Ombre on dark hair – popular shades, before and after photo, performance technique

This hair coloring technique, like ombre, remains relevant
not the first year. It fits almost everyone and has a lot
merits Especially successful option – ombre on dark hair.
Brown-haired women and brunettes can experiment with any tones that
gives you the opportunity to create both a natural and gentle image, and
stylish extravagant option.

Ombre on dark hair

How did the Ombre technique appear

The content of the article:

  • How did the Ombre technique appear
  • Features and Benefits of Dark Ombre Staining
  • Types of ombre on dark hair
  • How it looks at different lengths
  • How is the hands of the master
  • How to make an ombre on dark hair: dyeing technique
    by myself
  • Features care after staining
  • Staining tips and tricks


Painting ombre appeared in the United States, more precisely, in the state of California. Still
at the end of the last century, girls began to attract the attention of people
spent a lot of time on the beach. Sunshine in california is enough
bright, which leads to the burning of hair. They become more
light, gain a bronze tint. With constant growth
strands lower part of them discolored under the action of the sun more,
and at the roots they retain a natural shade. This way and
a gradual transition from a dark tone at the roots to a more
light on the tips.

This idea was adopted by American stylists and became
create a transition to curls in an artificial way. Since about 2010
years the technique gained incredible popularity. A lot of
types of staining. Including bright colors began to be applied and
more contrast transitions. In addition, to create a gradient can
not two colors, but much more.

Ombre, in fact, is a kind of highlighting. But
its main feature is in the transition of color from the roots to

Features and Benefits of Dark Ombre Staining

Ombre on black hair

Many stylists recommend using ombra staining.
it is on dark hair. It is worth noting the following positive
Features of this option:

  • This type of staining is more gentle than many others.
  • Since painting involves a transition, it eliminates
    the need to constantly tint the roots. This will save
    hair health and also save, because the master is enough
    visit only once every few months.
  • Ombre looks good on any length and goes to almost everyone.
    You can do it on both straight and curly curls.
  • Coloring helps correct some of the flaws of the oval
    face, visually make the hair more voluminous.
  • There are lots of options for painting. Can choose
    classical technique or prefer extravagant solutions,
    use multiple tones or unusual color ombre.

Types of ombre on dark hair

Ombre on dark short hair

Ombre hair coloring on dark hair has a lot
species, which allows each girl to choose the ideal for
yourself option and transform.

Classic ombra on dark hair with a stretch tone


In the classic version, two shades of dyes are applied, with
the combination of which the boundary is blurred, and the transition –
as smooth as possible. This method is suitable for dark-haired girls.
It is often used blond, beige, wheat, honey,
chocolate tones.

Ombre on dark hair with a clear border

Sharp Ombre

Unusual and original solution in which the boundary is made
not smooth, but clear. Colors can be either contrasted or
close to each other. Looks impressive combination of dark
roots with a bright blond. Also often reddish,
orange, purple tones.

Contour ombre

Contoured Ombre

In this embodiment, clarified strands are along the face,
make it more expressive and adjust if necessary
oval. The contoured ombre can visually make the face more slender,
emphasize cheekbones or eyes, refresh skin tone. handsomely
Looks like staining on multilayer and cascading

Ombre super natural – natural classics

Ombre Natural Classics

This type will suit girls who want to create as much as possible.
natural, and at the same time stylish image. Natural Ombre on
dark hair looks very beautiful and aristocratic. There is no
no screaming accents. In this case, paint is used for 1-2
tones lighter than the base color.

Ash ombre – the trend of the season

Ash Ombre

Ash ombre or ash ombre – one of the bright modern
trends. Various transitions can be used to create a transition.
colors: graphite, silvery ash, ash beige,
gray-pink and so on. You can create as a gentle and feminine
image, and catchy and extravagant. But this option is suitable
girls with good skin because the silver palette will attract
attention to all shortcomings.

Color Ombre on dark hair

Colored ombra on dark hair

Color ombre or highlighting dark hair like
girls who love experiments and want to add to the image
brightness. Often used blue, purple, pink, red
tones. You can use several color shades at once, creating
rainbow effect.

Cold tones of blue will be well combined with black curls.
and lilac, with chestnut shades of red and orange, and
also pink and purple. To lay the paint correctly, the tips
hair is pre-lightened.

Ombre babylights

Ombre Babylights

Beybilayts – ombre, imitating children’s hair, beautiful
shining in the sun. It is also called the “kiss of the sun”. With
use on dark hair painting creates barely noticeable
glare that makes it deeper and more voluminous. Initially, the hair is painted
wide strokes, then processed individual strands. Often
chocolate and coffee tones are used. Sometimes required
preliminary clarification of tips and strands at the temples.

Burgundy ombre or Wine Ombre

Wine Ombre

Stylish and unusual coloring in which saturated wine
shades become a bright accent of the image. In this case it is important
so that the strands are healthy and thick. Among brunettes also
Berry Ombre is popular. Cherry, raspberry,
plum, blackberry tones. They blend beautifully with chestnut and
chocolate hair, giving the image brightness and nobility.

Caramel Ombre

Caramel Ombre

Caramel tones are great for girls with chestnut
hair, warm tsvetotipom and dark skin. Soft transition
softens the image, makes it more tender and feminine.

Fiery red-red ombre on dark hair

Fiery red-red ombre on dark hair

Red and red tones are perfect brunettes. Such
staining suggests a very strong contrast when going from
roots to the tips.

How it looks at different lengths

Long hair

Thanks to the variety of options, the ombre will look good.
on dark hair of any length. Every hairstyle has some

Medium long hair

Short hair

On long curls

Ombre on long curls

The most impressive painting will look at the long dark
hair. You can choose any options: classic ombre with
smooth or abrupt transition, multi-color staining in complex
techniques. Long-haired girls can use color
painting Natural options will also decorate their hair because
The length make any transition stunningly beautiful.

On the middle strands

Ombre on the middle strands

Ombre looks good on medium-length hair, including
stylish asymmetrical or torn haircuts. Can choose
classic version or ombre with a clear contrast transition.
Color options are also permissible.

On a short hairstyle

Ombre on a short hairstyle

Successful options can be created on short hair. In that
it is recommended to make the border smooth and not to use
more than two tones, so as not to weight the hairstyle. On short dark
hair can look good classic version, but also
You can use bright colors. A good choice – light curls,
framing the face.

How is the hands of the master

Ombre painting process

It is best to entrust staining to a good master. In this case
the result will not disappoint, and the hair will not spoil.

An experienced specialist will correctly select the color combination with
baseline. Considered natural hair color
features oval face, skin color. In salons apply
professional dyes that act on curls gentle
way and retain resistance for a long time. Salon dyeing
performed by the following algorithm:

  • Strands are divided by the master into several zones. On top of them
    gather in a “diamond” that allows you to reach the maximum
    natural effect.
  • From the “diamond” collect the tail, which is in the process of
    will not be used. Then the hair is combed to the maximum
    lightening points. It can be made scallops with frequent teeth.
    or natural brush.
  • When the pile is done, the specialist makes the primary coloring.
    Lightening for dark hair is done in several steps. Darker
    strands, the more dye will be required. Paint is distributed by
    hair surface brush.
  • If the hair is black, then a wash may be required before painting.
  • After the required time, the paint is washed off. Applied
    tonic or subsequent layer of lightening pigment. If it turns out
    unwanted reddish tint, strands additionally tinted.
  • In professional staining, powders are commonly used.
    The master dilutes out in specific proportions that depend on
    original tone.
  • When the desired result is obtained, all dyes are washed off with
    hair, and styling is performed strands.

How to make an ombre on dark hair: dyeing technique
by myself

Ombre alone

Coloring at home will save money. AT
In this case it is important to choose the paint and do everything in accordance with
instruction. Dye is better to use the most gentle,
so as not to spoil the strands. It is worth considering how to make an ombre on
dark hair alone.

What is needed

Ombre how to paint on hair

Home staining will require the following.
tools and materials:

  • Lightening dye for hair.
  • Capacity for composition. It should not be metal.
  • Scallop for even distribution of dye on the hair.
  • Foil or food film (if you plan to make a sharp
  • Hairpins (also should not be metal).

How to apply dye

Ombre that will be needed for painting

Home coloring is performed in such

  • You need to prepare the dye, following the instructions for it.
  • It is important to decide on the length with which the transition will begin.
    to light.
  • The whole mass of hair is divided into three parts: two on the sides, one
    from behind.
  • The dye is applied to the hair with a comb or reverse
    side of the brush.
  • Dyeing begins with the hair highlighted in front. Composition
    evenly distributed over the strands so that each is processed
  • The same is done with the highlighted strand. It is important
    control the transition zone and the length of the painted tips.
  • The dye remains on the hair at the time specified in the instructions
    then washed off.
  • After the clarifier is washed off, the strands are dried.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, you need to place the boundaries
about five centimeters from the clarified tips, apply
clarifier. But keep it worth less than expected. To
means “grabbed”, about ten minutes is enough.

Features care after staining

Ombre peculiarities of care after staining

Ombre – gentle staining, but to preserve health
and beauty of hair, it is worth adhering to some rules in the care of

  • Directly after painting it is recommended to use a mask.
    with nourishing and regenerating properties.
  • Do not wash your hair too often, or they may become
    excessively dry or greasy, and the resulting painting
    color will wash off faster. The optimal frequency is 2-3 times a week.
  • Strands need to be moisturized. Recommended for care
    pick a line of professional tools designed to
    colored hair of your type. Especially important to pay enough
    attention to the tips. 1-2 times a week it is recommended to make masks.
    Also hot wrapping is sometimes useful.
  • It is necessary to limit the use of a hair dryer, ironing, curling and other
    hot tools because they mess up your hair and make it

One of the advantages of an ombra is that it does not need to be updated.
too often. It is enough to do staining every 2-3 months. it
help keep your strands healthy while always walking
stylish and bright color.

Staining tips and tricks

Ombre staining tips

For successful staining is recommended to consider

  • When choosing the right shade you need to consider not only
    desirable result, but also features of appearance: initial color
    hair, eyes and skin tint, color type. So, with light skin,
    saturated pupils and whites of the eyes can pay attention to
    cool brown, gray, purple, blue shades.
  • For girls of summer color type, having bright eyes and hair with
    cold shine, a good solution can be coffee, ashen,
    platinum ombre.
  • With brown eyes and dark skin with olive shimmer
    ombra in brown or red palette.
  • Girls of the autumn color type can be played with light,
    amber, caramel shades. Also interesting will look
    golden and honey.
  • Plays the role of skin condition. If it is not perfect, shade
    gray or yellow, there is a tendency to rash and redness,
    it is better to use natural tones and soft transitions. Ashy
    or red ombra can only highlight all available
  • Take care of the health of the hair better in advance. A couple of days before
    painting recommended to make a nourishing mask. Also need
    consider that the split ends after dyeing can greatly
    tarnish, spoil even more and distort the desired shade.
    Therefore, before painting is to cut them.
  • Plays a role not only color, but also the type of hair. If strands are tough
    and curly, the paint needs to keep them longer – about half an hour.
    If the hair is dry or brightened earlier, do not leave
    dye for more than 15 minutes.
  • If you plan to be painted at home, you should not
    risk using cheap untested paint. Choose
    high quality professional dye that won’t spoil
  • If you want to experiment with color staining, you can
    limit to temporary washable paints. This will allow
    evaluate the result without significant risks.

Ombre on dark hair is fashionable, spectacular and beautiful, as well as
very comfortably. A large number of staining options will allow
every girl make the perfect choice.

Ombre Painting

You can dye your hair at home, if you find out everything
technology features and strictly follow all the rules. But at
it is recommended to entrust staining to good
to the master. He will not only do everything at a high level, but will also help
pick the perfect shades.

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