On the sea with a beautiful manicure!

The sun, the sea, the waves, the beach – this is how the rest seems
everyone who works all year round. Bright sea manicure design
It will look particularly impressive in the summer at the resort. Warm time –
the perfect time to use a manicure nautical theme with
anchors, shells, palm leaves, corals. Nail style
sea ​​waves are also relevant only when visiting the pool or in
while relaxing on the sea or on the ocean.

Therefore, going on vacation at sea, you need to buy a beautiful
aquamarine swimsuit or neon style, either with
tropical palm print. And to become a bathing suit
It is necessary to paint the nails also in a marine style, so that their bright design
fully reflected the cheerful mood. In addition, a manicure in the sea
Color is a real trend of the summer season 2016, which will make
rest is also fashionable.

Manicure at sea

What are the colors and decor in the trend?

For a manicure in a marine style, a diverse decor is quite appropriate.
Rhinestones, figures of seashells and sea inhabitants, stickers with
the image of a wave or palm trees, holography, beads, drawings
cocktails, golden glitter – great summer design ideas
manicure, capable of transforming nails in the blink of an eye. To decorate
Manicure can also be done with acrylic paint. Especially bright and
The design created by UV varnishes looks spectacular.

But even if these accessories are not at hand, then 2-3 varnishes
bright colors will help create a stylish nail design. Sea
manicure looks very fresh, bright and interesting, and in
the height of the holiday season, it is particularly relevant. Bright colors of varnishes,
Decorating and short nails are a hit of the summer season.
Typical colors for the hot season are blue, blue, yellow and

Be sure to in the summer collection for a holiday at sea should be
bright, neon varnishes in colorful and modern colors, because
bright color stands out on tanned skin. To hike on
the beach is perfect for such juicy shades like coral,
pink, orange, tomato color. Neon however
shades very quickly fade in the sun, if you do not take care of
good foundation before applying enamel.

Many celebrities and trendsetters are fresh and bright neon
nails on vacation – Paris Hilton, Riana, Katy Perry, Olga Buzova,
Masha Malinovkaya, Alena Vodonaeva. Green, screaming orange,
blue, yellow, pink, lime – neon shades will create
Attractive image on the nails. The pattern can be decorated as one
nail and perform on all nails.

In the fashion of short nails and nails of medium length, but more beautiful
summer manicure looks on medium-length extensions. Colour,
strength and summer mood at rest will come from a common style,
if you decorate a manicure in a marine theme.

Neon Manicure

Manicure Design Ideas at Sea

White, blue and blue are the three colors of lacquer that can
used to create nautical design on nails in various
variations. The easiest way is to dye the nails in dark blue, and
service jacket to make white or vice versa. It will look spectacular
white and blue strip vertically and / or
horizontally, resembling sea waves. And one nail can
decorate with an anchor or steering wheel. Blue tones can also be diluted
in red.

Anything that comes to mind at the mention of recreation and the sea can be
to embody in design of manicure:

  1. Palm trees on the beach. You can create an image of a palm tree at sunset with black and
    orange shades of varnish and acrylic paint, and you can just
    glue the palm pattern.
  2. Fruit nail art in summer looks very juicy and bright.
    The beauty of this design will be appropriate on the beach at the evening
    walk on the beach party.
  3. Sea dwellers (corals, fish, starfish), made
    in cartoon style, cheer up everyone
  4. Pastel colors and clear lacquer with discreet patterns are perfect.
    suitable for going on a date and creating an image of a romantic
  5. A classic manicure with the addition of sea elements is quite
    suitable for visiting the museum or art gallery, and for
    hike to the beach.

Design of sea manicure on the sea

What design manicure did not have a choice, whether it be adjustable
bridges, anchors, tropical palms, juicy fruits, or heroes of your loved ones
cartoons – these images look very stylish in the summer on vacation and
attractive. And at the end of the beach season photo with a manicure in
nautical style will always lift your spirits and remind and experienced

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