Ombre on Blond – 23 photos, what it is, types and the most fashionable shades: ashen, pink, purple

Ombre technique for several years keeps up the pace
popularity Most often it is done on dark curls, but it is not
mandatory rule. Ombre looks just as beautiful on light
hair, which due to a variety of techniques can look
completely different. blonde hair

What is the ombre technique?

The content of the article:

  • What is the ombre technique?
  • Features and benefits of ombre for blond hair
  • Who is an ombre for?
  • Types of ombre on blonde hair
  • Ombre under the haircut
  • Ombre on long curls
  • How to make an ombra on blonde hair at home
  • Features care after staining
  • Staining tips and tricks

Ombre is a dyeing technique that uses
two shades with obtaining a smooth transition between them.
Most often it is a lightening staining at which the roots
remain dark, and at the tips the color turns to light.

In the classic technique, the transition between colors is smooth. But
There is an ombre variant with a fairly clear boundary. In the last
time, many new types of such staining, to
example, a sombre, in which the transition is imperceptible and long, and
shatush imitating the natural burning of hair in the sun.

Features and benefits of ombre for blond hair

Ombre on blonde hair is suitable for girls blondes who
They want to add something new to their hair, add volume to their bosoms and
slightly adjust the shape of the face. This staining has
following advantages:

  • In comparison with the full coloring technique is very
  • Light ombre visually makes hair bulky and thick.
  • With it, you can update the image without resorting to cardinal
    to change.
  • A large number of options allows you to choose the perfect
    staining for any age, style and base tone
  • Can be used on hair of any length, both straight and
  • If the roots are not stained, the technique does not require frequent
    corrections, since the growing roots look appropriate and

ombra for blond hair

Who is an ombre for?

With proper selection of colors coloring is absolutely suitable
all It can be done on both long and short
hair, regardless of skin tone and eyes. it
ideal for girls who are not ready for dramatic changes
but wanting to change the image. Bright options draw attention to
facial features are therefore suitable if they are correct and
do not require adjustment. ombre

Although staining is gentle, it is not worth doing if
strands heavily damaged. In this case, the first is
take care of their recovery, and only then produce

Types of ombre on blonde hair

Ombre hair coloring on blond hair is good versatility.
It has a large number of species from restrained classics to very
extravagant options.


In the classic version uses two main
shade. The transition is made as smooth as possible. Tips
usually lighter than the roots. Painting is great for girls with
brown hair. Classic

Kiss the sun

Popular technique that creates the effect of caressed
the sun strands. Three or more similar ones are commonly used.
among themselves shades that are distributed so that the transitions do not
were noticeable. A light shade is applied to the area of ​​the crown and temples,
the back of the head is darker. The effect is similar to natural burnout.
hair in the sun. Kiss of the sun


The result of this technique mimics regrown
the roots. Bottom zone do much darker main
masses of hair, and competent stretching creates a beautiful play.


Triple Ombre – a type of classic
technology. The roots and ends of the hair in this case have one
color, and their middle part is colored by another, but close to
source color. With smooth transitions, the result looks very
natural. Triple

Emphasis on fringe

With this form, the bangs are partially clarified.
Can also be painted strands of the face. Accent on bangs


The essence of the technique is in highlighting individual steps.
The color of the roots does not change, and the hair is lightened randomly.


Color ombre on blond hair will not suit a serious business
women, but like lovers of vivid experiments. Colors
any can be used: blue, pink, blue, green and so
Further. In addition to the main can be used as one tone,
and a few. Rainbow ombra looks truly
magically. Also popular ombra red on natural light
hair imitating flames. Color

Violet Ombre

One of the variations of color staining.
Blond girls can use bright and
pastel purple tones. Violet

Pink ombre

Pink, strawberry, crimson tones are well combined with
main light color. Transition can be like
gradual and sharp. In any case, with such shades can not
remain without attention. Pink Ombre

Reverse (staining tips)

The inverse ombré suggests that the roots remain
light, and the ends of the hair turn dark.
The advantages of this technique are that it is gentle, since
there is no need for pre-clarification. Reverse

Pony tail

This method of coloring is similar to a ponytail, and this
explains its name. The most commonly used natural
shades. Pony tail


With a cold color type, you can use shades of ashy.
They go well with a blond, pearl, platinum blond.


The root zone and the tips in this case have the same color, but their
separates one or more contrast gradients. Striped

Ombre under the haircut

A large number of techniques allows you to choose the perfect option.
for any haircut and hair length.

Bob haircut

On a bob haircut and light hair color do
classic ombre will be difficult. Suitable option
reverse, ashy, multitonal coloring. You can also
Consider the option with a clear transition between colors. car

Short haircut

With very short haircuts it is hard to get smooth
transition. You can emphasize staining bangs or
several pryadok face. You can pay attention to partial and
glare coloring. Short haircut

Medium length curls

Medium length strands look good.
ombre technique, highlight, reservation. You can also
Consider the color coloring of an ombra on medium blond hair
lengths The selected color should be well combined with the original. Sometimes
colored strands framing the face that emphasize his
outline Medium length curls

Ombre on long curls

The longer the hair, the greater the choice of options.
painting. Transitions can be either soft or
contrasting. You can use more than two shades – it is on
long curls maximum reveals the beauty
multitonal staining. long curls

How to make an ombra on blonde hair at home

Transitions when coloring ombre on blond hair are usually smooth
and not too contrasting. Most often, clarification is not required,
so painting is gentle, and you can try to make it at home
conditions. For the classic version you need to prepare the following
materials and tools:

  • non-metallic container for mixing paint;
  • paint and oxidizer;
  • coloring brush;
  • foil;
  • gloves;
  • clamps;
  • scallop with a sharp end-spoke.

Perform staining in the following sequence:

  • The paint combines with an oxidizing agent.
  • Vertical parting to separate the strand of the desired thickness.
    The remaining mass of hair is stabbed with a clip.
  • Brush hair painted in the desired area.
  • A strip of foil of the required width comes off. She needs to wrap
    colored strand.
  • All hair is treated in this way.
  • You need to wait for the time specified in the instructions, then remove
    foil and rinse hair.
  • Paint is applied again to the treated areas. Now need
    paint them 2-5 cm taller than before and wrap again
  • After the required period, the dye is washed abundantly
    water and the head is dried.

Features care after staining

As a rule, such staining is very gentle. But not to give
hair deteriorate and keep color, stick to the following

  • Use professional dyed care products.
  • It is useful for blondes to use special preparations for
    neutralize yellowness.
  • Regularly apply regenerating and nourishing
  • Home remedies are also useful, for example, natural oils.
  • Do not get carried away with hair dryer and hair styling devices.
  • Trim tips regularly.

Staining tips and tricks

To get the best effect from staining and do no harm
hair, consider these tips experts:

  • Do not wash for 2-3 days before painting.
    head This will reduce the effects of dyes.
  • To emphasize the painting, you can slightly twist
    hair or leave it straight, flowing freely
    shoulders. But high hairstyles are not suitable for this.
  • If you do not like the result of staining, you can
    correct toning or folk remedies
    contributing to the leaching of pigment.
  • When form color and technology must also be considered
    face shape. To soften the features you can lighten the side.
    strands. This technique is suitable for rectangular and square.
  • The triangular face can be softened warm.
    natural tones. With a round shape fit
    from dark color at the roots to light at the tips along the entire length. If a
    the oval, on the contrary, is elongated, it is recommended to use the color by 2-3
    tones lighter than natural.
  • You can adjust the trapezoidal shape with
    dyeing hair at the roots in saturated blonde
  • For a successful selection of paint you need to focus on
    color type. Winter is a cold saturated color type, for
    which you want to use similar tones. In the case of blond
    fit silver and ashen. From the color options fit
    blue and purple.
  • With the color type spring, namely light skin and light
    hair color with a golden sheen, you can not use cold
    staining. Suitable paint copper, wheat, gold
  • Summer color type is characterized by bright eyes,
    pale skin and hair with a somewhat dusty tint.
    Too dark colors in this case should be avoided, but contrasts
    are welcome.
  • In girls, color type autumn skin usually has several
    yellowish tint, and the eyes are dark and saturated. In such
    The case uses warm colors: reddish, golden. With cold
    it is better not to experiment with a subtone.

Ombre on blond hair is very beautiful and
very versatile option. It will help add curls
thicken, adjust the shape of the face and give a new look to the image, and
Also look fashionable and stylish.

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