    varieties of paint look natural, but require frequent
    corrections – at least once a month. As for the ombra, then about
    visit the beauty salon, you can forget for 3-4 months.

Note! After ombre you can quickly
return to the original hair color, just clipping

Если говорить о недостатках омбре, то таковыми

  1. A number of contraindications. Girls with weakened
    split ends are strongly discouraged.
  2. Length restrictions. Women with short
    haircuts can not achieve a smooth, spectacular transition
  3. The high price of the procedure. In beauty salons
    Ombre is expensive, even painting at home will require
    a lot of cost.
  4. Difficulties in finding a professional master.
    Not every stylist can achieve a beautiful effect.
    on the hair, whether it is a smooth transition or clear lines.
  5. With ombre color, return to natural color.
    shag can be very difficult.

How to choose an ombre shade on light brown hair?

Before you start painting, you need to decide on
shades. For women with blond hair, all colors are perfect.
blond: from honey to ashen. Blonde curls usually have
cold undertones Therefore, silver, ash,
pale yellow palette. picking ombre

If the strands are painted in warm colors, then the ombra fit
straw, golden, honey color. Dark blond hair
require prior light clarification.

Types of ombre for light brown hair

The variety of partial hair dyeing technique ombre
allows you to choose the most suitable option for any brown-haired
to the girl.

Classic (natural)

This option provides 2 shades on the hair: darker
roots and light tips that create the effect of faded on
sun curls. The roots remain intact or
tint bezammiachnoy paint. Classic

It is important to know! Natural ombre fits perfectly
all women. The main thing – to choose the right shades.

Light ombre

This type involves the use of shades for
painting tips close to the natural color.
Suitable for women who do not want to drastically change the image.

Regrown booking

The essence of such an ombre is a smooth transition from a darker
root zone to the light curls along the entire length.
The border of clarification can begin at the temples or in the area
cheekbones Overgrown reservation


This is the original method, which is a staining
bright horizontal stripes around the head. Then to the tips
strands darken. Splashlights

Interesting! This type of ombra is also called “angelic
nimbus “, as the light strip creates a glow effect around

Coloring bangs

Contrast paint bangs suitable for brave ladies who
love to draw attention to themselves. Bangs generally helps to hide
imperfections of the exterior, and painted – to bring the image to the ideal.
Coloring bangs


Curls are divided into three zones wide horizontal
stripes. Top and bottom stained with the same
shade. For the average, a contrasting color is selected. Transition
from one zone to another must be fuzzy, feather.

Partial and asymmetrical

Suitable for non-standard asymmetrical haircuts.
Individual strands are painted that frame the face. Partial
ombra gives the image texture. Partial and asymmetrical


Reverse ombra is very suitable for girls with
light brown hair. Its essence lies in the coloring
the tips are dark in color, while the roots remain intact. This
The method allows you to make the hair more voluminous. Reverse


This variety is not much different from the classic
ombre The only difference is that in the monochrome version
very dark roots and very light tips – a bright contrast.


This variety helps girls visually increase volume.
shag, to refresh color. Curls are lightened in a couple of tones, creating
the effect of sun-bleached hair. Highlight

Red ombre

Diversify the image, give it brightness will help ginger
ombre Honey-haired women will suit honey, copper,
amber, golden hues. Red ombre

Cool blond

This shade is ideal for girls with light
eyes. To achieve the desired result are used
such shades:

  • ashen;
  • pearl;
  • linen;
  • platinum.

Cold Blonde

Important! When staining in a cold blond better
contact a qualified specialist: at home
It is extremely difficult to remove the yellowness when lightening.

Ash (platinum, gray)

Ash ombre is one of the most popular options.
painting, which allows you to mask the first gray hairs.
It looks gorgeous with beige shades. Ash

Color Ombre

Colored tips of hair are very popular among young
fair-haired beauties. They emphasize originality,
give the image originality. Color Ombre

Pink Blonde

The curls are first lightened, then the tips are painted light.
pink color. Girls with such hairstyles look more tender,
infantile. Solid age women better not
experiment with such a touch – it will look a bit
ridiculous. Pink Blonde


This option assumes a wide palette of shades: from
pale pink to deep crimson. Pink


Red tips look good on girls with dark blonde
hair Such a contrast creates the image of a femme fatale. Red


Chic burgundy color enhances the texture of the image, visually
increases volume. Fits extravagant mature women
age Burgundy


This is a suitable version of the cool blond toning. Winning
Looks a combination of blue with rich blue. Blue


Purple ombre looks unusual, gives the image of a girl
mysteriousness. To get a smooth play, should
use several shades – from gentle purple to saturated
lilac at the ends. Violet


The shade of ripe cherry allows you to visually make more hair
bulk. Cherry

Important to remember! Color ombre needs to be done in
beauty salon from a professional. When applying paint at home
conditions may get dirty color.

Choose a suitable ombre depending on the length of the hair and

When choosing ombre variety should be taken into account and the length

Short hair

On short haircuts, this coloring option is very noticeable –
transitions from dark to light make the hair more distinct,
textured. Short hair

Bob haircut

Owners of cars are usually painted over the tips, which
frame the face. It helps to hide the flaws in appearance,
bring the oval to the ideal. Bob haircut

Haircut bob with bangs

In such cases, the painted bangs look great with an ombre technique.
This gives the image of easy audacity. Short hair

Medium length hair

For fair-haired beauties with medium-length hair fit absolutely
all varieties of ombre. It is recommended to make the transition from
cheekbones Medium length hair

Long hair

On long curls shatush looks just
stunningly. Most effectively on light brown hair
look such shades:

  • chocolate;
  • chestnut;
  • copper;
  • honey

Long hair

Technology of coloring brown hair at home

If you have certain skills in self-coloring
curls, you can try to make an ombre at home.
Technology staining

What is needed?

It should acquire such tools:

  • non-metallic container for mixing paints;
  • tassel;
  • foil;
  • brightening paint;
  • paint the desired shade for painting root
  • clothes that do not mind to get dirty.

Step by Step Instructions for Dyeing

  1. Make a cross parting on the top, divided into 4 zones,
    fasten each with a barrette.
  2. To distribute the clarifier with a brush on the curls, ranging from
    the middle.
  3. To sustain time, according to the instructions, wash off
  4. Comb slightly damp hair, divide them into 2 parts.
  5. Prepare the selected dye. Separate the strand about 2 cm,
    paint it a little higher than the clarified area, wrap with foil.
    Do the same with the rest of the strands. These manipulations will help
    achieve a smooth transition from dark to light.
  6. Soak the strands in foil for about 30 minutes, then rinse without
    use shampoo, but with balm.


Features care after staining

Any paint somehow spoils the quality
hair. Although ombre is a gentle technique, care
hair still follows. Must regularly use
nourishing moisturizing shampoos, balms and masks. Also not
forget to periodically shear split ends. care

When styling your hair, you need to use a hairdryer as little as possible.
ironing, curling iron, heated hair rollers. They dry out the already
loose strands.

How long is an ombra?

On average, an ombra holds about 3-4
of the month. Grown roots will not be visible. But with time
the color will lose its saturation, which requires correction, especially
This applies to color ombre.

What technique is better: balayaz or ombre?

In general, balayazh is a type of ombre, but provides for
sharper transitions from dark to light, no effect

Hairdressing tips for the perfect ombre

For a beautiful hair dye specialists recommend using
such tips:

  1. For painting the first time, it’s best to ask for help.
    Someone from a loved one or a friend. Very hard
    paint on this technique short curls or medium
  2. Lightening dye wash only with shampoo.
    Otherwise the clarification reaction will continue.
  3. Coloring with 3-4 colors is best done with
    professional This number of shades gives
    stunning result, but with self-painting you can
    irretrievably ruin your hair.

Owners of blond hair can experiment repeatedly
with this dyeing technique. Choosing the right shades, girl
will get the perfect volumetric hairstyle, while it will look

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