Ombre for medium hair – the pros and cons, photo before and after, to whom the TOP 13 best techniques go

Haircut and coloring is an effective pill for boredom and
routine Have you finally cut your long hair? Or maybe
have grown them to the shoulders and now do not know how to complement the image?
Try ombre on medium hair! Ombre for medium hair

How did the Ombre technique appear?

The content of the article:

  • How did the Ombre technique appear?
  • Features of technology
  • How does staining look and suit?
  • Types of ombre for medium hair length
  • How to choose an ombra by hairstyle and hair type?
  • How much does an ombra cost on medium-length hair?
  • How to make at home?
  • Care for curls after the procedure
  • What is better for medium length hair, ombre or shatush?
  • Conclusion

The word ombre itself has French roots and in different
interpretations of the translation sounds like a “shadow” or “tone.” Official
Recognized in the world of high fashion appliances received in 2010.

Reference! Sarah Jessica Parker – the first
celebrity, decided to ombre. After her staining became
trend among Hollywood celebrities, and then among simple

Another version says that the ombra fell into the beauty industry by
accidents – this effect was brought by models who like surfing.
During the holidays, their hair grew and burned in the sun, creating
smooth and beautiful gradient. This attracted the hairdressers, and after
some improvements came to light ombra – the way we are
know now. Ombre

At the turn of 2013-2014, a new subspecies appeared
staining – sombre (soft ombre). It looks delicate
and almost imperceptibly. So, as if the hair is slightly highlighted
natural sunlight. Where are you going to do
ombre? DomaIn the cabin

Features of technology

The essence of the procedure is the preservation of natural, dark color.
radical zone and light transition from the middle of the length to the tips,
which can be both sharp and smooth. If you
doubt whether this technique is right for you, check out
main advantages and disadvantages.


  1. The image looks fresher, without radical
  2. Hair is not colored the entire length, which means less
    are damaged.
  3. You can use both natural, classic shades, and
    bright colours.
  4. The paint does not come in contact with the scalp, and accordingly,
    problems such as allergies and intolerance to chemicals are solved
  5. Suitable for hair of any length and texture.
  6. Suitable for any woman, regardless of age and
    social status.
  7. Visually increases the volume of thin hair.
  8. Emphasizes the shape of the haircut and facial features.
  9. Does not require regular correction and color updates.
  10. You can perform both in the cabin and at home.



  1. Brunettes may need a few
    procedures to achieve the desired level
  2. Negatively affects the state of porous, brittle and
    injured hair.
  3. The high cost of staining – the average price tag in the cabin
    varies from 4 thousand to 15000 rubles.

How does staining look and suit?

Natural negligence – these two words can be described
the true charm of ombre. If you look at the star photos,
having experienced this staining, one can make sure that on each
it looks completely different. One can say
for sure – ombre staining on medium hair is universal
A remedy for those who are tired of their hair color, but not ready for
cardinal changes. It goes all and noticeably refreshing,
without disturbing the overall harmony of the image. who suits

Types of ombre for medium hair length

Ombre has many varieties – any girl can
find something suitable for yourself.

Coloring with a clear boundary

This coloring option implies full, or partial
lack of shading between shades, and sometimes deliberate
highlighting the transition using the dark strip. Curls look
contrast and catchy. This ombra staining is suitable for
dark, straight hair of medium length. Coloring with a clear boundary

Multitonal Ombre

The technique is also known as cross coloring.
It is a smooth gradient between shades, while they
can relate to both natural and extraordinary color
gamma The key moment of this technique is correct shading.
Multitonal Ombre

Important! Multitonal ombre is a complex technique
staining so don’t try it at home

Ombre on melirovannye

It is a very harmonious combination of two
technician: highlighting from the roots to the center, and then – highlighted
curls. This option is suitable only for girls with
healthy and dense hair, otherwise the strands will be
untidy puff up. Streaked

Armored ombre

The bottom line is this: the master selects 2-3 colors,
slightly different in their degree
intensity, and puts them chaotic accents from the center to the tips.
Thus, the effect of regrown is created.
It looks most impressive on slightly curly hair.

Gray ombre

Age fading is no longer a sign
untidy This is a new trend that allows you to create a truly
magical image. Silver glitter from dark roots to the tips
looks very attractive. Moreover, gray pigment
has an advantage for brunettes – it covers well and
neutralizes yellowness, which inevitably manifests itself after
lightening. Gray

Violet Ombre

Purple is a unique color by nature, which
simultaneously applies to warm and cold color
palette. And that means, they can try it on themselves like blondes,
so and brunettes. Violet

Reference! Girls autumn color type should be
be careful with purple – it can highlight bruises under the eyes and
kuperoz. To prevent this from happening – do not dye the strands around the face or
Replace purple burgundy.

Tortoise ombre

Ikayi tortoiseshell coloring is a trend that originated
in 2017 and does not lose its relevance to this day. It is difficult
dyeing performed exclusively in natural, warm
shades imitating the coloring of the turtle shell: golden,
caramel, chestnut, copper, mahogany. As a result:
dark roots of natural color and chaotic multi-colored highlights on
length. Hair looks more volumetric and textured. Tortoise


The method allows you to create a light brown and light blond hair
The effect of a healthy glow from the inside. These highlights with success
used by stylists to design a contour complex,
asymmetrical haircuts. Highlight

Contour ombre

Only strands of face are highlighted. With
conditional selection of colors, coloring refreshes color
skin, masking flaws and emphasizing eye color. Cascading
Medium length haircuts give this technique a special charm. Contour

Scandinavian Ombre

It is carried out exclusively on platinum blonde.
This implies dyeing the tips of the hair in a contrasting black or
bright, causing colors. Scandinavian

Partial (Asymmetrical) Ombre

Hair is colored selectively: it can be bright and
Contrast smears on bangs, nape or crown. They can be
arranged chaotically, or directed only in one direction, for
create some kind of color spot. Partial (asymmetrical)

Ash ombre

Hair color wet asphalt look amazing – such
Coloring gives hairstyle unprecedented ease and airiness.
Suitable mainly for brunettes with fair skin. Ash

Note! Gray is great
intermediate color to gradually go platinum blond.

How to choose the right hair color

Ombre is one of the few techniques that despite
fast takeoff does not lose its position for many years. It
lonely looks good on both dark and blond hair,
that gives colorists great opportunities for creativity and

Brown hair

Shades for coloring it is best to select, starting from
color type: Brown hair

  • Summer – hazelnut, pearl-pink,
    ashen, platinum.
  • Winter – iced coffee, bitter chocolate,
    silver, iced coffee.
  • Spring – caramel, wheat, honey, copper, beige,
    light blond
  • Autumn – all shades of chestnut, amber,
    golden, honey, copper.

Dark hair

It is remarkable, but the first ombre was made exactly on
dark hair. To this day, this service most often
enjoy brunettes and brown hair. This dyeing technique allows
Easy to change the image, experimenting with shades without fear
damage the hair over the entire length. Want to see how your
shape reflected strands of blond color? – No problems! Or maybe
Want to get a bright, catchy ombre on dark hair medium
length? -, You are welcome! Dark hair

The variability of the application schemes and the choice of paint is limited
only your color type and fantasy. Remember that the roots and
the ends should have either a warm or a cold subtone and not
to contrast with each other.

Red hair

Natural red is both love and a curse for
colorists. It’s very difficult to find a suitable pigment,
however, if it can be implemented – the result will cost the highest
praise. Now begins to gain popularity ombra under impudent
name “flames”. This staining technique
implies a bright transition of their naturally red to fiery red.
Red hair

Reference! The red pigment is pretty fast
washed out of hair, becoming paler. If you wish to receive
such a coloring technique – be prepared for regular corrections

Brown hair

Brown is probably the most common hair color.
among all existing. Brown hair

That is why most ombre staining techniques
intended for brunettes to experiment with
its appearance, bringing fresh paint in bored images.
Multitonal, tortoise, regrown brondirovanie – these
and many other techniques will help you feel

Blond hair

Ombre on a blonde is quite simple – the base is already light,
which means the hair will not suffer from severe discoloration. With
You can even not touch the length, but only slightly
darken the roots – this will make the hair visually thicker.
Blonde hair

Great for hairstyles with ombre on medium hair
– ponytail. Due to the fact that strands below the gum
have a lighter shade, the head of hair will look more

How to choose an ombra by hairstyle and hair type?

Glossy magazines tirelessly demonstrate that the ombre is perfect
combined with a variety of haircuts, whether they are multi-level,
multi-layered or geometric – see for yourself!

Shoulder hair with bangs

Ombre appropriately looks at the bangs only if
long enough to be a harmonious continuation
hairstyles Especially impressive is the staining on pixie.
Straight, classic bang just above the eyebrows do not touch
worth it. Shoulder hair with bangs

Hair cascade

Classic cascade in combination with ombra, implies smooth
transitions from one shade to another. For double cascade suitable
multitonal ombre and using two main shades
(roots, length) and several intermediate (light and dark
halftones for stretching). If the entire focus of the haircut is done
on torn, graded tips – are only stained
individual strands that allows you to embody the effect of disheveled
“feathers”. Hair cascade

Hair square to shoulder

Kare looks amazing on girls with long necks and
neat, square jaw. In the new season colorist stylists
offer to abandon abrupt transitions and give preference
technique of contour dyeing in intermediate shades. For
warm color suitable for golden, caramel and honey
pigments. For the cold – pearl, ashen and silver.
Hair square to the shoulders

Thin hair

If your curls are very thin and devoid of volume –
carefully weigh your decision on painting. Especially if
you want to implement it at home. Oxigent renders
negative impact on the structure of the hair shaft, destroying
Cortex and lifting scales. Make an ombra exclusively with
professional with the use of “olaplex”. Thin hair

Important! The worst decision is to make an ombra on thin
hair with a problem of fatness at the roots and dry at the tips.
Coloring only emphasizes all the negative features of your

Curly hair

Medium length curls and ombre – a profitable combination of technology
staining and natural structure of curls. Curls will create
beautiful play of natural color overlays, hiding possible
oversight of the wizard. That is why curly hair –
ideal base for home experiments. Curly hair

Straight hair

The classic version of the ombre is soft, falling on the shoulders
curls with a smooth color gradient. But what if the hair from
nature straight and any styling disappears from them within an hour?
The good news is that you don’t need an ombra.
have to. Moreover, this feature of the structure
the hair shaft will go to your hand only if you want
demonstrate complex drawing. Straight hair

How much does an ombra cost on medium-length hair?

Since the price range for hairdressing services in Russia is very
extensive, the final cost will directly depend on your
region of residence. On average, the price of hair coloring
average length and density varies from 3 thousand to 6 thousand rubles.

How to make at home?

Painting using the ombre technique can be done at home – for this
It is not necessary to pay for expensive services
hairdresser. The main thing – to approach the matter responsibly, in advance
purchase all the necessary supporting tools and
read the instructions.

Go to your nearest hairdressing shop and
get the goods from the following list:

  • Paint – permanent for highlighting, or
    brightener and pigment. If before you did not have to be beautiful
    on your own – ask the consultant to pick you up
    set designed specifically for home highlighting.
  • Capacity and measuring spoon for breeding
  • Brush for applying hair dye.
  • Comb with frequent teeth and narrow
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Foil for highlighting.
  • Peignoir or old t-shirt.
  • Oily cream to protect the skin of the face, ears and neck
    from paint drips.


Performance technique

This coloring technique is versatile – it will do as well
both beginners and those who have experience in staining, but are trying to
save time or have no opportunity to ask for help with

  1. Make two partings on the head – from the forehead to
    the back of the head and from the left ear to the right – so you divide
    a head of hair on four equal triangles. Gather hair
    “tails” with gum.
  2. Erasers lower to the desired level, marking
    thus, where the coloring should begin.
  3. Part paint according to
  4. Distribute the resulting dye brush on the hair,
    departing from the gum 1-2 cm. It is important not to touch her – in
    Otherwise, you will get spots and inaccurate torn strips.
    If you paint not the whole head of hair – separate the colored strands
    using foil.
  5. Leave the pigment as needed for exposure.
    time, then rinse with water.
  6. Remove the gum, re-dilute the pigment and again
    Walk along the “joint” line, overwriting the transition. if you
    like the contrast – you can skip this step.


Care for curls after the procedure

Despite the fact that ombre refers to gentle techniques
staining as it does not affect the root zone, it is not at all
It means that no harm is done to the hair. That is why so
proper care is important.

  • Wash your head no more than three times a week – so
    you will not allow the destruction of the protective lipid layer.

Note! If your hair is constantly
get fat – use dry shampoo. It will help to normalize
hydrolipid balance of the scalp.

  • Do not forget about moisturizing: shampoos, masks,
    Balsams and indelible emulsions should contain moisturizing
    Components. If your hair is porous, silicone is acceptable.
    in the composition.
  • Reduce the number of hot packs to a permissible
    minimum, and always use means to
    thermal protection.
  • If you are a brunette and your curls are pre
    are discolored to platinum blonde – use tint
    shampoo to neutralize the yellowness. It has purple or blue
    subton, so be careful.

What is better for medium length hair, ombre or shatush?

To understand what will be better specifically for your hair, it is worth
familiarize yourself with each staining technique a little closer. For the first
look, they give a similar result, but in fact it is not.
Moreover, they have a completely different effect on the hair.

  • When ombre hair is painted on the same level –
    upon closer inspection, you can see the boundary between the roots and
    tips. You can use both natural and extraordinary
    shades. shatush kare without bangs
  • Shatush implies coloring individual
    pryadok, with more intense clarification at the tips.
    It is carried out in mainly natural shades.


Even hairdressers prefer
experiment it on the hair long shoulders – so why
wouldn’t you try it? The ombre technique is great
a compromise between the natural shade of hair and the desire to refresh

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