Options for New Year’s manicure

Each girl thinks of her image for the holiday to the details.
Not the last place is the New Year’s manicure. The most magical
The night of the year is the time when you can embody all your
the most courageous decisions, design ideas, fantasies. Some
choose salon procedures, but most girls prefer
do the design by hand. How to make your image


  • Fashion trends
  • Variety of design
  • Conclusion on the topic

Fashion trends

Festive look consists of dress, makeup, hair.
New Year’s manicure will give the whole image harmony,
festivity, zest. What are the fashion trends relevant to
this season?

First of all, the color of lacquer should be suitable for the festive
outfit, harmoniously complement it, do not be “screaming.”
For example, if a girl decided to wear a blue dress, New Year’s
Manicure should contain elements of this color. Valid
also other colors that complement the range. In this case
White, blue colors will do.

Do not forget about such bright details as glitter, sparkles,
rhinestones, shiny stickers. With these decor elements you can
create a manicure with snowflakes, deer, Santa Claus, Christmas trees,
snowmen, etc. Plus such stickers also in the fact that the design is not
takes a lot of time. However, care must be taken to
such a design, because mischievous snowmen with deer will be ridiculous
Look with a classic evening dress. Tandem manicure plus
A dress in no way can be ignored.

Lovers of the classics come to the aid of French manicure. With
creating it you can fully rely on your imagination,
use extraordinary colors. New Year’s Eve will perfectly decorate
fingers french with bright detail, for example, herringbone. For this
a classic coating is made, on top of it with dies,
stencil or hand-drawn herringbone. The top of the tree is decorated
pebble, you can sprinkle the composition with sparkles. This french looks
at the same time kept and in a festive.

In recent years, naturalness is the main trend. Rule
valid also for New Year’s manicure. A large number of
pebbles, very long nails are associated with a bad taste.
Restraint is the main parameter that should be repelled.
when creating a new year’s manicure. Also inappropriate look
extended nails, sharp, square shape. The best thing
stay on naturalness, naturalness.

Manicure for short nails also offers many options.
Design is very popular when two or one nail on the hand is covered
varnish is lighter or darker than the base color.

If you really want to keep the holiday atmosphere for a long time,
Manicure gel varnish will be most welcome. Salons offer
New Year’s manicure services for this type of coverage.
You can perform the procedure yourself at home, however
This requires special materials, tools and skills.
Therefore, the best option would be to contact specialists. Manicure
shellac (the same gel varnish) does not peel off, does not crack, remains bright
in a few weeks.

Pre-holiday bustle takes a long time to clean, cook,
therefore, the condition of the nail plate may deteriorate. For
To quickly give fingers a beautiful look, you need:

  1. Remove burrs, cuticle.
  2. Brush your hands with a nourishing cream.
  3. Baths are also useful.
  4. Lubricate the nails with cosmetic oil.

If you make such procedures in the evening, on the morning before the holiday
handles will look just great!

Variety of design

[attention type = green] Creating a New Year’s manicure is a whole
art that requires extra imagination. [/ attention]

The most courageous wishes can go to the course, however it is not necessary
forget about the sense of proportion, the harmony of manicure and the main image. Ideas
New Year’s design:

  1. Snowflakes – the most popular type of Christmas decoration.
    Marigold. After all, snow is associated with winter, holiday,
    by magic! You can draw snowflakes either manually or with
    stamps, decorated with sparkles nails.
  2. The effect of a magical night is easy to achieve with the help of glitter,
    sparkles, rhinestones. On top of the black lacquer put colorful glitter,
    secure the finish coat. For these purposes, you can use
    dark blue or lilac varnish.
  3. A playful red and white Christmas look.
    Caramel, will look good at a youth party. Create
    Such a design can be with the help of thin brushes or special
  4. This option is elegantly suited to an evening dress. As a basis
    You can take a soft peach, lilac, blue varnish. Placer spangle
    will sparkle in the rays of light, attracting multiple
    admiring glances. Simple and chic design.
  5. Good old jacket in the new version. Drawing create
    simple enough, especially for those who have experience in design
    nails. A few rhinestones or glitter decoration will be also
  6. Probably there is no person who would not like to flicker
    lights of Christmas garland. Why not draw her on
    marigolds? Light bulbs can be painted with varnishes, but better
    only in this role are colored rhinestones or sequins.
  7. Water manicure is a very popular design technique. She can
    Use when creating a New Year’s image. Several shades
    green lacquer, tinsel, pebbles, and original, pretty Christmas tree
    already shining on the nails! Short nail manicure can also be done
    using this technique.

Conclusion on the topic

Every girl on New Year’s Eve wants to look perfect: from
hair roots to the tips of the nails. Here open limitless
spaces for fantasy: manicure shellac, French style,
monochromatic coating with or without a pattern, multi-colored nails with
rhinestones, glitter – all this can be wrapped in their favor when
creating a magical new year manicure! However, it is important to remember
harmony of all components of the image.

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