Ombre short hair dyeing – photo before and after, technique, price

If you have done a short haircut and now look with envy at
long-haired girls with beautiful coloring – we hasten you
please Ombre can give a hairstyle a visual volume and
texture, regardless of its length. Ombre for short hair

What are the advantages of the ombre technique for short hair?

The content of the article:

  • What are the advantages of the ombre technique for short hair?
  • What are the types of ombra staining for short
  • Painting options
  • How much does an ombra cost on short hair?
  • How to perform staining at home?
  • Features care for painted strands
  • What coloring technique is more suitable for short hair:
    Ombre, balayazh, shatush?
  • Conclusion

Ombre for short hair is a coloring that affects only
one part of the hair: tips, bangs or the back of the head.
The advantage is the absence of strict rules and
restrictions: a hairdresser can create on your curls
the effect of natural burnout in the sun, or, conversely, to make
bright and unusual color accent that attracts attention.
advantages Where are you going to make an ombre?

What are the types of ombra staining for short

Contrary to popular belief that the ombra looks good
only on long curls, there are many ways
realize this coloring and short cut. The technique will be
depend on the following factors:

  • hair length and haircut model;
  • the presence of bangs, its type and length;
  • desired result;
  • original hair color.


Red Ombre

Red ombre on very short, blonde hair task
almost impossible. The image is unlikely to succeed
harmonious – strands will look pretentious and inappropriate. Blondes
and fair-haired is better to choose a softer, pink color. What
As for brunettes, then things are much better. Red, great
shades black, which means brunettes can try to make
“flames” on bangs or, conversely, paint the clipped
typewriter whiskey Red

Color / bright ombre

World catwalks are experiencing a real “color boom.” In fashion
models with a non-standard appearance and bright hairstyles. If a
you want to decorate your haircut with an extraordinary shade –
go for it! The main thing is to take into account the features of your
natural color and the number of previous stains. For example,
black hairs give a yellow color when brightening
neutralize with a cold subtone (blue, purple) or completely
cover with warm shades of the red spectrum. Color bright ombre

Reference! If you can not choose between two
favorite shades – use two at once in the technique of “split”.
This division of hair into a parting and a separate coloring of the left
and the right side in contrasting shades. Especially impressive split
Looks on a classic car without a bang.

Ash ombre

Noble ash can be set off too pale
face and emphasize the color of the eyes, making the face visually younger and
fresh The basis can serve as light and dark hair,
The main thing is to keep a cold undertone. Ash Ombre

If you have enough length, make a soft gradient.
from the color of wet asphalt at the roots to the silvery tips.
If you are the owner of a bold pixie hairstyle –
Limit yourself to a few feathers on the face or on the crown.

Chocolate Ombre

“Delicious” chocolate shades – this is an ombre classic. Of course if u
вас стрижка “pixie” о красивой растяжке со множеством цветовых
idle talk is not necessary. But to make natural highlights all
you can. Chocolate

Note! If your hair is dyed
Blond – “reverse” chocolate is not for you. Such staining will create
the illusion of carelessly regrown roots and visually reduce the amount
hair on the head.

Red ombre

Flashes of red, copper or orange on the hair
characterize you as a bright, bold and self-confident nature.
Best of all, such a pigment falls on light brown or chestnut.
hair. Redhead

Streaked Ombre

This is a symbiosis of two popular dyeing techniques,
implying highlighting from the roots to the center, and stretching
light pigment from the center to the tips. Unfortunately, this
option looks beautiful only on the hair of medium length and
longer. On short results will be almost
imperceptible. Honey

Gray Ombre

This trend originated at the beginning of zero and very slowly,
but surely gaining popularity among young girls. Contrary to
common opinion, gray is not old at all, and even
on the contrary – makes the image more fresh and attractive. If you
faced with the first gray hair – do not hesitate. Add
a little more silver in your hairstyle and you’ll see how your
form. Gray-haired

Note! In 2017, the network “instagram”
a new trend was born. Under the tag “my gray hair” women shared
pictures of his gray hair and called on other young ladies not
embarrassing that which is completely natural. They succeeded again
confirm that the gray can look just amazing.

Honey Ombre

Golden, honey overflow is a great option for
natural brown-haired women of autumn color type with brown hair and
olive skin. Curly curls, clipped to
chin, with concise, warm color accents will turn
you in the heroine of romantic French films. Honey

Reverse ombre

This technique is designed exclusively for women and blondes.
The roots remain light – the tips are painted dark, or
bright color. Unfortunately, on short hair such coloring
looks inappropriate. If you want to make dark
accents – limit yourself to a few strokes on an elongated bang,
if haircut allows. Reverse

Painting options

Consider the most common color options depending
from the original hair color:

On blond hair blond

Blond, this is probably the only base on which
Looks platinum ombre. So if you are cold
tsvetotipu (Winter, Summer) – try on this shade. Or maybe
do you like to stand out? Then your choice is the Scandinavian ombre. If a
do you feel about the color type Spring or Autumn – give preference
warm, natural shades: honey, wheat, beige, milk, etc.
On blond hair blond

Reference! Scandinavian ombre is coloring
The tips of blond hair are in bright, extraordinary shades.

Dark hair

Originally ombre was intended precisely for brunettes: it
helped gradually out of the dark color in a blond without a strong
loss of structure as a head of hair. Ombre made on
black short hair, able to refresh the image, and make hair
visually thicker and voluminous. On dark hair

When choosing a pigment for dyeing, focus on your
skin color and eyes, but better remember – how your strands
fade in the sun and pick up as close as possible to this
shade. Short haircut is perceived as a continuation.
faces, and too contrasting colors only underline all the available
disadvantages: redness, bruises under the eyes, fine wrinkles,

On red hair

It’s not easy to work with natural red pigment, and even harder
if the curls barely reach the shoulders. Colorists in this case
offer two solutions: make the tips brighter or
on the contrary, darken the roots to give the hair a visual volume.
Remember that darkening of the roots requires regular correction.
in a beauty salon. On red hair

On dark brown hair

If you have dark blond hair with a cold undertone – make
Stretching color with a bias in silver or ashy blond. it
emphasize your skin color and eyes. Also relevant are colors such as
like blue, purple, cyan and turquoise. On Dark Blonde

If the hair has a warm undertone that gives beautiful
Golden modulations, choose coffee, honey and chocolate

On light blond hair

Natural, light blond color – like a blank canvas for a colorist.
It can be brought to the blonde at the tips, but you can do the opposite – to make
deeper, darkening the root zone. On light blond

You can not be limited to natural colors
and try bright, catchy shades, highlighting fringe or

On brown hair

Brown hair is an excellent base for experiments in style.
“nude”. Coffee, brandy, honey, caramel or rye
modulations will look natural and stylish. On the chestnut

Reference! Nude is a generic term in
coloring, make-up, and manicure, implying the maximum
natural shades, creating an effect of untouched beauty. Job
the master should be as delicate as possible.

Color options depending on the haircut and structure

Now, let’s go to the main thing – haircut. From her form will be
depend on the arrangement of color pigments.

On a hairstyle with a bang

Ombre coloring on short hair with bangs – not easy
a task that can be managed in three ways:

  • Straight bangs – if you have a classic car with
    thick bangs, cut off just above the eyebrows – it is better to leave it in
    original form.
  • Oblique bangs – if you have an asymmetrical haircut
    with a slanting bang, you can color only the longest strands,
    creating a play of light and shadow.
  • Long bangs If the bang is the
    the long part of the haircut, then the best solution is to focus all
    attention is on her. Darken the root zone so that
    it looked like the brightest spot in the background, or, conversely,
    lighten only bangs, leaving the total weight of the hair intact.

On a hairstyle with a bang

Note! Colorist stylists are not
It is recommended to dye “baby” liquid and ultrashort bangs, so
how it is simply impossible to realize a beautiful color on them

For a pixie haircut

Pixie is an expression of rebellion, practicality and dynamism. These
Characteristics can be emphasized with an ombre. Options
many: highlight the tips on the top of the head, focus on the bangs or
color just a few strands of face. пикси

On a short cascade

Cascade and ombre are the perfect combination of haircuts and
staining. If your hair reaches the chin – this
already enough to make a nice stretch of color from
dark roots to bright ends. On a short cascade

The main rule: the dark root zone should be no shorter than 3
see. Otherwise, the ombre will lose all the charm and your hairstyle
will look untidy.

On a short square

Classic short car is the perfect solution for
girls with thin and liquid hair, devoid of volume. Behind
by graduating at the tips, the strands rise, creating on
head effect lush mop. But there is one problem: moist air,
wind or snow can instantly spoil the result of hours of laying.
This is where the ombre technique comes in – bleached tips become
a little tougher than the bulk of the hair and serve as a frame for
Hold hair. On a short car

On curly hair

Curly locks, by their nature, have a more porous structure.
Hair scales are always in an elevated state.
Because of this feature, the curls absorb much faster
pigment. Consider this when dyeing:

  1. Do not overdo the clarifier! Otherwise
    In this case, you will get burned stretched strands.
  2. Do not apply neutralizer more than necessary.
    Especially if you are trying to block yellow with blue or
    purple. Instead of platinum blonde, you risk turning into
    Malvina with blue hair.

on curly

How much does an ombra cost on short hair?

The cost of the salon procedure is formed from the following

  • region;
  • the reputation of a beauty salon and master;
  • the complexity of the work;
  • the amount of dye used.


Since short hairstyles do not require high material costs
and time, the cost is significantly reduced. On average, you
will have to pay from 2 to 2.5 thousand rubles.

If you decide to conduct staining at home, then
the cost will depend on the purchased paint and consumables

How to perform staining at home?

There are many videos and photo instructions regarding
dyeing long hair. Some of them look so
just that there is no point in contacting the salon. As for
ombra on short hair, then the dye technique is strong
complicated. at home

Important! The shorter the hair, the less
Auxiliary items you can use (rubber bands, clips and
etc.). Therefore, painting short hair in an ombre style is better.
carry out a specialist.

What is needed?

If you are determined to dye your hair yourself,
get the following tools:

  • paint;
  • highlighting foil;
  • chemical dilution tank;
  • brush with a narrow handle;
  • disposable gloves;
  • fat cream;
  • peignoir.

Required Tools

Staining technique

If you want to get an ombre that will not be beautiful
give in to professional work, stick to the following

  1. Smear the forehead line, ears and neck with any fat cream – this is
    prevent paint from settling on the skin.
  2. Wear gloves.
  3. Throw a peignoir.
  4. Dilute the ink composition in accordance with the instructions.
  5. Using a brush, apply the pigment to the very tips.
  6. So that the oxidizer does not interact with the rest of the hair,
    wrap the treated hair in foil envelopes.
  7. Wait for the required exposure time and rinse
  8. Now you need to “wipe” the border: dilute another batch
    paint, type on the brush quite a bit and light, rubbing
    brush strokes go through the line of “painted” and unpainted
  9. Wait 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.


At the very end of the staining is very important to take care of
hydrolipidic balance of hair and scalp. Sure to
use a moisturizing balm and an indelible emulsion, giving
more attention to the tips.

Nuances of dyeing technique

When dyeing short hair, consider the following

  • The lightening line is best to start from the lobe
    ear – so staining will look the most
  • If the length does not allow to clarify the tips –
    darken the root zone.
  • If it’s hard for you to dye your hair yourself
    – you can use a cellophane or rubber cap for
  • Do not immediately run to the salon, if your color is slightly
    washed away – it can be updated using tint
  • The dye is not always applied horizontal
    brush strokes. For example, when combing the paint
    applied vertically. The same goes for staining.
    shaved temples.


Features care for painted strands

Regardless of what you promise a hairdresser or
paint manufacturer – any pigment affects the structure of the hair
rod. That this impact was not fatal – pay attention

  • Moisturizing and restoring. New color
    hair – a fundamentally new care. Replace regular products with
    products with a high content of moisturizing ingredients. Special
    attention should be paid to the tips, because after an intense
    discoloration they become more fragile and vulnerable.
  • Protection. Chlorinated water, hot styling,
    humid air and direct sunlight – these are the main opponents
    health hair. Wash your head in filtered water only.
    use a hair dryer only as needed, and also do not forget
    wear a hat when the weather requires it
  • A haircut. Short hair cannot be gathered in
    tail or tucked behind the ears – it is therefore extremely important to maintain
    form with the help of corrections. Cut split ends once a month
    and update the color if it is noticeably faded.

blond haircut

Important! Do not make oil-based masks if
your hair has been pre-bleached – it will speed up the washout

What coloring technique is more suitable for short hair:
Ombre, balayazh, shatush?

The answer to this question depends on what effect you want.
get by the total. We will conduct a small comparative analysis:

  1. Ombre gradient imitating regrown
    staining. The transition can be either blurry or sharp, or
    altogether deliberately highlighted. Acceptable use as natural
    inconspicuous shades, and bright. Ombre
  2. Balayazh – the coloring imitating natural
    color play in the sun. The dye is applied to the strands chaotically.
    The priority is natural shades, 2-3 tones lighter than the main one. AT
    Unlike ombre pigment is applied not horizontally, but
    V-shaped. Balayazh
  3. Shatush – technology is performed by
    pre hair or special application
    paints. In contrast to the two methods listed above,
    quite difficult to implement at home. More often
    performed in natural colors. The pigment is distributed by
    horizontally. Shatush


As you can see – a short haircut, it is not a barrier to stylish
staining. Ombre can favorably emphasize the features of hair,
making your look unforgettable. Do not be afraid to experiment!

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