Ombre with a purple hue – photos, popular shades with purple: red, dark, pink, blue

Purple ombre is one of the brightest trends of the season. Like it
girls of all ages and professions and looks attractive on
any length. For such staining it is important to choose
the right shade as well as technology.
Purple Ombre

The benefits of coloring ombre violet

The content of the article:

  • The benefits of coloring ombre violet
  • A variety of purple shades
  • Actual models
  • Peculiarities of painting technique
  • DIY painting procedure
  • How to care for a colored ombre?
  • Hairdressers tips

Why purple ombre? This coloring has a lot

  • It looks bright and unusual, allowing you to walk in
    keep up with fashion trends.
  • Since the roots are not stained, it can
    be considered benign. Also, it does not require frequent correction –
    Enough to visit the master every few months.
  • Painting beautifully emphasizes facial features and color
    eye. It can also distract attention from
    some flaws.
  • This is a great option for those who want to change the image,
    but not ready for dramatic change.
  • A variety of palettes gives you the opportunity to choose
    Ideal for any source hair color.
    Purple is the only color that is both warm and
    cold This suggests that it can be in harmony with any

The Advantages of the Purple Ombre

A variety of purple shades

Ombre purple may look completely different in
depending on the shades used. You can pay attention to
following stylish options.

Black and purple ombre

Black and purple ombre on the hair is ideal for burning
brunettes. Black color at the roots can turn into any color
ink palette to pale lilac. This is one of
The most popular options for such staining. Transitions
made as smooth as possible. They are especially attractive.
look on long hair. purple

Pink and purple ombre

The combination of pink and purple allows you to create
truly fabulous image. Usually a darker shade
turns into light at the tips, but the opposite combination is also possible.
Much depends on the tone of pink. Warm options (raspberry,
fuchsia) is suitable for dark skin, and a colder subton can be
use with light skin and eyes. Pink and Purple Ombre


This painting looks very bright. Available
the transition from red to purple and vice versa. Important,
that the selected colors are in harmony with each other and both are either
cold or warm. Red-Violet

Dark purple

Rich dark purple is recommended
brunettes. Especially beautiful this color is revealed on
long hair.

Ash purple

Using an ash-purple tone is perfect.
for girls with light eyes and porcelain skin.
Painting will look mystical and mysterious. Unlike
Most options, this color can be used and blondes.

Purple blue

You can look at this color solution if
the skin is light and has a bluish undertone. It’s good
suitable brunettes and brown-haired women. Purple can turn blue
and vice versa. If you plan to do a full color staining,
may require lightening hair. Violet-blue

Actual models

Ombre with a beautiful purple hue most
suitable brunettes. But this is not a mandatory rule –
rich palette allows you to choose the right option outside
depending on the original color of the curls.

On black and dark hair

This painting is the perfect choice for brunettes. Can choose
plum, eggplant, blueberry shades. In this case, it is not necessary
to be afraid of the depth of color – on dark strands it will unfold
very beautiful. On black and dark hair. Xnbak.xnbak

For blond hair

On blond hair, it looks good lilac or
pinkish tips. If their shade is closer to cold,
You can pay attention to the blue-violet paint. For blond hair

On blonde hair

Blondes can experiment with light colors
palettes: purple, pinkish, pastel violet and so on. So
You can create a gentle and somewhat fabulous image. On blonde hair

For red

Classic purple may not be too good
combined with red. But here is red-purple, burgundy,
Cherry complement the style of red-haired girls very well.
For the red

On brown hair

For brown-haired women, mauve tones can be used, and
shades close to cherry. It is important to consider that the selected
color combined with color type. Violet Ombre on
brown hair usually suggests intermediate
shades. On brown hair

Peculiarities of painting technique

The coloring technique will differ depending on the length

On short hair

Bright purple staining combined with torn
short hairstyles – a choice of stylish and creative
personalities. A pastel ombre can complement a bob haircut, and
also shortened or asymmetrical car. You can perform
coloring is chaotic, especially if you wear an unusual hairstyle with
selected temples. On short hair

Medium length

Owners of medium length can also successfully
use this technique especially when wearing asymmetrical
hairstyles with oblique bangs. You can select individual strands
shape repeating haircuts. The transition is best done smoothly. If needed
create a discreet style, the difference between the tones should not be
more than 2-3 tones. Medium length

On long curls

It is the purple ombre for long hair that allows you to transfer all
color depth, especially if you plan to combine more than two
colors. It provides great opportunities for creating complex
and non-standard translations. The most popular techniques are as follows:

  • Zone ombre. In this case, painted
    individual strands. If the hair is colored, you can add pink and
    purple strands directly at the tips or at the crown. Can
    emphasize the beautiful features of the face by coloring the curls that his
    framed. Zone Ombre
  • Multitonal ombre. Assumes availability
    intermediate tones from the same gamma. On black hair is beautiful
    It looks like a transition to white or soft blue through purple.
    Multitonal Ombre
  • Reverse ombre. Rather unusual option
    in which all hair is stained purple and other colors
    stand out accents. Reverse Ombre

DIY painting procedure

Color Ombre is a rather complicated procedure, and better.
just trust her to a professional. But if you are sure
do you want to save, you can do it at home
conditions. For the purple ombre, you will need the following materials and

  • paint and brightener;
  • mixing tank;
  • brush or paint brush;
  • hairbrush;
  • gum;
  • food foil;
  • shampoo and balsam (may also be present in the kit for

Tools for highlighting

The procedure itself is as follows:

  • Strands need to be combed into a straight parting.
  • Collect them in four tails and secure with a rubber band on about
    chin lines and slightly lower. The number of tails can be
    more. You can create tones of different saturation or
    combine shades.
  • The dye is mixed in accordance with the instructions.
  • It is important to do everything quickly, so that the paint does not dry up. Tassel she
    applied to each tail, then they turn into foil and
    maintained the necessary time. 20-30 minutes is usually enough
    depending on how deep the color you want to get in
    the result.
  • Foil should be removed and wash off the paint.
  • The paint is applied again, but already 3-5 centimeters higher,
    the strands are again wrapped in foil.
  • Keep the paint the second time you need less, 10-15 minutes will be
  • Remains of paint are applied only on the tips and remain for another 15
  • In the end, the paint is washed off with shampoo, a balm is applied, and strands
    are dried by the hair dryer.

On long curls

How to care for a colored ombre?

Although ombra is a fairly gentle staining, it is important to take care
about proper hair care. It will help keep them healthy and
maintain the color depth. The basic rules are as follows:

  • It is better to wash the head with sulfate-free shampoos,
    designed specifically for colored hair.
  • After washing, use conditioner either
  • Once a week you can make masks aimed
    to preserve the color and restore the structure of the strands.
  • It is better to limit the use of hair dryer, pleyok,
    ironing. High temperatures tend to burn color and
    worsen the condition of the strands, making them brittle, dull and
  • It is recommended to protect the curls from sun
  • Can use special purple
    toner, which, if necessary, will give an opportunity to refresh
  • It is important to regularly trim the split ends.
    hair – so they will look healthier and
    well maintained.


Hairdressers tips

Additionally, it is worth considering the following recommendations that give

  • In the salon, the master will help you choose the right tones for
    staining. If it is done at home, to
    the choice of shades must be taken responsibly. Takes into account the original
    the color of the strands, their length, the desired result, the color type. Palette
    purple allows you to choose the appropriate option for each
  • On long hair looks beautiful multitonal
    ombre For example, except violet can be used
    pink or blue. If the haircut is short, then two tones will be
  • If you wear a complex multi-stage haircut, then all
    It’s better to do professional staining because
    creating a beautiful transition on your own will be problematic.
  • Since the tips are mostly stained,
    after painting is to provide them with proper care. Can
    use special tools designed for their
    recovery. The split ends must be cut regularly.
  • Ombre, in which only the lower part was painted
    hair does not require frequent updates. Enough to be painted
    once every few months. This will keep hair healthy and
    resistance of shades.

Violet ombre looks beautiful and mysteriously on any hair
colors and lengths due to a variety of techniques and shade. This is a choice
stylish and brave girls. If you decide to homemade
staining, be sure to consider all the recommendations of experts.

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