Ombre with ashen color – 31 photos on blond, black and brown hair, quads and other trendy hairstyles

Ombre technique is very popular among modern women. She is
allows you to change the image without resorting to full hair coloring.
There are many options for colors, consider what a
represents the ash ombre. Ash Ombre

Features of ash ombre

The content of the article:

  • Features of ash ombre
  • Who is the ombra for in the ash palette?
  • Ashes Ombre Options
  • How to choose a shade?
  • How to make an ash ombre at home?
  • How to care after staining?

Many believe that this hair color adds to the woman’s age,
as associated with gray hair. In fact, it is not.
The hairstyle in gray tones gives the appearance of brightness,
individuality. Although requires appropriate makeup –
with clear lines.


Gray tips look gorgeous, they remove the unpleasant yellowness
bleached curls. In addition, ombre has several advantages:

  • visually gives volume to thin and thin hair;
  • With this hairstyle, you can hide the flaws of the face and
    highlight the benefits;
  • the gray shade of hair slightly brightens the skin of the face in appearance, making
    looks even more spectacular;
  • suitable for hair of any length;
  • Refreshes the appearance of curly and curly curls;
  • do not harm the hair near the root zone – painting
    only tips are exposed;
  • well masks the first gray hairs;
  • does not require frequent correction, with such a hairstyle is not visible
    regrown roots.


Ombre in ashy tones always looks very


Despite the large number of advantages, the Ombre Ashen has

  • does not suit red-haired girls and ladies with a warm shade
  • women in old age add gray tones
  • may highlight skin imperfections such as acne or first
  • can not be tinted ashen, if the girl before painted
    henna or basma hair;
  • on short haircuts “under the boy” is hard to paint
    ombre hair, since there is no possibility
    achieve a smooth transition from dark to light.


Important to remember! For painting in ashy color
a good colorist should be sought, since
The perfect silvery shade is difficult, especially at home

Who is the ombra for in the ash palette?

Ombre in silver tones is ideal for light brown and dark hair
girls, especially with long curls. They are more spectacular and brighter
Looks like a smooth transition from dark to light. Also has
value and complexion: lady with marbled milk skin succeeds
emphasize the dignity of appearance. To whom suits

Interesting! Overall, silver ombre is suitable
girls with cold type – dark hair and bright eyes. Where are you
going to make an ombre? HomeIn the salon

Ashes Ombre Options

Ashy palette is very extensive. Consider all possible tones,
which are used when dyeing hair.

Ash White (Ashen Blond)

This is ideal for long hair because it is good
there is a smooth transition from dark roots to white tips,
in the middle, the curls are tinted gray. The only
the disadvantage is that the ends are sometimes hard to whiten,
This is especially true for brunettes. Ash White

Ash brown

Not so high demands are made on this hairstyle as to
graphite white palette. Ombre will look harmonious if
ensure a smooth transition from dark to light. At the same time the tips
do not whiten. The main thing – to avoid unpleasant yellow
shade when lightening curls. Ash Brown


This rich gray tint is well suited to natural.
brunettes. Moreover, such painting gives the opportunity for
experiments: you can make the transition from dark to light, then
paint the colored tips. Graphite

Ash blue

This option looks very original, gives the girl
a certain charm, chic. But this color can not afford
every fashionista is too bold shade. Ash Blue

Ash Brown

Gray with brown look less catchy, but, nevertheless,
This shade is quite popular. For the ombre technique
This case is taken beige or light chestnut gamma with
ashy undertone. Ash Brown

Ash pink

Gray-pink ombre is ideal for young girls.
This hairstyle will give tenderness, femininity. Ash Pink

Black and gray

This is a good solution for hot brunettes. Black and gray with
smooth transition looks just gorgeous. Black and gray


The transition shade of gray from natural hair should
starting from the temple. This hairstyle is suitable only for young
to girls. It will give the image of mystery, mystery.


Purple tips look good from moving from dark to
gray middle. Violet Ombre with graphite shine fits
girls who love to be the center of attention. Ash-Violet

Ash black

This shade looks very impressive – dark roots smoothly
turn into ashen tips. Ash Black

Ash gray

In this case, the transition from ash to gray
tips Most of all this option is suitable natural
brunettes and brown-haired women. Ash


Gray-pink ombre provides overflow from gray to
light pink tips. Suitable for girls who want
emphasize your tenderness and femininity. Gray-pink

Dark ash

Dark ash ombre is usually done on light brown and dark hair,
when it is very hard to lighten the tips without yellowing. Dark Ash

How to choose a shade?

Select the most appropriate shade should be given
individual features of appearance: hair color, eyes, oval
face, skin tone, curls length.

By hair color

When dyeing strands in ash ombre, you need to consider
base hair color.

Brown hair

In fair-haired beauties, the natural color of the strands is in itself very
beautiful, but a little boring. Transform a girl in this
the case may be shades of gray, and more daring ladies painted in pink
with a gray tint. Overall, a dark silver ombre in
different variations looks stylish and natural.
Brown hair

Dark hair (brown, brown)

Ash ombre on chestnut and dark strands performed
shades of light brown, beige with a grayish subtone.
Dark hair

Blonde hair

Silver shades on blondes look more pronounced than
on dark-haired beauties. Fair-haired ladies better to turn
attention to such options:

  • smooth transition from natural to light gray tone;
  • the contrast between natural color and cool white
  • reverse ombre – light strands in the root zone, dark
    ashen – at the ends.

Blonde hair

White hair

The first gray hair well hide graphite and rich gray scales.
White hair

By hair type

Consider the options ombre on different hairstyles.


Note! On too short curls
to make an ombra will not work: there is no amount of hair that
provide smooth transitions from one tone to another.

On the curls to the shoulder looks very impressive gray ombre. It
gives the volume of hair, makes it more well-groomed. Short


On the long strands all kinds of ombra look gorgeous, including
and silver. It is possible to use several
shades to ensure a smooth transition along the entire length.

Middle length

On the locks of medium length, the ash looks no less impressive.
Gives volume, and to image – mysteriousness. Middle length


With a haircut, carts can be painted in silvery shades even
women of solid age. This hairstyle will make a lady
more modern, visually reduce a few years.

Caret with lengthening

The elongated four-seater itself looks very stylish. And with gray
tint will give the appearance of creativity, ultrafashionable.

With a bang

Painting the bangs with an ombra technique will make the image of a woman
audacity. With a bang


On a direct car, smooth transitions from
dark gray to cold blond. Direct

By type of face

Silver tones are suitable for girls with a winter appearance: light
eyes and marble skin. Dark ladies better from such
equipment in the ash version is better to abstain.

How to make an ash ombre at home?

Dyeing your hair this way is a bit of a risk. But
if the girl already had experience staining at home, then
It is worth trying. Consider how to make an ash ombre
on their own. at home

Preparing hair for coloring

Preparing for staining can take a lot
time, as it is necessary to gradually get rid of the
tips. After all, they become more noticeable when painting
in ashen color. In addition, it is better to grow some more length –
the longer the curls, the more spectacular this hairstyle looks.
Hair preparation

A few more preparatory activities:

  • Do not dye hair for 6 months before performing
  • 2 weeks before the procedure, you must take a deep course
    moistening strands – after dyeing in silver color they
    become very dry and brittle;
  • wash your hair 2 days before staining.

Step by Step Dyeing Instructions

Painting takes place this way:

  1. Prepare a brightener, apply it from the middle of the hair
    up to the tips. You can paint only the ends. Dark haired
    girls may need several sessions of clarification to
    achieve the desired result.
  2. Hold the clarifier for half an hour, then rinse under
    running water.
  3. Lubricate bleached strands with purple tonic
    in order to remove the yellowness.
  4. Prepare the coloring composition, put it on the curls a little
    above already clarified. Wrap each strand in foil.
    Keep on curls according to the instructions.
  5. Wash off with shampoo.

Step-by-step instruction

How to care after staining?

To keep the hair always well-groomed after dyeing
silver ombre technique, you must adhere to such

  • use shampoos without sulfates, they don’t
    wash out the pigment;
  • regularly make nourishing masks;
  • periodically use tonic tonic for
    maintain color.

Ash ombre is the perfect way to diversify your appearance.
young girls. If you choose the right tone, any
the fair sex will look just

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